Who Is Imagine Spirit?

Specifically, We Are a Psychic Arts Training Organization

Imagine Spirit is an Internet company that provides numerous intuitive-based certification courses.

What We Do

Our Most Important Policy

Our Policy Has Always Been to Offer Affordable Certification Training

Founder Carol Nicholson

Since its inception, I’ve always felt that Imagine Spirit needs to fill the gap between inexpensive low-level on-line training and pricey programs that many can’t afford. Instead, I provide affordable training that is rich in content and media learning tools. Because of the many years I spent as a Professional Psychic-Medium and teaching, I’m imparting invaluable insights and experience, on to you.

Carol Nicholson, Founder

About Carol

Founder Carol Nicholson, Ph.D. and Certified Psychic-Medium, has been training students for over three decades. Moreover, she’s one of the most qualified and experienced spiritual teachers in the U. S.

Our Mission

We Are Dedicated to Providing Innovative Content and an Encouraging Learning Environment

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Imagine Spirit has certified numerous students worldwide who are now highly successful in their chosen field of expertise.

Firstly, all psychic training certification courses come in a home study format so that attendance in person is not required.

Secondly, Imagine Spirit supports spiritual practitioners in their pursuit of mastery in the psychic arts. Of note, Imagine Spirit’s selection of psychic training programs enables students to take classes in a wide variety of topics at their own pace. Furthermore, valid certification for credibility and proof of solid and thorough training is available for every course.

Thirdly, Imagine Spirit provides a way for furthering a student’s spiritual evolution and awakening. Consequently, in each program offered, the right knowledge and content is an integral part of each course.

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