Carol Nicholson, PhD.
Carol Nicholson, PhD.

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IMAGINE SPIRIT courses will facilitate furthering students’ spiritual evolution and awakening. In each program and class offered, we supply sufficient knowledge, building your confidence, what to expect in real world scenarios, and the experiential practice needed for mastery and certification.


IMAGINE SPIRIT has purposely designed many courses for distance learning so that attendance in person is not required. The student can study on his or her own pace in the comfort of their home rather than having to worry about a set schedule or traveling to a school campus. With the live class recordings included in almost all of our courses, listening to them is just like being there.

Your Spiritual Enlightenment

Where will these Classes Take Me?

Each and every one of us is on a spiritual path. We have a role to fulfill our spiritual commitment in this lifetime. Imagine Spirit will provide you with positive direction that will get you started on the path that seems to best fit your energy and role in this lifetime.

What Does "Unfoldment" Mean?

I’ve read about unfoldment when it comes to opening psychic abilities and for spiritualist work. What does it mean exactly?


Unfoldment is simply the process when a person who is developing their Psychic, Spiritual, or Mediumistic abilities opens up to Spirit. This process can be either slow or fast, but we prefer our students to progress more slowly. Either way, unfoldment is perfectly safe.

Should I become a Professional Intuitive?

Do I have to want to become a professional practitioner to take these classes and programs?


The answer to this is No. However, you will receive the same high quality training as any other student. If you desire to become certified later on, you will already have the tools at your finger tips to do so. And, students that have taken a certain class or program are welcome to audit it again at no additional cost!

IMAGINE SPIRIT offers two Foundation Certification Courses and several Certificate of Mastery courses for shorter courses.

  • Foundation Certification Courses (12-18 lessons)
  • Smaller Courses (4-6 lessons)
  • Mini-courses (1-3 lessons)


At this time these are our two main Foundation Courses:

  • Complete and Total Mediumship Training Course
  • Pathways to Clairvoyance Course

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IMAGINE SPIRIT is dedicated to supporting spiritual practitioners in their pursuit of mastery in most facets of the intuitive arts field. With our many extensive classes and programs, students can take classes in numerous intuitive and spiritual topics while at the same time acquire credible certification.

All courses are designed by Certified Psychic-Medium, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D., with over thirty years experience in all facets of the intuitive arts field. Imagine Spirit believes in offering the highest standards for engaging quality content and learning aids. Courses are created specifically for you, the student, as the best choice for experiential intuitive learning.

Best-PsychicCarol Nicholson, Ph.D. and Certified Psychic-Medium has over thirty years experience in the intuitive arts field doing professional readings and giving classes.

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