What Is ESP or PSI?

PSI Refers to More than Just ESP

ESP falls under the umbrella of PSI (n.) which is claimed parapsychological, psychic faculties, or phenomena.  ESP, which stands for Extra Sensory Perception, is associated with PSI. A common meaning for EAP is the reception of information not gained through the recognized five physical senses. ESP, often called our Sixth Sense, refers to telepathy and includes Psychokinesis  (PK), or mind-over-matter.


Before the 1930’s, science was highly skeptical of claims of ESP and believed that that it was impossible for people to experience Extrasensory Perception other than in the comic books. The problem was that no one had bothered to do extensive laboratory experiments to find out if ESP was a reality or could even be measured. That is, not until Parapsychologist, J.B. Rhine came on the scene. Rhine recognized that no real experimentation was being done around ESP and bravely opened a research laboratory at Duke University in 1936. He set about creating a method for exploring ESP and accumulating data from many test subjects. Under his guidance and with the help of a growing team of graduate students and colleagues, it seems a new science was born.

Over the course of several decades Rhine conducted experiments with certain test subjects that seemed to have a greater than average degree of perception. He invented a method of PSI telepathic experiments by utilizing special cards that he designed now known as Zenner Cards.  How it worked was the “sender” looked at a series of cards while the “receiver” guessed the symbols on the cards. In the experiments, the pack of cards was hidden from everyone while the receiver guessed. This was called, Forced-choice Methodology.  Many test subjects seemed to score much higher than others at guessing the cards over hundreds of test sittings.

Rhine eventually published his massive findings, however these were met with scathing criticism by many in the scientific establishment on how the experiments were conducted and some even claiming the experiments proved nothing!


Stargate Project Seeks Enemy Missile Locations

Due to an ever increasing interest in ESP, science may have done a turn around and in certain circles, the validity ESP is now widely accepted. In the days of the USSR, Russia was especially interested in the workings of ESP and was accused by the U.S. of using it for ‘psychic warfare’. The U.S. then initiated its own secret ‘psychic probe’ program, named “The Stargate Project”. Today the system for psychic viewing developed through this unusual program is now referred to as Remote Viewing. Remote viewing involves a “viewer” being presented with an envelope marked with just numbers on it. In the envelope is a target which the viewer will hopefully identify by writing down the impressions of a description and what and where this target is located through a series of protocols. Those involved with the initial project later claimed much success, however, the project was eventually shut down when Congress got wind of it and demanded the funds allocated to this endeavor be stopped! This did not stop the study of ESP and how it seems to work. Experiments are still going on around the world.

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