The Importance of Our Back Chakras

///The Importance of Our Back Chakras

The Back Chakras Can Reveal Much

Did you know there are chakras in the back too? Not only are there seven main chakras in the front, but there are also chakras in back which are connected by a stem, however, they are angled slightly downward.  Many claim the back end chakras have to do with past lives that could affect one’s present lifetime. Others say that our back chakras have to do with our Will.

The chakras are connected to every organ within the body, so when they are imbalanced, it can lead to health problems and it can have an impact on other chakras. Chakra points are powerful tools when it comes to healing the body. Chakras are a significant part of the aura because of the color relation. In order to have balance in our lives, we must maintain good color vibration in each area of the chakras. The balance and imbalance of your chakras and the colors they give off will impact your aura. Even people who do not see auras can subconsciously sense an imbalance, emotional condition, or even illness in someone else without even realizing it. They just know they sense that something is a little off.

Chakras can become unbalanced, blocked, or simply sluggish. This can lead to mental fatigue, physical fatigue, emotional imbalances, illness, or even mental illness. When you address an imbalanced chakra you can begin to heal your body. Chakras work like car batteries. They store up energy that comes their way and when it gets a lot of it, the color is vibrant. When there is not much good energy coming its way, then the battery so to speak runs low and so does the color vibrancy, which means the energy from that chakra point is also running low and becoming imbalanced.

When working with chakras some people spend all their energy trying to fix one chakra point or area of your life and ignore the rest. In order to have well-being, there must be a balance of energy flowing through the chakra system with each chakra in balance with all the others.

If you are interested in balancing your chakras, you can work with a healer, find a good book to assist you in healing your chakras or find some great meditations for chakra balancing. You can listen to a chakra balancing meditation about once a week to keep your chakras in good running order.

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