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Carol has been a successful and sought-after Psychic Medium since the 1980’s. She founded on-line Imagine Spirit in 2001 to share her knowledge and expertise garnered over decades to help others become experts and get started in their own Psychic and Mediumship careers.

Growing up, I had no idea I would become a Psychic/Medium. My primary interests were in my musical studies to become an opera singer as I was blessed with an amazing singing voice. I had experienced seeing, hearing, and feeling spirits from a very young age. Because of this I avidly read every book I could find on anything spiritual or psychic in nature. I never dreamed all this would someday shape my future. Looking back, my journey into the world of psychic counseling and teaching has been an amazing ride.

Although much of my adult life career centered on the publishing arena and several years as a flight attendant, I eventually moved into Visual Communications and developed websites. All the while I was giving readings, albeit quietly. The mainstream corporate world wasn’t quite ready to accept what I did on my personal time without “raising an eyebrow.”

This all changed when the dot com’s crashed in the early 2000’s and my dream publishing job went away. My background as a professional Psychic and Spiritual Medium for over thirty years led me to start Imagine Spirit in 2001. I realized I had so much to offer in the way of my extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise. Since then, I have introduced numerous groundbreaking Mediumship and Psychic courses that have been purchased from folks with interests just like you from all over the globe.


I hold a Doctorate in the Paranormal Sciences from the University of Metaphysical Sciences at Minnesota and a Bachelors and Masters degree from The University of Metaphysical Sciences in California. I also hold a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communications.


Mediumship, Psychic Counseling, Astrology, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Spirit Attachments and Releasement, Spirit Guides, Intuitive Energy, and Private School Teaching. She has studied with Doreen Virtue, James Van Praague, and has worked with Paranormal Investigator, Loyd Auerbach (as seen on the History channel). Carol is a member of the Professional Association for Certified Psychics, The Association for Research and Enlightenment (The Edgar Cayce Foundation), and the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Imagine Spirit was also a charter member of the Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce, which has recently been disbanded, under the name of Intuitive Arts.

  • Certification in Mediumship, *Dr. Alice Bowers, University of Life Church
  • Ordained by University of Life Church from Dr. Alice Bowers 1985
  • Certified Hypnotherapist CHt., (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts- -SWIHA
  • Paranormal Investigating Certified, Loyd Auerbach, M.A.
  • Certified, Past Life Regression and Spirit Attachments & Releasement, SWIHA
  • Private School Teaching Program, SWIHA
  • How to Read the Akashic Records Program – Linda Howe, A.R.E.
  • Spirit Realeasement Therapy, Calvin D. Banyan, M.A. Adv. Hypno- Training
  • Certified, The American Association of Professional Psychics
  • Basic Astrology Training –  Joyce Jenson (now deceased)
  • Certified Spirit Guide Coach – Deborah King

*My mentor, Dr. Alice Bowers, is sadly now deceased.

  • Astrology Training – Joyce Jenson (now deceased)
  • Angelology, University of Metaphysics, California
  • Astrology to Advanced Certification, Rocky Berlier
  • Doreen Virtue – Mediumship Training Seminar, California
  • Sacred Contracts: Based on Carolyn Myss Studies, SWIHA
  • ames Van Praague – 5 Mediumship Seminars
  • Medical Intuitive Training – Nancy Clark, PhD., Tucson, Arizona
  • Paranormal Investigating Workshops – Loyd Auerbach, M.A.
  • A.R.E. Program, William & Gladys McGarey, Phoenix, Arizona


My teaching goals and philosophies have remained consistent; to allow the student to discover their own inner strengths and weaknesses and support them along their path of inner development. The goal of Imagine Spirit is not to change inherent and already mastered abilities unique to each person, but to enhance what students already possess and to provide insights and to help them discover abilities they don’t even know they have.


I have facilitated many in-person classes and week-end intensives all over the country for Mediumship and Psychic and Spiritual Development. Among these are Walnut Creek, CA, Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ, Birmingham, AL, and in Atlanta and Savannah, GA. I have also graduated numerous classes by phone and certified many outstanding Mediums, Holistic and Psychic Counselors.


Carol-Noicholson, PhD., and-Chip Coffey With an avid interest in the PARANORMAL, Carol has done investigations with ghost hunting luminaries such as Loyd Auerbach, often seen on the History Channel, Patty Cook, and others. My own investigations have included the very haunted St. James Hotel in New Mexico, the abandoned Ajo Hospital in Ajo, AZ, and in Prescott, AZ, the ghost-ridden Hotel Vendome. (Carol pictured with Chip Coffey.) →See Our Ghost Hunting Certification Course


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