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The third eye is not physical in nature. Specifically, the third eye provides perception beyond ordinary sight. This means the perceiving of hidden wisdom, knowledge, and seeing images not normally viewed with the physical eyes. Your third eye is a psychic sense. In essence, it is clairvoyant viewing.

The location of the third eye is just above the eyebrows in the middle of the forehead. This psychic center is the sixth chakra. The sixth chakra is one of the seven main in-body chakras. These are our body’s energy centers according to Hindu teachings (see illustration below).

The Pineal gland, according to spiritual teachings, controls the functioning of the third eye. The Pineal gland is an endocrine gland which, apart from its other functions, produces melatonin, the sleep hormone. It’s the pineal gland that is the focal point for creating pictures and visions. It’s location is in the center of the brain.

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Historical Knowledge about the Third Eye

Traditionally, it’s thought that the oldest mention of the third eye is in Ancient Egypt texts. However, scholars believe the early Sumerians knew of its existence as well. We do know that the symbol of the Horus eye (seen in the header image) originated from Egypt.

Horus, one of the Egyptian pantheon of gods, is the symbol of the fight between Light and Darkness. According to the belief among the ancient Egyptians, Horus lost his eyes during an altercation with his evil brother, Seth. Horus then created another eye directly above his missing physical eyes. This new eye allowed him to see what normal seeing could not. He was then able to know the truth about people and events. The Eye of Horus was the image that oversaw religious ceremonies and lawmaking for centuries.

Hindu God Shiva

The Hindu God, Shiva also has a third eye. Additionally, Shiva is called Trinetrishvara, or the Lord with Three Eyes.  Shiva represents having supernatural abilities combined with great wisdom. Furthermore, what we mostly know in modern times about the third eye stems from Hinduism. In Hinduism, the third eye is referred to as the ajna, or brow, chakra.

The Third Eye as a Tool

In the modern era, the third eye is considered to be the gateway to the inner realms of higher consciousness. In the modern era, the third eye is considered to be the gateway to the inner realms of higher consciousness. It is a state of enlightenment which evokes mental images that often have significant meaning.

What the Third Eye Produces

Mastering the third eye faculty allows a state of enlightenment which can evoke mental images that often have significant meaning. It is through the third eye that certain individuals have religious visions or experience out-of-body travel. Additionally, some third eye adepts can see auras and chakras for healing purposes. This ability is also called clairvoyance. Individuals that have the third eye fully opened and with strong clairvoyant abilities are called Seers.

If strongly clairvoyant, people can see remote locations, view future events, and even visit the Akashic Records. Most of all, they can access the higher frequencies of consciousness. Thus, they can visually see other dimensions, higher entities, and can even experience going back in time. In fact, everyone experiences third eye events on a daily basis. They’re just not aware of this fact and most likely dismiss certain images that pop into their minds that seem to have no relevance at the time.

If you have  a serious desire to develop your third eye, you can start with a simple exercise right now.

Begin Working with Your Third Eye

Increase Clairvoyance

Consider meditating with your third eye. This activity is key if you want to open the third eye to its maximum potential. Try it right now…all you need to spend is five to ten minutes a day. Above all, the main success factor in this exercise is visualization.

Also, if you’re a visual person (meaning when I say picture a tree, you can instantly visualize a tree in your mind), this psychic development exercise will strengthen your ability.

An excellent clairvoyance development meditation for opening the third eye:

  1. Get comfortable and start by choosing a quiet place to sit and relax for a few minutes. Some people say that clairvoyance meditation should be done sitting in an upright position, but this is not necessary. Just sit or lay however you are the most comfortable.
  2. Next, close your eyes and take some deep breaths.  Breathe deeply in a slow rhythmic fashion. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Many people make the mistake of breathing too shallow from the chest when they begin.  If you are new to meditating, I suggest that you place your hand on your stomach. When you breathe in, feel your stomach expand.
  3. Now, begin the visualization by seeing a symbol. Below is the mage of the famous Zener Cards used by the Rhine Institute of Psychical Research. Choose any one of the symbols. You can visualize it to be any color or size.
  4. Finally, the fun begins!  In your mind, visualize the symbol that you have chosen.  Furthermore, it doesn’t matter the size or color of the symbol. Just focus on seeing it in your mind. Eventually, you’ll start to feel a tingling sensation on your forehead. Specifically in between your eyebrows.
  5. In fact, some individuals feel a restriction like a tight band around the forehead. It just depends on the person. Ultimately, if you don’t feel any sensations right away, that’s okay.  You will when you’ve practiced this exercise a few times.
Zenner Symbols

Zener cards are cards used to conduct experiments for extrasensory perception (ESP), most often clairvoyance. Perceptual psychologist Karl Zener (1903–1964) designed the cards in the early 1930’s for experiments conducted with his colleague, parapsychologist J. B. Rhine of Duke University, (1895–1980).
Source: Wikipedia

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