What Exactly Are Ghosts Anyway?

I love crime, I love mysteries, and I love ghosts.
Stephen King

Are Ghosts Real or a Product of Someone’s Overactive Imagination?

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to defining the spirit world. But that’s nothing new. The newer science of parapsychology attempts to provide us with solid answers, but it’s an elusive quest that’s been ongoing for millennia.

The concept of the Spirit World is an ancient one. Each new century seems to offer new insights and uncovers pieces of the puzzle that are taking us closer to a clearer understanding of the rules and boundaries of the world that exists beyond our own. And just like any other science, rules and opinions are always changing. However, there are some generally shared opinions, classifications, and definitions that stand firm when it comes to the world that exists beyond our third-dimensional realm of sight, sound, and smell.

People who have claimed to see a ghost swear it was NOT their imagination! That includes me!!

Defining Ghosts

Ghosts are defined as spirits of the dead that most commonly appear around their former habitats. Because they are not governed by physical laws, ghosts are thought to walk through walls and can materialize and dematerialize at will. Also known as apparitions, spirits, revenants, earthbound spirits, specters, discarnates, disembodied spirit, phantoms and phantasms, ghosts can and do appear in many forms.

The word “ghost” is synonymous with spirit, or earthbound spirit, and is often used interchangeably. There are some schools of thought, however, that strongly assert there are specific differences between them. In her book, Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits (2006), Linda Williamson emphatically states, Most people use the word ‘ghost’ to describe any kind of spirit being, but to me there is a distinct difference between ghosts and earthbound spirits. A ghost is not really a person. It is a psychic imprint left behind in a particular place by someone who lived there or perhaps died traumatically there. An earthbound spirit, on the other hand, is a real person. It is a deceased person who should have moved on after death as they should have done, but remains stuck in some sort of physical environment.

Where Ghosts Lurk

Ghosts, also commonly called apparitions, can appear any place on Earth, from the highest mountains of Tibet to the deepest jungles of South America. Ghosts can appear in any form and might be completely solid to varying degrees of transparency. They can seem to walk normally, glide, hover in the air, and even hop like the Po Ghosts of China.

How Ghosts Look

Ghosts have been reported to be completely solid looking, white, grey, blue, or as shadowy dark figures. They can appear dressed as if from a bygone era to wearing modern clothing. In most instances, ghosts usually appear in human form as children or adults, but they could take the shape of an animal. Many people have even reported seeing the ghosts of beloved pets that have since died.

Not all ghosts are shadowy undulating figures that just float around. Some will make their presence known by moving objects, making noises, or giving offensive smells when near. Often a cold breeze or sharp drop in room temperature accompanies a ghostly visitation. Others might make their presence known by either gently touching a person or if the ghost is angry and hostile, will often try to strike out at the living. If a ghost is the result of a residual playback of an event, they will go about their business as they did in life and pay absolutely no attention to the living that witness them.