Too Much Money for Mediumship Training?

Are One-On-One Expensive Mediumship Training Programs Worth the Cost?

As of late, I have been both shocked and somewhat appalled at some of the exorbitant costs charged for quality Mediumship training. When perusing other sites, I have noted tele-conferencing training for Mediumship like mine ranging in cost between $1,000 to  $3,000 dollars.  In one email I recently received, someone was promoting private Mediumship mentoring program costing in excess of seven thousand dollars. I’ll never know if anyone signed up for this offer but I sincerely hope not! I hope someone didn’t get duped into thinking they were receiving far superior training because they were paying such an excessive amount.

Let me be clear on one point. I truly feel it’s great that there are other teachers offering for Mediumship training programs. Imagine Spirit’s standard philosophy has always been that exists unlimited abundance in our universe and people will naturally be attracted to those teachers with whom they vibe with best. However, if people can’t afford huge costs for classes, what can they do?

One of the most important tenants of Imagine Spirit has always been offering amazing and affordable spiritual programs by phone that are of the highest caliber. One of these is our Mediumship Training and Certification program. In fact, we are the original website in the U.S. that has consistently offered classes for Mediumship by phone since 2001 and our programs have yielded many talented and qualified mediums that are now successfully practicing their craft. If we charged exorbitant fees in the thousands of dollars for classes, even for one-on-one mentoring, most people would be unable to train and would miss out on the opportunity to explore fully and ultimately develop their gifts to their highest potential.

I am often asked if I offer private training in Mediumship development. It’s true that I have thought about it, but have strongly decided against this option as I firmly believe true Mediumship training and unfoldment can only be effective if several people take the course and contribute their much-needed energy to the class. When others are on the line, there is a very good energetic flow which makes spirit contact easier. Additionally, practice giving readings in a safe close-knit safe environment, provides a trust level that has been carefully cultivated within the group and students are more fully open to the spirit world knowing they are in a supportive environment with others. Questions are often asked that some students are afraid to ask for fear of ridicule so to my way of thinking, having several people in on class has its pluses.

The upshot of this post is to advise people to really shop around and let their guidance clearly tell them what the best school for Mediumship training is for them without being influenced by a lot of warm fuzzy and outlandish hype. And, because of my own traditional training and 30 years experience as a Medium, there is so much more I can offer than someone who is just starting out teaching Mediumship classes.

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