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Comprehensive Self-Pace Course and Certification

In this course you’ll learn how to read the aura like a Pro!

12-Hour Course

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From Novice to Professional Levels

  • Providing the right training to further your spiritual business!
  • You don’t need an Aura Camera to give a fantastic aura reading
  • Learn how to conduct a reading in person, by email, or remotely through video conferencing
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Imagine Spirit’s Aura Training is an excellent opportunity to become certified as Professional Aura Reader.

Learn how to read the auras of others either in person or remotely easily through video conferencing. 


Aisha Student
I've taken several aura courses and this one is by far the best. Not only is it advanced, but highly spiritual and uplifting! Thank you Carol!
Aisha, Detroit

Important Questions Answered

Yes. Several sources teach this including books on Edgar Cayce for reading the aura. Please read the next question carefully.

When viewing someone’s aura, unless you are a medical doctor, do not give specific advice on health matters. This can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, don’t advertise that you can absolutely determine someone’s specific health issues in your marketing on websites or blogs, etc.. Or, even more importantly, that you can offer medical advice.

It’s because other conditions are mostly spiritual in nature.

You’ll need to memorize some content. Specifically, you’ll need to know the meanings of colors, which is vital for doing client readings. You won’t want to be reading a client and then say, “Let me check my eGuide to tell you what these colors mean.” However, you may have to do this in the beginning, because over time, you’ll know these by heart. I offer separate handouts for color meanings, and color meaning recordings for easier retention.

Yes. We cover the meanings of and developing psychic senses extensively in the course. Under some conditions, your psychic senses will help you to read auras.

Soon we will have a How to Start a Spiritual Business as part of our course offerings. However, this course won’t be available until the summer of 2022. There are numerous ways one can launch a business for professionally reading people’s auras including Facebook, Instagram, and DIY websites and blogs.


Welcome to Imagine Spirit’s new Aura Reader Certification Course. This is a beginning to advanced level comprehensive aura reading certification course for viewing the aura both in person and remotely!

Add this course to your modalities as a valuable and lucrative addition to any psychic or healer business. In this course you’ll learn:
1.Understanding the background of auras and how they work
2. Learn to be able to identify what each color, tone and shape within an aura means
3. Start slowly with defining one’s own aura before attempting to read others’
4. Learn techniques for meditating and clearing out mental fog to enhance vision of auras
6. Examine how emotions affect the aura’s shapes, colors, and patterns over time
7. Discover methods for maintaining a neutral state of mind while reading someone’s aura
8. Understand how physical illness can impact the strength of an individual’s aura
9. Develop your skills in recognizing the characteristics of certain spirits encountered during readings
And Much More!

See Table of Contents in the Sample Download.


$157 USD (Introductory Sale Price)
Some Videos Included

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Wikipedia: The Aura

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