Human Energy System

The human energy system explained. Articles about the subtle bodies, the chakras, and aura, which make up the totality of who and what we are.

Sacred Geometry Secrets Revealed

Approx. reading time 8 min. What Exactly Is Sacred Geometry? The term sacred geometry describes mathematical and geometric principles at creation’s core. In a nutshell, divine shapes and patterns hold symbolic and spiritual significance. Therefore, you’ll often see geometric patterns, shapes, and proportions in art, architecture, and nature. The principles of sacred geometry demonstrate how shapes and patterns […]

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How Psychic Vampires Can Suck the Life Out of You

Approx. Reading Time 7 min. Firstly, What Are Psychic Vampires? How energy vampires can suck the life out of you describes what energy vampires are and how to stop them from stealing your energy. Psychic aka energy vampires are individuals who drain the psychic energy of others. They typically do this unconsciously, as they don’t realize

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