Ghosts & Hauntings

Since ancient times, people have been reporting encounters with ghosts, also known as earthbound spirits. While some people rationalize their experiences, others pursue them by trying to capture evidence of their existence. Extensive information about ghosts and people’s encounters with them.

The Naked Truth about Urban Legends

In short, urban legends are horrifying tales of lore and legend. Since the time of cave dwellers, legends have been a part of a society’s lore. Are they believable? To some, yes.

Interestingly, contemporary urban legends have become a staple of horror-related stories. Think of Freddie Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Is the phenomenon of urban legends real or provable? Hardly. Still, as with any legend, there might be a tiny thread of truth hidden within it.

Why Skeptics Dismiss the Paranormal

It’s not surprising what skeptics say about ghosts, as they usually do their darndest to prove that ghosts and paranormal events don’t actually exist. The reasons given are numerous and cover a wide range of explanations. The same goes for the scientific community, whose overall opinion is that there is zero provable evidence that spirits walk the earth. Therefore, they offer four primary theories of why people might claim they’ve had a ghostly encounter.

Thirteen Classifications of Ghosts

Filmed paranormal events are now posted on websites and in social media accounts every day. How is this possible? The answer lies in the fact that new technology, which most people have access to, enables documenting evidence via images, videos, and recordings of spirit voices more than ever before in history. Sadly, despite the substantial evidence of ghostly activity caught on phones, cameras, and other devices, science and skeptics still categorically refuse to believe ghosts exist.

Ghosts of the SS Eastland

The horrific Eastland ship disaster of 1915 is one of the saddest in American history. Learn how this tragic event took the lives of hundreds of people and ultimately caused repeated sightings of ghosts and other kinds of paranormal activity. Read how Orpah Winfrey’s TV studio was also haunted by the ghosts of the Eastland sinking. Click the title to read more.

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