Is Mediumship Dangerous?

Do You Have Concens about Beginning Training?

Do You Fear that Training Will Attract Negative Spirits?

One of the most common concerns I hear from prospective students is the concern that the development of Mediumship could be dangerous. They not only worry for themselves but also for their close family members.

Years ago, when I began my Mediumship and psychic studies, I went through a stage wondering if what I was launching into was spiritually wrong. In fact, I agonized over this for several weeks. My mentor assured me that Mediumship as well as doing readings was a service to others if I was coming from a heartfelt place. By having a genuine desire to help others, and practicing a few spiritual principals, I had nothing to worry about.

First, I would like to state that in all my years of performing Mediumship, I have never once pulled in a dark or negative spirit when practicing or doing a session. I firmly believe that if the medium is coming from a loving place, there is no way a negative entity can enter his or her space.

Do You Worry Family Members Could Be at Risk?

Again, this is a common concern for many. If you perform the few simple steps outlined below, no one in your immediate circle will be negatively impacted as a byproduct of doing Mediumship work — including you!

Understanding the Law of Attraction Will Help Alleviate Any Fear

There are many universal laws, or principles, by which everything in the universe is governed. One of the first and foremost laws state, “Like Attracts Like.” This law demonstrates how we create the events, people, and, yes, even spirit energies that enter our lives. In essence, our thoughts, feelings, and words magnetically attract various energies to us. Negative energies attract negative energies, and positive energies attract positive energies. In other words, by focusing on positive or negative thoughts or beliefs, a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.

You Always Have Help!

When performing any kind of Mediumship, you always have help and this is in the form of a protective guide called a Gatekeeper. Although not usually part of your Inner Band of Guides, when doing Mediumship, this guide is always with you to ensure your safety. Whether or not you are consciously aware of this guide, he/she is always at the ready when you enter into any Mediumistic endeavor. It is a good idea to really get to know your gatekeeper guide. In our Mediumship Home Study Course (below), we extensively cover how to be aware of your guide, who they are, what’s important to know, and how to build a trusting relationship with them.

Saying a Simple Prayer before Each Session is Essential!

Never enter into contact with spirit beings when you are not at peace with yourself or when negative emotions are overpowering you. The most appropriate way to find peace is through prayer. Prayer should always precede any Mediumship endeavor. It puts you in the right space and is a powerful form of protection. Your prayer does not need to be ritualistic or lengthy. It does not have to originate from a specific religion. It should, however, be recited with true feeling and positive intent, whether said mentally or aloud. Here is a prayer I often use:

quotation1We ask the Universal Consciousness, which holds the highest spiritual power of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Truth, to guide and protect us as we communicate with the deceased, our guides, the Archangels, and the Divine Source by tapping into the wisdom of the highest realms of our Universe. We respect this opportunity and take full responsibility in our work, not for ego or controlling others, but with the pure intention of spreading love and healing to life on this earthly plane and beyond. And so it is…or, Amen…”

There are many prayers you can use and you probably have your own. Another thing I always do is to ask for protection from Archangel Michael whenever I do anything involving the spirit world. I  also ask Light Beings from the higher realms to watch over my session or when teaching as added protection. Doing this makes me feel warm fuzzy and secure.

What if you don’t say a prayer at all? This might eventually cause problems you won’t want to deal with. Any good Mediumship trainer will tell you that using prayer for protection is an essential practice for any accomplished medium.

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