Are Urban Legends Real?

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So, What Are Urban Legends?

In short, urban legends are horrifying tales of lore and legend. Since the time of cave dwellers, legends have been a part of a society’s lore. Are they believable? To some, yes. 

Interestingly, contemporary urban legends have become a staple of horror-related stories. Think of Freddie Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Is the phenomenon of urban legends real or provable? Hardly. Still, as with any legend, there might be a tiny thread of truth hidden within it. 


Urban Legends are Usually Scary

In literal terms, urban legends refer to a horrific story or piece of information circulated with promises of authenticity. Urban legends, also known as urban myths, are widely circulated narrative accounts of rare, bizarre, and frightening events. Accordingly, they often prompt individuals to check out a local urban legend for themselves despite cautionary advice.

Urban Legends vs. Folklore

Urban legends and folklore are two different sources of stories that may tell cautionary tales. The differences between them are subtle but easily recognized once you understand the nuances of each. 

Folklore is an oral history comprised of the culture’s beliefs, customs and stories passed down from generation to generation, including myths and legends. But more realistically, urban legends are merely a contemporary invention of modern tales that are typically sensational. 

More interestingly, these stories are often told as second-hand knowledge of the storyteller who heard the tale from a friend and then gets passed around. 

Younger People Love Urban Legends


Urban legends have a dark side that seems to captivate the younger set. However, don’t rule out baby boomers and others. Yet, alarmingly, the more impressionable in our society, believing the tales to be authentic and could take them to a whole new level of gruesome reality. 

A case in point is the tragic stabbing of a teenage girl. Allegedly, *”Slender Man” ordered her friends to stab the teenager. Fortunately, she lived through the ordeal.

Urban Legends vs. Creepypastas

Creepypastas are horror-related legends that have been copied and pasted around the Internet. More specifically, creepypastas is a catch-all term for any horror and sometimes hilarious content posted on the Internet. These Internet entries are often brief, user-generated, paranormal stories intended to scare readers.

Dreadful creepypastas feature gruesome tales of murder, suicide, and on occasion, otherworldly occurrences. The subject matter of creepypastas varies widely and includes topics such as ghosts, murder, zombies, UFO abductions, horrific beasts, and have even crept into video games.

Creepypastas also create a scare factor by warning about disturbing beings wanting to harm humans, such as The Black-Eyed-Children. In a nutshell, urban legends come from all parts of the globe. Here’s a creepypastas that even school children know about. For example, my nine-year old niece told me she knows about Slender Man mentioned above.

Creepypastas also create a scare factor by warning about disturbing beings wanting to harm humans. Here’s one of of the eeriest and most pervasive creepypastas. 

How the Legend of Black-Eyed Children Started

The legend of Black-Eyed Children legend originated from a 1996 message board posting by Abilene, Texas, reporter Brian Bethel. Bethel wrote of an encounter with two young boys who came up to his car window when he was writing a check to pay his internet bill. The boys knocked on the driver’s side window, and he reluctantly cracked the window. Bethel fully expected them to beg for money. Then, as he put it, he was gripped by an incomprehensible fear after looking closely at the boys.

What Made these Kids Scary

What disturbed Bethel most was that the boys’ eyes were completely dark and devoid of any white. The boys indeed did ask for money, which they explained was for a movie, but suddenly switched their demand to be let in the car and driven home. The older boy of two repeatedly insisted on getting a ride home, becoming more aggressive with each request. However, Bethel wisely didn’t comply.

The dialog went on for a while, with the older boy becoming more insistent. Finally, Bethel, against his common sense, felt compelled to open the door. But somehow, he stopped himself just in time. He drove off feeling much relieved but at the same time was highly disturbed by the encounter.

Chillingly, there have been numerous global reports over the last 20 years of people claiming frightening encounters with black-eyed children.

In each account the descriptions of Black-Eyed Children are strikingly similar. The children are often dressed in a dark hooded sweatshirt and seen in pairs. Additionally, the children seem to exude dark energy that makes the target of the visitors feel highly uncomfortable. It’s as if their minds are being controlled. This is what makes the Black-Eyed Children so dangerous.

Black-Eyed Kids Usually Insist on Entering a Car or Residence

When encountering Black-Eyed Children, some people almost get roped into letting these children in. In many cases, the victims start to roll down their car windows or open their doors, but the feeling that something is very wrong breaks the spell, and they stop themselves just in time.

So, if these menacing children are real and not just a result of Internet cheesy pasta, paranormal researchers speculate that they are either a form of vampires, ghosts, evil elementals, or even demons. That is, assuming the legend is real.

In conclusion:

Urban legends are mostly that—just a legend. However, the stories about strange menacing creatures have spread worldwide, and many, especially the younger set, have started to believe that they are real. Unfortunately, belief in the legends sometimes leads to a tragic situation. Whether just a scary story, or in actuality vampires, ghosts, or demons, whatever you do, don’t let them in!

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