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Kinds of Spirit Guides

Many skeptics proclaim that Spirit Guides are nothing more than an invention of New Age mumbo-jumbo. They smugly assert that just as believing in a Divine Being, Spirit Guides are simply born out of man’s desire to feel they are not alone in the struggle of life. Yet, others claim spirit guides do exist and watch over mankind just as angels do.

If you believe that we all have spirit guides, it’s helpful to understand about the ones closest to us have most likely been with us since we were born. These kinds of guides are called our Inner Band of Guides.

Can We See Spirit Our Guides?

As mentioned in our article What Spirit Guides Do, spirit guides are usually never seen with the physical eye (Exception mentioned in Pet Guides below). However, there are rare in stances when a person does see one or more of their spirit guides while awake or in the state between sleep and wakefulness. But mostly, their presence is sensed or seen with inner vision.

Are Our Spirit Guides Actually Angels?

Many people get these two categories mixed up. Spirit Guides and Angels are actually two separate group entities that exist to help mankind. The Angels serve God directly and will most often act as messengers from the Divine to humans. They often enlist the help of spirit guides for getting important communications through to a particular person or group. Spirit Guides interact more directly with their human charges on a daily basis. They have volunteered their time and energy to assist those on earth. Unlike the Angels, Spirit Guides will reap the spiritual rewards of helping humans. The more their assigned individual grows spiritually, so does the guide.

Guides We are All Born With

These are called, “Our  Inner Band of Guides”

(For the sake of consistency, I will refer to spirit guides as “he.”)

Master Teacher Guide(s)

Master teacher guides are self-realized, illumined beings. This is the principal guide we all have and in some instances, a person may have two. This guide is in charge of all the other guides that make up our inner band of guides. His primary function is to assist the living human in accomplishing the purpose of the incarnation and imparting inspirational information and guidance. He has access to the Akashic Records (your soul’s lifetimes) and may arrange karmic situations for the learning experiences necessary to accomplish your spiritual life goals. This guide will also accompany you in your travels via your Astral Body to the Akashic plane as well. It’s important to build a healthy relationship and loving connection with this guide. He is your very own Master Teacher and will always be there when you are going through spiritual life lessons.

Spirit Teacher Guide

(This category is often mixed up with Master Teacher Guides.)

The purpose of a teacher guide is to instruct and guide you along a particular path. Everyone has a teacher guide for their lifetime. Before we begin each incarnation, we choose one of seven roles that serve as the blueprint for all our characteristics, called archetypes. Teacher guides can introduce you to many other archetypes (types of people that stand as a symbol for a collection of traits) along your journey and help out with problem-solving, based on your needs. If another special teacher guide comes on board after birth, they may only be with you for a while or for as long as necessary. Can we have more than one Teacher Guide throughout life? Absolutely!

Doctor/Chemist/Healer Guide

This guide could be three in one or three different guides serving slightly different functions. This guide works with our health and well-being. The primary role of this guide(s) is to keep watch over physical ailments about to manifest and to assist in keeping a chemical balance in the physical body. If there is something amiss with our health, a Doctor Spirit Guide will keep urging us to see a doctor.

Doctor/Chemist Guides will give hints as to excellent vitamins and herbs best to use. They will also help in promoting overall good health and give advice on what healthy activities are best to pursue. If we are not exercising enough, this guide will urge us to get off our duff and do something positive for our body! This marvelous guide is also capable of boosting the Pineal Gland to help with one’s psychic development as well as adding mineral elements to the physical body for better physical health.

Joy Guides

A joy guide is a highly intelligent spirit whose function it is to bring lightheartedness and laughter to you and remind you to have balance between family, recreation, and work. They will monitor you to make sure you do not become so immersed in material aspirations that other parts of your life suffer. This beautiful guide usually manifests as a child or young person of either gender or animal and is very eager to serve when called upon. In my Mediumship circles, joy guides are the guides most commonly sensed around participants.

Messenger or Runner Guides

When we wish or pray for things, either consciously or unconsciously, a psychic message ripples out into the universal ethers. If the wish coincides with our spiritual pathway and matches a certain vibration, theoretically a messenger guide is dispatched to bring the request to those on higher levels for consideration. Basically, a runner is just that. They are in constant movement. Much like the Roman God, Mercury, they are forever moving rapidly back and forth between the spirit realm and their human charge.

Ancestral Guides

An ancestral guide is one that can claim some sort of kinship with you, such as your dear Aunt Daisy or a parent. Most schools of thought feel these entities are someone who had some sort of blood connection to family. Usually, these guides are ones of loving protection. In rare cases, they may warn of impending harm. Some people, depending on their religious upbringing, may see these types of guides as guardian angels, but this is not the case.

Pet Guides

Pets will also act as a kind of Ancestor guide although their purpose is different. If a pet owner is grieving over their lost pet, the pet will usually be with them until the grieving lessons somewhat. These spirit pets are often observed or felt briefly by their former owners.
Animal Spirit Guides

Animal Spirit Guides (Power Animal Spirit Guides)

The terms “animal spirit guides” and/or “animal totems” are often used interchangeably. Frequently left out of the typical list of guides, animal spirit guides are a very powerful and revered guide for many–especially in indigenous cultures and Shamanism. A power animal is a spiritual guardian that some people feel a close connection with. They endow their charge with the positive attributes that are most frequently associated with that animal and also provide teachings and protection. Often animal spirit guides will accompany a person from lifetime to lifetime. However, much like other spiritual entities, there is nothing that says you must have one. Power animals do not have to be mammals. They can be reptiles, insects, or even sea creatures.

Carol’s note: I have a Power Animal Spirit Guide. Although I  am not super into Shamanism, I know that the Lion is my power animal. I don’t know how I know this, but this knowledge has always been present. I believe it’s purpose is to give me courage throughout life and not to be afraid of owning my own power.

Collective Group of Guides and Channel Guides

There are times when a group of guides comes together as one to impart messages or for a specific purpose. These guides usually do not have a name but will sometimes provide an identity of sorts. A good example of this is the Michael Teachings and Seth. Those who channel entities from the higher realms often have a collective group of guides helping them. Edgar Cayce’s work is a good example of working with a collective group of guides. Or, they may only have one Channel Guide that they receive messages from and relay to others in some form. More on this will be available in our Channeling Course.

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Coming Soon! Who Are Our “Outer Band of Guides”

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