Is Performing Mediumship Dangerous?

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Find Out Why Practicing Mediumship Is Safe!

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Some People Wonder If Doing Mediumship Readings Is Safe

Is Mediumship dangerous? Do you ever wonder that you’ll attract negative spirit entities when developing your Mediumship abilities?

One of the most common worries that I hear from newbie mediums is the concern that the development of Mediumship is harmful. Some aspiring students worry that it’s even dangerous.

Many times, would-be students are not only concerned for themselves, but also for family members. Importantly, I would like to assure you that if you follow a few guidelines and protocols, no one close to you will be adversely affected as a byproduct of doing Mediumship work!

First, I would like to state that in all my years of performing Mediumship, I’ve never once pulled in a dark or negative spirit. I firmly believe that if the medium is coming from a loving place, there’s no way a negative entity can enter their space, or worse, attach to them. Second, understanding The Universal Law of Attraction will soothe your fears.

When I began my Mediumship and psychic studies, I went through a period of constantly fretting that practicing Mediumship was dangerous. Moreover, I was concerned that what I was getting myself into, was somehow spiritually wrong. I needn’t have worried!

My Mentor Came to the Rescue

Happily, my mentor assured me that performing Mediumship readings was a service to others if I was coming from a heartfelt place. By genuinely having a desire to help others, and practicing a few spiritual principals, practicing Mediumship was perfectly safe.

Understanding the Universal Law of Attraction

Markedly, there are unwritten Universal Laws or principles that govern all living beings. For example, one of the foremost laws states, “Like Attracts Like.” Most profoundly, this law demonstrates how we create the events, draw in people, and, yes, even spirit energies that enter our lives. In other words, our thoughts, feelings, and words magnetically attract various energies to us.

Most important to note, negative energies attract negative energies, and positive energies attract positive energies. In other words, by focusing either on positive or negative thoughts or beliefs, individuals manifest positive or negative experiences in their lives.

You Always Have Help!

If you wonder if practicing spirit communication is harmful, you always have help from spiritual beings. In part, help comes from a protective guide called a Gatekeeper. Principally, although not usually a part of your Inner Band of Guides, when doing Mediumship, this guide is always with you to ensure your safety.

Assuredly, whether or not you are consciously aware of this helper guide, this protector spirit is available to you when you enter into any Mediumistic endeavor.

Forming a Relationship with Your Gatekeeper Guide

As you may surmise, it’s imperative to get to become linked with your gatekeeper guide. In our Mediumship Home Study Course, we extensively cover how to be aware of your gatekeeper, who this guide is, and how to build a trusting and lasting relationship.

Saying a Simple Prayer before Each Session is Essential!

As a caution, never enter into contact with spirit beings when you’re not at peace with yourself, or when negative emotions are present. Considering this, the best way to find immediate peace is through prayer.

More importantly, prayer should always be one of the first essential things you do before any form of Mediumship practice. It puts you in the right space for spirit contact and is a powerful form of protection.

Realistically, your prayer doesn’t have to be ritualistic or lengthy. Moreover, it doesn’t need to come from a specific religion unless you want it to.

As such, prayer can be said out loud or in your mind. Clearly, genuine feeling and positive intent involving any prayer offered, is essential.

Next is a prayer I often use:

“We ask the Universal Consciousness, which holds the highest spiritual power of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Truth, to guide and protect us as we communicate with the deceased, our guides, the Archangels, and the Divine Source by tapping into the wisdom of the highest realms of our Universe. We respect this opportunity and take full responsibility in our work, not for ego or controlling others, but with the pure intention of spreading love and healing to life on this earthly plane and beyond. And so it is…or, Amen…”

For the most part, there are numerous prayers that you can use.  In fact, you may already have your own favorite prayer. If not, you can use the prayer above or one of the prayers mentioned in our Mediumship Training.

Angels Are a Powerful Source of Protection

Specifically, I always ask for protection from Archangel Michael whenever I do anything involving the spirit world. I  also ask Light Beings from the higher realms to watch over my session or when teaching as added protection. Doing this makes me feel warm fuzzy and secure.

In conclusion:

Ultimately, learning or performing Mediumship is never dangerous if you follow a few simple guidelines. As mentioned, the Law of Attraction tells you that like attracts like. Case in point, if you genuinely come from a heartfelt space, and always invoke this statement, “for the highest and best good of all,” prior to any spirit communication session, you’ll have nothing to be concerned about.

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