The Seer Who Spoke to Angels

The Language of The Angels Is Revealed

Not many people are aware of Queen Elizabeth I’s court magician, Dr. John Dee (1527 – 1608). Elizabeth didn’t hesitate to use all the tools at her disposal to keep England’s enemies at bay and relied heavily on her most skilled magus for supernatural help in dire situations.

Dee wasn’t only a magician. He was an astute scholar, a brilliant mathematician, medical doctor, astronomer, chemist, engineer, theologian, and inventor. His most famous recorded assistance to Elizabeth the First was in 1588 when the Spanish Armada had launched to conquer England. Elizabeth wanted to meet the attack head on but wisely consulted Dee first. Dee, in turn, poured over his astrological charts and advised her to keep England’s ships at bay. He assured her that a catastrophic storm would smash the Spanish fleet to pieces. And, that’s precisely what happened.

In 1581 John Dee of the Elizabethan Course began a series of experiments intended to explore the ability to contact the spirit world and, specifically talk to angels. Eventually, Dee did make contact with spiritual forces who identified themselves as the Angels that had advised biblical patriarch, Enoch, before the Great Flood. This group of Angels told Dee they had a unique language and by working with them, he could acquire this sacred knowledge.

The Original Magical Sigil Dee Created Was Made of Beeswax
The five-star pentacle is not Satanic. It represents man.

Dr. Dee along with his assistant, Edward Kelley (1555 – 1597), dedicated themselves to work with the Enochian Angels. For four years they performed rituals to summon these powerful forces and to master the magical “keys,” or “calls,” used to communicate directly. Dee was carefully guided to receive the strange symbols that constituted the Angels’ language, and most importantly, how to safely summon an angel. The Angels suggested Dee use the method of *scrying.  A magical ritual sigil, The Sigillum Dei Aemeth, was created by Dee to produce a link to the Angelic Realms which has been replicated by modern magicians. Ultimately, not only was Dee made privy to their language but to symbols, the angels used as a form of writing, now called The Enochian Alphabet. As a side note, Dee later mentioned: “the Keys were exquisite and stunning in their poetic power.”

Representation of the Enochian Angels’ Alphabet Channeled to John Dee

All this was carefully recorded in Latin by Dee and Kelley, and many of these diaries have survived. They can be accessed at the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford, and the Trinity college library, in Cambridge, England.

What is so interesting about this language of the Angels Dee channeled, is that many modern linguist professionals, including the late respected expert Donald Laycock, have proclaimed that the Angelic tongue presented by Dee as a genuine language replete with its own grammar and syntax.

Sadly, much of his knowledge was soon forgotten after Dee’s death in 1608 but was revived by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in 1887 for the purpose of teaching principles of occult science and magic.

Modern magician, Lon Milo DuQuette says of Dee’s achievements, “The Most Remarkable Magical Tale Ever Recorded.”

Lon Milo DuQuette initiated an experiment with a select group of followers and felt they had been successful in contacting this particular group of angels. The participants received a plethora of information from members adept in scrying. This included revelations about the bizarre appearance of certain Enochian angels. They also were able to envision strange landscapes where this group of angels resided and gleaned fascinating knowledge about their own past lives.

No one has yet provided verifiable proof that the summoning of angels or the information garnered by Dee is actual fact. However, it seems it can be a personal or group endeavor for any dedicated souls to embark on. The process involves a kind of scrying through which individuals can achieve visionary access to spiritual realms. Seekers will need to have respect, great patience, and an attitude of sanctity about initiating communication with Angels or will most likely meet with failure. The author is not sure if the methods Dee incorporated can be used for any group of angels but the “keys” or “summoning calls” must be similar. A Caution: It’s best to locate expert advice before embarking on this incredible kind of spiritual journey. Perhaps Lon Milo DuQuette has some advice. PS. He’s also a fine musician.

*Scrying involves gazing into an opaque object in a darkened room and achieving spiritual visions. Objects used for scrying are usually spheres of polished quartz crystals, a dark mirror, ink held in the palm of a hand, shiny obsidian, and similar devices.


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