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Why the Seven Subtle Energy Bodies Are Important to Understand

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There’s More to You than You Might Think

The naked truth about the seven subtle bodies and why they’re essential to understand.

You live your life thinking that you are made of just bones, organs, tissues, and blood cursing through your veins. But there is so much more to you that you may not know about.

Incredibly, we all possess seven amazing subtle bodies. These higher frequency bodies vibrate at various speeds and interact energetically with both the physical and non-physical worlds. These invisible parts of us ultimately direct our soul’s journey.

Exploring the Subtle Bodies

Essentially, subtle bodies are the seven layers of the multi-dimensional human energy structure that exist beyond the physical plane. Here’s where it gets fascinating. The universal life force energy, called prana or chi, moves through these layers and directly impacts the chakras and human aura. Even more interesting is that these bodies are not visible to the physical eyes except for the etheric and physical body.

In short, the human energy field is culmination of universal energy. This energy field is intricately involved with human existence. The human energy field begins with the human aura.

The Aura Is the Key to the Subtle Bodies

The aura is the envelope that contains all the vital functions we need to survive. These include the chakras and pathways for energy to flow. Within the human aura are layers that are referred to as “bodies,” or subtle bodies. Significantly, each subtle body has an energetic purpose.  

Without this connection with universal forces, functioning as a human being is just not possible. For example, when you read about the Emotional Body, this is where your emotions are able to manifest. Without this important lay to your energy field, you would not be able to feel or experience your emotions and feelings.

(Prana life force energy enters the physical body. This universal energy spins the chakras. Vitaly, the chakras spinning creates the human aura energy field. As a result, each layer of the aura contains the subtle bodies.)

The Chakras Within the Subtle Bodies

No less important, each subtle body layer is associated with a chakra. As an example, the first layer is associated with the first chakra, the second with the second chakra, and so on. are the engine that directs energy flow. Each subtle body layer that encompasses the auric field has its own particular function. Here’s where it gets a bit complicated.

Each auric level has its own seven chakras situated within the other auric chakras. Each layer extends outwards, vibrating at a higher frequency as they expand. With each higher vibrating layer, the energy becomes more refined and thus allowing one’s subtle body energies to move between all bodies and to all other chakras for harmonic balance and higher vibrational frequencies, mainly when they are cleared and opened.

First, a Guided Tour through the Subtle Bodies


(As you explore each of the seven subtle bodies, you’ll come to the realization that each body moves you through your spiritual progression.)[/caption]

Imagine that you’re on an elevator with a tour guide. The tour begins on the bottom floor which is the Physical Body. The tour guide informs you that this is the densest of all the bodies and can be seen, felt, and touched.

Next, the elevator takes you up one floor to the place of the first Subtle Body which is The Etheric Body. After you learn about this all-important Subtle Body from your guide, you then ascend to the floor of the Astral Subtle Body.

With each ascending floor you’ll learn more about you, and the elements which create your total being. This is where you meet your final Subtle Body.

Finally, at the end of the tour, you go home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that contains vibrant new perceptions about your consciousness and spiritual reality.

Hold On! The Subtle Bodies Are Not Vertical

Many individuals picture the subtle bodies as being stacked one above the other. While it’s true that the subtle bodies are hierarchal in nature, they are not vertically placed. Rather, they interpenetrate one another horizontally thus, expanding the human aura.


Here’s What You Learned on Your Tour

Let’s explore the seven subtle bodies and why they’re an essential part of our being. Everything that exists on the physical plane has its own subtle body counterpart. Trained individuals see the Etheric Body which is the first subtle body.

The Etheric subtle body exists somewhere in the middle of the Etheric/Astral Plane. The Etheric body field is about one-quarter to two inches beyond your physical body and pulsates at nearly 20 cycles per minute. 

Specifically, the Etheric Body is an exact template of our Physical Body. It holds the blueprints of our organs, muscles, tissues, and bones. As an interesting note, individuals who’ve lost a limb swear they can still feel the limb. Why? Because the limb remains intact in the Etheric template regardless of what destructive traumas happen to the Physical Body.

The Etheric Body Holds Our Chakras

Also, an additionally primary function of the Etheric Body is that it holds a series of channels and our chakra centers which play a significant role in our vitality and well-being. Subsequently, this body generates our aura or primary energy field, which surrounds us.

