Find Out What It Takes to Become a Medium

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Do You Have the Right Abilities for Mediumship?

Can you be an authentic medium? Find out if you have the right skills with these simple indicators. You may have more talent than you think!

People often contact me asking if they have the “right” abilities to consider Mediumship training. I hear comments like, “I can feel spirits around me, but I can’t see them. Does this mean I can’t be a good medium?” Or, “I get vivid images of spirits and things they are showing me, but I don’t hear spirits speaking to me like mediums do on television shows.”

Have you had similar thoughts about your own mediumistic abilities? Do you wonder if you have what it takes to become an accomplished medium? If you are reading this blog, then most likely you do. Start thinking about the different ways you might have experienced spirit contact in the past and continue reading.

What’s Required to Learn Mediumship Skills

  • Knowledge of Your Craft
  • Dedication and Practice Practice Practice
  • Patience and Sincerity
  • A Sense of Responsibility and Sacredness
  • The Willingness for Spiritual Growth and Life Changes
  • An Understanding that Communicating with Spirits is Natural

Since the inception of modern spiritualism, presenting validating evidence is vital in helping to identify the spirit making contact through a medium.

The process by which the validating evidence is gathered comes through the various “Clairs” of the medium which enables them to describe a spirit’s appearance, their relationship to the sitter (the person getting the reading or message), how the spirit died, and other important pieces of information. Fundamentally, it’s through this process that a spirit’s identity is validated.

Determine Your Best Mediumship Psychic Sense

A good starting point is, how to determine your best Mediumship psychic sense. Some mediums are more specialized by using only 1—2 of the below listed psychic Clairs and some utilize them all. This in no way infers that a medium who does not use all the “Clairs” is any less gifted or trained than one who utilizes all of them.



What Kind of Medium Do YOU Want to Be?

With different kinds of Mediumship out there, you may be wondering what kind of a medium you want to be.

Firstly, the most prevalent kinds of mediums are *Physical and Mental Mediums.

If launching into Mediumship Training, through practice and meditation, the answer will come to you. A hint: Most mediums today are primarily Mental Mediums.

Physical Mediumship requires a lot of stamina and utilization of energy. And Physical Mediumship requires many years of study with qualified teachers.

With that in mind, if you stick to your training, results will become evident. You’ll experience an incredible thrill upon realizing that you can genuinely visit with spirit entities.

Upon the experience of the seeing, hearing, feeling, and actual communication with the departed, will send you over the moon–in a good way.

Don’t Force the Process!

As mentioned in a previous post, the process of Mediumship development is called unfoldment. Significantly, this means that results happen step-by-step, thus allowing your innate talents to unfold naturally.

Of utmost importance, realize that the Natural Law that instilled your gifts at birth, determines your aptitude based on physical and spiritual characteristics.

More on the Mediumship Clairs

Mediumship abilities stem from our psychic senses often referred to as the “Clairs”. After years of teaching psychic and Mediumship development, I have noticed most students will have at least one to two strong psychic traits. I call these the Primary Abilities, or “primaries”.

For example, from experience I have determined I have two primary abilities and a one strong secondary ability. My own primary ability is Clairvoyance (clear-seeing). Clairvoyance is the ability to see relevant images in the mind’s eye.

My other primary ability is Clairsentience. Clairsentience is ability to intuitively sense physical sensations or to feel the emotions of others.

The Psychic Clairs that are Often Used in Mediumship

(Clair means “clear” in French)

  • Clair-voyance: The art of “clear seeing” with inner vision in the mind’s eye.
  • Clair-audience: The art of “clear hearing” with our mind’s hearing.
  • Clair-sentience: The art of “clear feeling” with our physical feeling senses.
  • Clair-cognizance: The art of “clear knowing” as we speak of previously unknown events.
  • Claire-mpathy: The art of clear feeling others’ emotions,” or emotional state.

My Own Experiences

My Number One Primary Psychic Sense

It just so happens that Clairvoyance is my number one primary psychic sense. Clairvoyance is how I first begin to know if a spirit linking with me. I have learned over the years that my Clairvoyance is the natural way I operate when spirits are making contact. When I have set my intention to receive spirit communication, I start seeing pictures of people and places right away in my mind’s eye.

