Why Ghosts Stay Earthbound: Spirits that Don't Cross Over

///Why Ghosts Stay Earthbound

Why Ghosts Stay Earthbound

There Are Numerous Reasons Why Spirits Become Earthbound

Earthbound spirits, commonly known as ghosts, are deceased individuals who remain on the earth plane after dying. When the body expires, the spirit of a person, along with their consciousness, usually moves into the astral realm to begin a new existence. This astral dimension, also known as heaven or the Light, is very close to our physical dimension. Sadly, some spirits don’t immediately cross over to the Light upon death. These spirits are commonly referred to as Earthbound Spirits.

Why Spirits Don’t Cross Over

Spirits Stay Behind

Earthbound spirits are individuals who either consciously or unconsciously, don’t make the crossing to the other side. These spirits may or may not be aware they have died. Perhaps they are so traumatized by the death experience; they literally cannot see the light.

Earthbound spirits are quite often bound to an isolated existence. Sadly, some earthbound spirits continue conscious awareness ensconced their own little world and linger in locals where they once felt the most comfort and safety.

Why Benign Spirits Remain Behind

Many harmless earthbound spirits find themselves stuck. They’ve chosen to ignore spiritual guides and loved ones from the spirit realm who’ve come to escort them to the other side. The reasons for this conscious choice also vary. Significantly, some souls can’t bear to be separated from family members. Or, they’re highly concerned about a particular family member–such as a spouse left behind. Ultimately, they instead, elect to stay until the grief has lessons.

Many earthbound spirits have an agenda. You might encounter these spirits in a previously owned home, a place of business, an old battlefield, or even seen wandering around a property. In other cases, spirits might inhabit a space somewhere in our reality but are not consciously aware of where that is.

Some Spirits Don’t Know They’re Dead

Some spirits don’t even know that they’re dead. As thinking beings, it’s hard for us to understand this condition. However, this state of consciousness for the spirit can happen.

Unaware spirits can be benign and harmless. Others may feel angry and attempt to lash out at the living. These kinds of earthbound spirits, or ghosts, will stay in a location. They might even lurk in a particular place for centuries.

Failing to make the natural transition at death can happen for any number of reasons:

  • The death may have been sudden and traumatic causing a highly confused state.
  • In fact, the Spirit exists in a dazed twilight condition and don’t know they’re dead.
  • The spirit may feel rage at being robbed of life.
  • Additionally, a spirit may have a fear of how they will be treated on the other side if they were mean in life.
  • Furthermore, they have an emotional attachment to those left behind.
  • They believe they have unfinished business.
  • Importantly. they need to get an important message to those left behind.
  • There’s a refusal to acknowledge death.
  • They stay for the sake of curiosity or revenge.
  • Sadly, a spirit may be searching for a loved one such as a child or lost lover.
  • Most importantly, some spirits want to attach to someone living to vicariously continue bad behavior.

The Spirit Attachment Phenomenon

Spirits that attach their consciousness and energy to a living being are called Spirit Attachments. There’re many reasons a spirit attaches to an individual. Surprisingly, the motive for attaching to a particular individual could be anything from enjoying the person’s smoking habit, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, to even committing murder.

Most Earthbound Spirits Eventually Cross to the Light

Eventually, earthbound spirits will find their way to the light. They will either make the conscious decision to cross and mentally ask for help, or find themselves in the astral plane without having done anything. The most stubborn of earthbound spirits, may cause so much havoc, a paranormal team or medium is called in to investigate. Having been discovered, a crossing over ceremony can be initiated. (Learn how to cross earthbound spirits in our Mediumship Home Study Training.)

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