Ghosts & Hauntings

Since ancient times, people have been reporting several encounters with ghosts. While some people rationalize their experiences, others pursue them by trying to capture evidence of their existence. Despite what different religions and science tell us, people continue to have paranormal experiences that invoke fear and curiosity.

Be the Expert on Ghosts and Hauntings

The subject of an afterlife and ghosts has a universal appeal that transcends time and culture. Who doesn’t love a scary ghost story shared around a fire? Yet, the subject of ghosts and resultant hauntings is complex. When thinking of ghosts, people usually envision an abandoned Victorian house with boarded-up windows and claw-like tree branches hanging over it. Despite how the imagination paints it, sightings of ghosts and reports of haunted dwellings can occur anytime and anywhere in the world.

Thirteen Classifications of Ghosts

Filmed paranormal events are now posted on websites and in social media accounts every day. How is this possible? The answer lies in the fact that new technology, which most people have access to, enables documenting evidence via images, videos, and recordings of spirit voices more than ever before in history. Sadly, despite the substantial evidence of ghostly activity caught on phones, cameras, and other devices, science and skeptics still categorically refuse to believe ghosts exist.

Ghosts of the SS Eastland

The horrific Eastland ship disaster 1915 is one of the sadest in America’s history. Learn how this tragic event took the lives of hundreds of people and ultimately caused repeated sightings of ghosts and other kinds of paranormal activity. Read how Orpah Winfrey’s TV studio was also haunted by the ghosts of the Eastland sinking. Click title to read more.

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