Learn about the Back Chakras and How They’re Important Too

The importance of the back chakras is paramount for healing issues and long-term well-being. Additionally, the back chakras reveal amazing things about us.

Five of the seven main chakras are located facing frontward and are paired with a counterpart in the back. The back chakras, in turn, face outwards towards the back.

These pairings represent the front and rear aspect of each individual chakra. Importantly, this only applies to the in-body chakras*. Of further note, since the first and seventh chakras are open-ended, they are not usually considered paired, says Barbara Ann
Brennan, author of “Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing through the Human Energy Field.”

Many experts claim that the back chakras have to do with past lives that can impact our present lifetime. Others say that our back chakras also have to do with our Will.

It’s important to note that overall, our front chakras give us the ability to perceive the world and to give to the world. Conversely, the back chakras reflect how we receive from the world and how the world perceives us.

Chakras are Powerful Healing Mechanisms

Chakra Points are powerful tools when it comes to healing the body. Significantly, the chakras connect to every organ in the body. When they’re imbalanced, it has a negative impact on the other chakras. Eventually, this condition can also lead to health problems.

Also, chakras are a significant part of the aura because of the color relation. In order to have balance in our lives, we must maintain good color vibration in each area of the chakras. The balance and imbalance of your chakras and the colors they give off will impact your aura. Even people who do not see auras can subconsciously sense an imbalance, emotional condition, or even illness in someone else without even realizing it. They just know something is a little off.

In an article by Ananya Sen, she mentions that the following conditions could indicate a that chakra in the back is blocked or sluggish. It just isn’t open and spinning at full optimal health. For example, you’re:

  • Unable to manifest your goals, but can manifest others’ goals
  • The body seems to have a lower flow of energy
  • Feeling tired or drained after a psychic or Mediumship session
  • Experiencing less spiritual empowerment
  • Unable to cope when others seem to demand too much
  • Feeling no satisfaction or compassion for others
  • Not doing professionally as well as you’d like

Blocked Chakras

Chakras can become unbalanced, blocked, or simply sluggish. More importantly, this can lead to:

  • Mental fatigue
  • Physical fatigue
  • Emotional problems
  • Mental illness
  • Physical illness

Chakras work like car batteries. A chakra stores up energy and when it gets a lot of it, its color appears vibrant.

Conversely, when there’s not much energy coming in to a particular chakra, the battery, so to speak, runs low and the vibrancy of color decreases. This means that the energy from that chakra point is also running low and may eventually become imbalanced.

Furthermore, when you address an imbalanced chakra, you can begin to heal your body, mind, and spirit.

Always Work on Your Chakras as an Integrated Whole

When working with the chakras for healing purposes, some people spend all their energy trying to fix only one chakra point and ignore the rest. In order to have overall well-being, there must be a balance of energy flowing through the entire in-body chakra system. This means that each chakra is in balance with all the other chakras.

Keep Your Chakras Running Smoothly

In conclusion:

If you’re interested in balancing your chakras, you can work with a healer. Or you can find a good book to assist you in healing your chakras. Some people prefer how-to meditations for balancing their chakra system. Also, I advise that you do a Chakra Balancing Meditation at least once a week to keep your chakras in good running order.

*In-body chakras refer to the seven main chakras connected to our physical body. Additionally, there are higher chakras, starting with the 8th chakra located about 18″ above the head, that exist in our expanded energy field.

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by Carol Nicholson, Ph.D., and Certified Psychic-Medium

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