Certified Psychic Medium & Ph.D.


Hello there! I’m Carol Nicholson and I’ve been privileged to be a part of the psychic arts community for over thirty years.

During this time, I’ve performed countless Mediumship and Psychic readings and was fortunate to be in high demand. I’ve also taught spiritual classes both locally and seminars nationwide.

In 2001, I created Imagine Spirit on the Internet for the sole purpose of globally providing the finest and most powerful Mediumship, Psychic, and Fast Track Spiritual Courses on the Internet.

My Qualifications
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Little Known Secrets about Me

I’ve had incredible psychic experiences my entire life. Perhaps you can relate.

These happenings included premonitions, seeing and sensing spirits, and the ability to detect energy fields around people.

I began intense Mediumship and Tarot training with my mentor, Dr. Alice Bowers, Trance Medium and Psychic. Within two years, I was certified as a Professional Psychic-Medium. As a result, it wasn’t long before I acquired an extensive list of private clients.

I Lived a Dual Life

I lived a dual life working in the corporate world as well as quietly doing readings in the evenings and on weekends. At the time, it wasn’t wise to let the corporate honchos know one was seriously into psychic things.

In 2001, I took a leap of faith and launched ImagineSpirit.com. I advertised in-person classes and seminars and was pleased and a little surprised at the packed turn-outs. In addition to this, I began holding classes by phone. I don’t know how I did it, but I squeezed in time to obtain my Ph.D. in Parapsychology & Paranormal Sciences (see below).

Carol Teaching a Seminar in Scottsdale, Arizona

I’m no longer offering classes by phone. Instead, I’m currently devoting my efforts towards creating great new courses for Imagine Spirit.

I hold a Masters degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences in California and a Doctorate in Parapsychology and Paranormal Sciences from the University of Metaphysical Sciences, Minnesota.


  • Mediumship and Psychic Tarot Certification, *Dr. Alice Bowers, 1983

  • Ordained by University of Life Church by Dr. Alice Bowers, 1983

  • Private School Teaching Program, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

  • Certified Hypnotherapist CHt., Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

  • Paranormal Investigating Seminars, Loyd Auerbach, M.A.

  • Past Life Regression and Spirit Attachments & Releasement, SWIHA

  • How to Read the Akashic Records Program – Linda Howe, A.R.E.

  • Spirit Realeasement Therapy, Linda Bennett, (SWIHA), Calvin D. Banyan, M.A. Adv. Hypno- Training, 2008

  • The American Association of Professional Psychics, 1998

  • Basic Astrology – Joyce Jenson

  • Spirit Guide Coach Certified – Deborah King

  • Angelology, Universal Classes On-line

  • Astrology to Advanced Certification, Rocky Berlier

  • Doreen Virtue – Mediumship Training Seminar, California

  • Sacred Contracts, Linda Bennett, 2004, (SWIHA)

  • James Van Praague – Advanced Mediumship Trainng

  • Medical Intuitive Training – Nancy Clark, PhD., Tucson, Arizona

  • A.R.E. Edgar Cayce Temple Beautiful Program, Wm. & Gladys McGarey, Phoenix, Arizona, 1985

  • I’m a Pisces Sun Sign, Moon in Aquarius, and Virgo rising.
  • My favorite color is green. Let’s be clear, olive green doesn’t apply.
  • I have two wonderful grown children and six grand-children.
  • I was blessed with a high singing voice and studied classical opera until my mid-twenties.
  • Was blessing to travel the world as my father was a Pan American pilot.
  • I’ve been to Stonehenge and soaked up the magic by touching the megaliths. Sadly, this is no longer allowed.
  • In Ireland I kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland. No blarney!
  • I’ve had two near-death experiences. Obviously, I’m here to tell about it. Perhaps one day…
  • I’ve had two encounters with Angels so far in my lifetime.
  • I read and watch all I can on the Paranormal, with some exceptions.
  • Reading has always been my passion.
  • Favorite movie: “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”
  • Favorite book: “Abominable,” by Dan Simmons

There’s more!

  • I love to hear the sound of train whistles in the distance.
  • My favorite sound is the wind whispering through tall pine trees.
  • I also love fairy lights–have them all over my house.
  • My mother grew up in Williamsburg, VA, and I’ve toured the restoration area many time when visiting my grandmother.
  • My dream is to travel the world again.
  • I miss being near the ocean. So, why am I here in the desert?
  • Most of all, I love wide open spaces, peace, quiet, and serenity.

My bad…

  • I drink a pot of coffee every morning.
  • Must have some kind of chocolate everyday.
  • I’m told I’m a workaholic. What can I say… I love producing creative things!
  • I swear at my computer at times. Then we have to make up.

Did I Forget to Mention that I LOVE Ghost Hunting?

I’ve hunted ghosts with two well-known ghost investigators, Loyd Auerbach and Patty Cook.

Significantly, my own paranormal investigations include the very haunted St. James Hotel in New Mexico.


Carol pictured with
Psychic-Medium Chip Coffey, 2010


Carol Ghost Hunting at the
Pioneer Cemetery in Casa Grande, AZ 2008