7 Ways to Overcome Mediumship Training Fears

Overcome Fear about Mediumship Training

Do You Have Fears about Mediumship Training?

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Is Mediumship Training Dangerous?

Many people may wonder, “is mediumship training dangerous?” Let me assure you that it’s not. Below are seven excellent ways to overcome fears about Mediumship training and safely develop Mediumship skills without fear or concern.

Anytime we venture into the unknown, there is a natural element of fear involved. This holds true for beginning Mediumship development.

When I first began advertising giving Mediumship readings, the truth be told, I was petrified. No matter that I had done hundreds of Psychic Tarot readings, but this was different. I had to depend on Spirits showing up and receiving clear messages from them. This is why I wrote this post.

As you’ll soon learn, giving a mediumship reading is very much like performing a psychic reading. You are using your developed abilities to contact spirits. Read on for more.

Having Fear about Mediumship Training Not Unusual

Mediumship development fears often stem from what’s shown on television and in the movies.

Too often the media portrays mediums contacting spirits in a negative light. Or, mediums are depicted as being fraudulent and untrustworthy.

Whether you believe these portrayals to be accurate or not, there still may be a nagging doubt that keeps you from launching into Mediumship Development Training.

Another cause for Mediumship development fear could stem from a bad experience as a child.

Are you someone that has experienced negative spirit activity at some time in your life? Do you fear spirits can do you harm?

Other sources of Mediumship development fear may come from outside influences such as:

  • Family
  • Friends and co-workers
  • Church disapproval
  • What it says in the Bible
  • Public opinion of mediums in general

These kinds of pressures or experiences can dampen anyone’s enthusiasm for beginning spirit communication studies. However, but I can emphatically assure you that if Mediumship development were bad, immoral or dangerous in any way, I would not be teaching it.

Other Reasons for Having Fear about Mediumship Training

For the most part, fear stems from the not knowing of what might happen. It’s the “what ifs.”

Any fears you may have, must be uncovered if you sincerely wish to progress in your Mediumship studies. Then they must be dealt with.

The More We Resist Something, the More it Becomes a Problem

Furthermore, I always say that the more we resist something, the more it becomes firmly entrenched within our mind and body. If you accept that that you have fears–even little ones, the easier it becomes to move beyond them and forge ahead with your training.

Remove Unconscious Fears that Mediumship Training Is Dangerous

If you suspect you have some subconscious resistance within you, be honest with yourself about this. Importantly, the best way to start dealing with and releasing any blockages is to sit down, think on it, and identify what your particular fear(s) might be.

After contemplating for a while, write down everything which comes to mind. Next, think back on how, where, or when in your life the fear may have possibly originated.

Surprisingly, you may believe that you are without fear whatsoever only to discover that a few are lurking in the shadows. If you genuinely don’t have serious concerns about starting your training, that’s great!

Finally, read over your listed concerns. What doesn’t ring true for you after all, cross it off. By reviewing what you have listed, you’ve already begun the releasing process. Now read your list for a second time and now address the first fear. Come up with a statement which is the exact opposite of that fear. Here’s an example of what one might be:

“I am afraid that I am not talented enough or won’t be able to become a good medium.”

Firmly counter this with, “I am a gifted Medium and as capable and talented as anyone else. My abilities come to me easily and effortlessly.”

See how easy that was? Now glance over the following exercise a few times and then practice doing it until you feel you have mastered the technique.

Don’t forget to repeat this exercise for all the blocks and fears listed on your paper. If you’re tired, work on them another time. There’s no need to tackle all of them at once. Take a few deep breaths, expel the last one forcibly, and then ground yourself once again.

 Note: You may have to work on a particular issue more than once. This is entirely normal depending on how long and deeply entrenched the fear was within you.

7 Steps to Overcome Mediumship Training Fears

  1. Imagine in your mind a lovely setting which makes you feel cozy and secure—like a beach or mountain retreat. Now turn your attention to your physical body. Start with one fear that you’ve written down. Think about your fear issue and actually feel what part of your body a physical reaction is occurring.
  2. You might notice a tingle, a feeling in the gut area, or experience a tiny sharp or dull pain somewhere. Are you experiencing an uncomfortable chill? If so, think on the nature of the fear and move your attention to where the sensation occurred.
  3. At this point, imagine reaching into your body and PULLING this debilitating energy from you, as one might easily remove a diseased internal organ! Hold it in your hand. What does it look like? Is it a black icky substance or some other color? Does it have a texture? Does it have a particular odor?
  4. As you do this, talk to the object as it it’s alive. Ask it where it came from. Why is it there? Grill this thing pretty hard. You’ll begin to feel more in control of your thoughts and fears.
  5. Now acknowledge this “thing” and let it know it’s no longer needed. It may even “squeak” and protest a little, but you are in charge now. You have the power to demand that it is entirely gone.
  6. Next, envision this object dissolving away until there is nothing left. Imagine that any residual energy left over from it, however minuscule, is instantly transformed into positive light-filled energy.
  7. At this time, feel confident that this issue is completely removed from you. Furthermore, any tenseness, anxieties, or fearful responses that relate to your fears are decreasing in power!

Feel Confident that Any Fears about Mediumship Training Are Dissolving

Now you can relax as any fears you might be holding are fading away. Finally, take a few relaxing moments to enjoy the feeling of being lighter and freer from issues which may have bothered you. »Spirit Communication Wikipedia

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