Sometimes my eyes are open for this, and sometimes they are closed. When my eyes are open, I still have the ability to see in my inner vision. This ability has always been with me and I have learned how to hone it.

These images can range from vivid clarity to hazy. I might only receive one image at first or several in rapid succession like a slide show. The image, or images, might be of a person’s face, their whole body, homes, landscapes, or symbolic images that give me additional information about the spirit linking with me.

Clairsentience Is My Number 2 Primary Psychic Sense

My other primary is Clairsentience (clear-feeling). When a spirit is coming into my energy field, I might start noticing physical sensations in and around my body. These feelings may or may not occur simultaneously with the pictures I am seeing.

I might experience a fleeting pain. Or, I might experience light-headedness, which for me is a sure indicator of a spirit attempting to make their presence known.

Another sign is a tickling sensation somewhere on my body. This tickling, or cobwebby sensation, usually happens on my face, neck, or on my arms. Hairs on the back my neck might stand on end. I might feel a pressure or fluttering sensation in my gut area, a feeling of heaviness in my chest or some other part of the body, and might even notice unaccountable drafts, breezes, or unusual coldness.

How to Interpret Psychic Sensations

Over the years, I have learned how to interpret these sensations. For example, a feeling of tightness in my chest area could indicate that the spirit is trying to show me they died of a heart attack, a respiratory illness, or in an accident where the chest was actually crushed. Additionally, I might experience a shortness of breath or a momentary feeling I can’t breathe.

These are just a few indicators I experience that let me know that a spirit linking with me. And most of all, the spirit is ready tor elay some important bits of information.

So, what does this information consist of? For starters, this information might be about their physical or emotional state at time of death, or even describing the death experience. Often these sensations come with a strong feeling of emotion. These feelings of emotion are called, clair-empathy.

So, What’s Clair-empathy?

Clair-empathy is the sensing and feeling emotions of others. For example, I might sense that the spirit had a sunny disposition in life and was a fairly happy person. Or, I might sense they were difficult or angry in life or had feelings of great unhappiness at the time of death.

Usually, these types are feelings are registered in my solar plexus area and then wash over me like a wave of emotion.

I’ve learned to pay close attention to various kinds of feelings when linking with a spirit. If I’m unsure of what I am picking up, I ask my Mediumship Spirit Guide for clarification. Of course, all this takes some work and practice to master.

 Claircognizance Is My Secondary Strong Psychic Sense

My two primary senses are often accompanied by a secondary ability of Claircognizance (clear knowing).  Claircognizance is receiving information about events or people one would normally have no way of knowing about.

When I receive a claircognizant “hit”, I have a knowing about certain bits of information without thinking about how I know it. I will then relay this information to a client, or group, because I have learned to trust this “knowing” ability.

Whether or not the recipient(s) of the message can identify with what I have presented, is something I will also be addressing in a future blog post.

This self-knowledge about my own Mediumship and psychic abilities did not happen effortlessly at the beginning of my Mediumship training. In the early years, there was some trial and error until I learned to fully trust the information coming to me.

I Have a Confession

Here’s my confession. My weaker abilities are Clairaudience and Clairaulience. I cannot hear a spirit physically speak to me as with some mediums. However, I do get messages that register in my mind’s inner hearing.

Another of my weaker psychic senses is Clairaulience. Clairaulience is the noticing of smells or fragrances which have no reason to be present. An example of this might be smelling roses, a strong smell of an aftershave like “Old Spice”, smoke or acrid burning odors, cooking smells, and almost any other kind of aroma you can think of. Of course, it is important to rules these scents out within the group or room that you’re in.

This indicators may seem elementary, but if someone is present that is wearing “Old Spice”, you’ll need to ascertain this so you can rule out the scent as coming from a spirit. This isn’t to say I never experience Clairaulience. I do. It’s just not as common for me to notice as my other “Clairs.”

Does Having a Few Weaker Clairs Bother Me?

Finally, does it bother me that I do not have strong Clairaudience? Absolutely not! I realize that the way I personally perceive spirit contact is unique to me and that I am perfectly fine with how I naturally pick-up spirit contact.

