Why Ghosts Stay Earthbound

///Why Ghosts Stay Earthbound

There Are Numerous Reasons Why Ghosts Become Earthbound

Earthbound spirits, commonly known as ghosts, are deceased individuals who remain attached to the earthly realm after dying. When the body expires, the spirit of a person usually moves into the astral realm (via their astral body) to begin a new existence. This astral dimension, also known as heaven, is very close to our own physical dimension. Sadly, there are spirits who do not or will not cross into the light of the astral realm immediately upon death. These spirits are commonly referred to as “Earthbound Spirits.”

Earthbound spirits are individuals who either consciously decide not to cross over to the light, are not aware they have died, or are so traumatized by the death experience, they literally cannot see the light. Earthbound spirits are quite often bound to an isolated existence. They continue conscious awareness in their own little world and often linger in earthly locals where they once felt the most comfort and safety. They often have an agenda. You might encounter these spirits in a previously owned home, a place of business, an old battlefield, or even seen wandering around a property. In other cases, spirits might inhabit a space somewhere in our reality but are not consciously aware of where that is and are not tied to a particular place.

Some spirits don’t know they are dead. As hard as it is for us to understand this, it does happen. These spirits can be benign and harmless or very angry and attempt to lash out at the living. They will hang around until they are either found out and urged to cross over to the other side or shocked out of their dreamy existence and make the choice to cross over at that time.

Again, failing to make the natural transition at death can happen for any number of reasons:

1)  The death may have been sudden and traumatic causing a highly confused state
2)  The Spirit exists in a dazed twilight condition and don’t know they are dead
3)  They may feel rage at being robbed of life
4)  Have a fear of how they will be treated on the other side if they were mean in life
5)  Have an emotional attachment to those left behind
6)  Suffer from massive guilt
7)  They believe they have unfinished business
8)  They need to get an important message to those left behind
9)  There’s a refusal to acknowledge death
10) They stay for the sake of curiosity or revenge
11) Are searching for a loved one such as a child or lost lover
12) They want to attach to someone living to continue bad behavior

Some souls cannot bear to be separated from family members or are worried about a particular family member–such as a spouse left behind. Many earthbound spirits are not aware or choose to ignore guides and loved ones on the other side who have come to escort them across the veil (another term for entering the astral plane or crossing over). They instead, elect to continue on as before with their emotions and attitudes unchanged.

Kinds of Earthbound Spirits

Many earthbound spirits are benevolent and cause very little tangible activity. Living persons residing in locations where this kind of earthbound spirit exists may never even know the trapped souls are there. Then there are unhappy and angry types which may start causing trouble by creating various types of real disturbances. Quite often, spirit activity, or ghostly activity, begins when there is a disruption to “their space,” e.g., renovations to a structure.

Conscious Awareness of Earthbound Spirits

Let’s now address the issue of an earthbound spirit’s conscious awareness. Below are three categories I’ve put together of earthbound spirits. Most earthbound spirits do have some sort of awareness and we call them “intelligent spirits” because they have the ability to interact with the living in some way. *Residual hauntings are something else entirely.

Category 1.

These are spirits who elect to stay in a particular local which was important to them during life. They may even feel duty bound to stay. They do not want to let go of life. These are not malicious or mean spirits. They only want to continue doing what was the most important thing to them in life or watch over loved ones left behind. Sometimes these spirits are simply curious. 

Category 2.

This class of spirit is also known as “an unclean spirit.” They are quite aware of their situation and often exhibit aggressive behavior. These spirits could be angry, paranoid, cruel, defensive, or want the space they are occupying all to themselves at any cost. They may have of an agenda of hate, vengeance, or wanting to harm other by trying to cause physical harm. Sometimes, when there is more than one spirit occupying a space, these nasty types will bully the other spirits to keep them afraid and to control them.

GhostCategory 3.

This type of spirit exhibits a lesser degree of conscious awareness. They may appear, to those who witness them, as being vague, uncertain, highly confused, or exhibiting deep sadness. These tragic spirits may have died in an unexpected traumatic way or by their own hand. They exist within a dreamy reality where nothing really changes for them. They often appear as white, gray, dull, and lifeless in their appearance. They often do not respond when spoken to. However, they do have an awareness of sorts.

*Earthbound spirits should not be confused with a residual type haunting (a scene, sounds, talking, or a visual “shell” of a person(s) which are left imprinted on the environment and might replay over and over.

One Instance of Seeing a Benign Earthbound Spirit

One day, when I was on staff in a Metaphysical store in Scottsdale, AZ, I encountered what I thought was an earthbound spirit. It was an older woman with a hairdo and clothing from about the 1960’s. She was in full color. She smiled at me and disappeared in an instant. I knew this was not a deceased relative of mine or a spirit guide. She just seemed interested in what was going on.

Are Earthbound Spirits Stuck Forever?

Because spirits are outside of our space-time continuum, their incorporeal state of existence could go on for hundreds of years by earth’s clock. Usually, spirits of this type have been presented with many opportunities, by other spirits or loved ones, to move on to a much better place. They often refuse to acknowledge any attempts for help. They spurn any advances by other to assist them in escaping their dark world. Over time, regardless of their stubbornness or inability to be aware of their trapped condition, these souls will someday move out of the darkness and into the light of the astral world.

Will  You Become an Earthbound Spirit?

Earthbound spirits are more rare than some would have your believe. Most of us will automatically make the transition to the plane of existence which best aligns with our soul’s frequency. This is determined by our nature and what is in our heart at the time of passing–particularly our spiritual awareness and level of compassion. Some of us may require varying degrees of help and adjustment when we move into the Spirit (or astral) realm due to difficult circumstances experienced in life.

The fact is, most of us make the crossing to the realm of spirit fully. Even people with no religious or deep spiritual backgrounds cross over easily. As far as I can tell, there’s no set formula for why spirits stay or get stuck on the earth plane.

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