The Emotional Body:

The Emotional Body is where our feelings are located. Therefore, it is also called the “feeling body.” This body extends from about 1 to 3 inches beyond the physical body. As the feeling body, obviously, it specializes in feelings. This body also contains our emotional memories and patterns. Since the Emotional body is the receptacle for our memories, it’s where we begin to process emotional responses to the events in our lives.
More significantly, through to the emotional body, we can experience our thoughts. We think an emotion and then the thoughts accompanying it are converted into feeling impressions. The physical body interprets those feeling imprints and changes those feeling into hormones that cause physical responses in our body. The most common emotions we feel are fear, anger, love, compassion, and joy. Finally, feeling is not just about emotion. Feelings are about sensation and what we perceive. Interestingly, even though emotions do not exist beyond the physical body, the feeling does.
The Astral Body:
The next subtle body layer is the Astral Body which vibrates at about 3 inches from the physical body. The Astral Body can separate from the Physical Body at will and does so often–especially during sleep. During these separation periods, the astral body is an exact replica of the physical body, and it is extremely sensitive to thought, much like the Emotional body. 
When we pass on from the earth plane, the Etheric Body is the vehicle that moves us into the Astral Body for transitioning to the plane of spirits. It’s here that dead resemble in exact detail the physical bodies that they recently vacated. This may change once residing on the Astral Plane. Thus, in this plane we exist in the Astral body until we move to higher planes of consciousness.
The Causal Body:

The Causal Body is the root of your soul. It’s the first level of your immortal self.

Importantly, the Causal Body is named such because it’s the originating source for the personality that incarnates in each lifetime. When your life ends, the essence of who and what you are is then absorbed back into the Causal Body. Significantly, the Causal Body exists as matter from the Causal Plane.

At this point, I know you’ve absorbed a lot of information. Keep going to understand that the higher frequencies of subtle bodies are our gateway to bliss.

The Mental Body:

The Mental Body facilitates the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, and experience. This subtle body extends from 3 to 8 inches from the physical body. this vital body enables us to make judgments, evaluate situations, reasoning, problem-solving, decision making, comprehension and the forming of language. Therefore, the Mental Body is instrumental in making it possible for humans to discern, hold beliefs, and arrange thoughts in contextual order. Significantly, the Mental Body exists as matter from the Mental Plane.

Note: As a side note, it’s also believed that the Mental Body facilitates elevated psychic abilities.

The Spiritual/Soul Body

The Spiritual Body is considered the root of the soul. It’s the essence of the “divine spark.” Like the other bodies, it holds all the other energy bodies within its confines.

Many believe that the Spiritual Body holds the last remnant of individuality before merging back into the creative source. Ultimately, this powerhouse represents the point of contact between the human microcosm and the Supreme Being. In theological and spiritual terms; we call this Supreme Being God, the Divine, Father, Mother Goddess, The Creator, Source, or Source Field, etc. Significantly, the Spiritual/Soul Body exists as matter from the Spiritual/Soul Plane.

The Buddhic/Christic Body

Finally, we arrive at the Buddhic/Christic Body. Although you might assume this subtle body is named after The Buddha and The Christ (Jesus), it’s actually named for the level of consciousness these *avatars achieved during their sojourn on earth.

Ultimately, the Buddhic/Christic Body facilitates the expansion of consciousness beyond the separate personality and breaks free of individuality. Significantly, the Buddhic/Christic Body exists as matter from the Buddhic/Christic Plane.

The Buddhic/Christic level is the true source of happiness for the soul. Upon reaching this level, the soul experiences a perpetual state of bliss.

In Conclusion:

In a nutshell, the totality of the human energy system contains layers, or subtle bodies, which are largely invisible to us. These seven layers encase our physical body which in turn, impact the human aura and the chakras within this system. For more information, keep reading to discover more about why each energetic layer is essential for our existence. For some, the idea that we possess seven subtle bodies beyond our physical body is fantastical. but they do indeed exist. Moreover, there is so much about the seven subtle bodies which can be learned. This post only includes the essentials, of the seven subtle bodies as a starting point for this captivating subject.

Read: Subtle Bodies-Wikipedia

*Avatar refers to the physical appearance of a deity on earth. This concept originates from certain sects of Hinduism and means “descent.”


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Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

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