The way you perceive a spirit presence and get validating evidence could be the exact opposite of how I do. The trick is knowing what your strongest to weakest abilities are and accepting this.

In conclusion:

If you already have some apparent abilities and perhaps see and sense spirits already, you’re a great candidate to train in Mediumship. Even if you don’t naturally connect with spirits, the ability, with practice and dedication, can be learned and developed!

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong set of psychic abilities required to communicate with spirits. Be content with your existing set of abilities. If after learning about the various “Clairs” set into motion to communicate with spirits, and there is a desire to work on and open your psychic senses more, I highly recommend doing so.

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*Physical Mediumship

Physical Mediums are capable of producing physical phenomena, either felt or witnessed by others, and all present agree on what is being seen or felt.


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Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.
Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

Carol Nicholson is thirty-five years a professional Psychic Medium and author of numerous Psychic and Spiritual courses since 2001. Subscribe for more posts like this, get a FREE Psychic-Medium Starter eGuide, and notification of fantastic coupon deals.

14 thoughts on “What Makes an Authentic Medium?”

  1. Thank you! How wonderful to learn that my experiences are real and that the abilities i could struggle to even articulate are experienced by others, and have names. I’m’ slightly surprised yet feel a bit vindicated to recgnize 5 clairs. Probably 3 are stronger and the others will improve now they are identified to me.

  2. Very cool!! Thank you!! About the Clairaulience, can looking at pictures of people past and presnt trigger this as well? When I look at images/think of my great grandmother Vivian (Who I have never met and passed away years before I was born) I get this smell of.. like.. sticky perfume. I know, it sounds weird. But even if I never met her, my grandmother (Her daughter) says that she worn “Sticky perfume” for special nights. Is this a case of this or no?

  3. Well, I don’t communicate with spirits but I communicate with the gods, who are very much alive. I can’t see them with my eyes, only in my mind. So I decided that if I could “see” them, I could draw them.

  4. Ive always known theres something about me but didn’t know about this as a practice. I saw 911 happen 2 weeks before it happened. Another time my neighbor was having a heart attack and when i touched him he was getting better and i was laying on the ground fighting death and when i got up i was soaked in sweat and a puddle of sweat on the ground. Also i can tell most peoples emotions even when theyer trying to hide them. But i honestly just thought that was normal and everyone else lives in a none caring self centered world. Im intrigued to learn about mediumship but at the same time sort of nervous

  5. I sometimes get a premonition of someone in the room with me or I feel like I’m being watched, is that normal? It’s like someone is trying to tell me something but I can’t hear it and I’ll get these weird sensations of someones touching me? And I have these dreams (sleeping or sometimes i’ll accidentally slip into a sort of weird daydream) where I see things happen before they happen, but it takes a couple of months for them to happen?

    1. Actually Susan, this is normal for many individuals so please don’t feel alone. You may have natural Mediumistic abilities. Have the kinds of dreams you describe means you have premonition dreams. This was common for me as a younger person. They’re partially why I started my Mediumship and Psychic studies. Check out our courses to find the right one for you.
      Best, Carol

  6. Hi there,

    I don’t know if I have any abilities or not,
    I have seen spirits, and shadows and I have once had an outer body experience.
    I can feel if a place is good or worrying. I just don’t know if I have any powers. I would love to learn.


    1. If you are interested in learning more, we have many courses that may fit what you are looking for to safely further develop your gifts.


  7. How do I get my abilities back, I used to see, hear and just know things, I was in a line at the check-out and the lady in front of me had alot of shopping, the funny thing is i turned to my husband and said “i dont know if i have enough money to pay as i haven’t been to the bank”, my husband said dont be silly you only have a couple of things, next minute the lady in front of usr had to leave her shopping because said didn’t have enough money to pay, or when i was sick in hospital and my ex’s mother came and shook the end of the bed and told me to stop laying around and get home to look after her son and grandchildren, but it has seam to have all stopped, I either don’t dream anymore or don’t remember them,

    1. Hi Sue,

      Sometimes our abilities seem to go away, but they are not gone. This is a normal thing for many. Give it some time and relax about it. I guarantee you’ll start experiencing intuitive events once again.

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