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Spirit Removal and Location Cleansing

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Why you should remove ghosts from a home immediately is a no-brainer. One survey shows that one in ten people move after a paranormal experience. 

The concept of spirit removal is more common than you might think. People worldwide experience unexplainable paranormal activity within their homes or places of business. In the worst cases, they’ve been physically attacked by a hostile entity. Desperate situations like these will often prompt home and business owners to seek help.

According to the Cinch Home Services Survey in 2021:

  • 83% of Americans have experienced paranormal activity in their home.
  • 1 in 10 people reported selling their home after a paranormal experience.

Homeowners Don’t Have to Move

Happily, there is another way people with ghosts can be helped without moving out. If they genuinely believe they are experiencing paranormal activity, there are ways to rid their homes of unwanted spirits. The technique is known as Spirit Removal and Location Cleansing. Moreover, a spirit cleansing can be performed in the location where the activity is present or done remotely.

A spirit removal will typically involve a distressed person contacting a paranormal investigating group because they are experiencing spirit activity in their home or place of work. For example, victims could be experiencing unexplainable sounds, lights turning on and off, or hearing strange voices. It takes a professional to look into these claims and determine if a spirit is actually present and causing the disturbing phenomena.

Pets Suffer from Intrusive Spirits Too

It is not uncommon for pets to suffer from the effects of depression due to a ghost. These can manifest in physical symptoms, such as loss of appetite and refusal to play. Even more concerning are behavioral changes that are often exhibited by pets when their owners or family members experience depression. These include symptoms of appearing lethargic, refusing to eat, losing weight, and sleeping far too much.

In more extreme cases, pets exhibit signs of fear or aggression towards their owners or growling at unseen things. If any of these symptoms are present in your pet, it may be time to examine the possibility that paranormal activity is the cause. Help from a professional paranormal investigator may be necessary to help identify the source and ensure your pet is safe.

Pets Are Just As Sensitive as Humans

It is crucial to remember that pets are just as sensitive as humans when it comes to feeling the effects of depression and lethargy caused by paranormal activity. Taking care of their physical and mental well-being should always be a priority. So, if you suspect something more than physical illness is affecting your pet, don’t hesitate to get help. With the proper support and guidance, you can ensure that your pet’s health remains strong despite paranormal disturbances.


What Are the Reason that Spirits Are Present?

Significantly, trapped souls haven’t successfully transitioned to the spirit world, which is a place of light. Instead, they stay behind in relative darkness, unable to move from there or simply refuses to leave by choice.

So, what are the reasons spirits get stuck on the Earth plane? For one, they may have died suddenly and are in a perpetual state of confusion. Or they may be so attached to their former home and possessions that they refuse to leave them. In addition, sometimes, spirits stay earthbound because there’s a strong feeling of guilt or unfinished business they want to complete. For example, in cases of murder, a spirit may feel the need for revenge against the perpetrator.

As you can see, there are many reasons why spirits stay earthbound. This begs the question, “Are all earthbound spirits mean or wish harm to others?” The answer is unequivocally no. An example of this could be the kindly grandmother who has elected to stay behind to watch over her grandchildren.

Where Do These Spirits Come From?

That being said, spirits may inhabit a home for some time undetected by the occupants. Then, something occurs that spurs the spirit to act because they’ve been disturbed. A prime example of this is when homeowners initiate a renovation.

The same might apply to a business or piece of land. Adding to this, a new building has replaced an older one on the property. Or land previously unoccupied has a new subdivision built on it. As a result, any spirits lingering there are furious at the drastic changes to their environment.

Spirits Don’t Always Originate from a Location

In some cases, spirits are not attached to a particular place but rather roam about looking for a new place to hang out. This explains why paranormal activity reported in a location suddenly seems to happen out of the blue. For instance, perhaps a spirit was the victim of a fatal car accident near a particular location and is confused by its state of being. Perhaps they roam trying to find a place familiar to them but instead, end up in a place not tied to their former life.

How Should Earthbound Spirits be Treated?

Anyone engaged in spirit removal, and location clearing should ideally have a developed sense of discernment when dealing with Spirits, as it is essential to correctly identify the Spirit’s nature, disposition, and agenda. Therefore, compassion is essential combined with a mature and solid demeanor.

Those who are easily spooked will be less of an asset in the endeavor and may be detrimental rather than helpful. Consequently, a spirit may retaliate, making the situation worse.

Dealing with Stubborn Spirits

Anyone who does spirit cleansings or an accomplished Medium will know the tricks of the stubborn spirits who don’t want to depart. So, if you visit a place requiring a spirit removal and cleansing, use your senses to scan the energy and determine who the leading players are. Significantly, they’re  not always the most obvious ones at the center of the haunting, and other spirits present may hang back or hide altogether.

Significantly, some spirits are stronger and more determined and thus may strongly resist the crossing-over attempt. Also, it’s not wise to be in a hurry to confront earthbound spirits by being overconfident or arrogant. Novice spirit cleansers that are relatively new at the game, may bite off more than they can chewdepending on the situation. Hence, they should enter into a spirit removal situation cautiously.

The best approach is to go in calmly but be on guard. A prepared but flexible demeanor without preconceived notions is best, as things may not always be as they first appear. Every case is different, so it’s feasible that the professional will need to adopt a more adaptable approach.

Sometimes Spirits Don’t Know They’re Dead

As covered in another post, some spirits are entirely unaware of their situation and exist in a dreamy-like state. These are not harmful spirits in any way. But, they will require help in the removal and transition process.

Spirit Removals are Not Exorcisms

Sometimes popularly referred to as an exorcism, most earthbound Spirits do not require this rite. Exorcisms are for demonic-type entities. This is an entire class of haunting in and of itself, and I won’t go into it in depth here. However, if a demonic presence is occupying the space, you will know it right away by the feel of the place and what is occurring with the occupants.

If the energy in a location is demonic, getting yourself out of it as soon as possible is vital! Clearly, this type of situation is more suited for a priest. But, of course, inhabitants won’t be pleased to learn that a demon is present, so this takes a bit of diplomacy to explain. And unless the inhabitants of a location have been practicing Satanic rites, let them know it’s not their fault the demon is present.

Can Earthbound Spirits Harm the Remover?

Sometimes. Often, spirits will lash out during a removal attempt. Primarily, they want to avoid being found out or forced to leave a location. Although a spirit attack is not usually severe, in some cases, it can be. Individuals involved in a removal attempt should be mindful of stairs and other places where they could be vulnerable. For victims of attacks like shoving or pushing, scratching, or choking, it’s best to leave the area immediately and return with reinforcements later.


Having a haunting in your home is not fun. Chances are you’ll have to decide to stay or not. Generally speaking, you may not have to move if you are a homeowner experiencing paranormal activity. Instead, find a paranormal investigative group near you that can detect spirits and additionally, brings someone along to perform a spirit removal.

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