How to Deal with Stray Spirits that Can’t be Identified

How to identify and help lost spirits is something every well-trained Medium should know.

Stray Spirits Are More Common than You Might Think

If you are a currently practicing medium or sitting in a development circle, you may have run across problems with spirits who come to you that your sitter (client) does not recognize during a reading. There is nothing worse than the blank face of a client looking at you from across the table or silence on the other end of the phone when presenting a spirit that seems to have absolutely no connection with them.

A newly graduated medium from our Mediumship Home Study Program recently asked me about this very thing:

“I have been doing about 2-3 readings a day and most of the time, I have such beautiful feedback. There have been about 3 readings in the last 2 days that I had to reschedule because although I would get a Spirit to come through, the sitter could not connect or relate with anything I was telling them. What am I doing wrong? Before a session, I sage the area, meditate for about 10 minutes, clear and balance my chakras, ground and protect myself, cleanse my aura, and set my intention. Again, with the 3 readings, I was able to connect with Spirit but it was not with anyone they were familiar with or knew of. What is going on? Is it me? Please help!!!”

Unrecognized Spirits Are Common

This can happen to any of us while giving a reading. The good news is that most of the time, recognizable spirits will come through right away. On occasion however, loved ones the sitter is hoping to communicate with are either not available or will step aside and let other spirits come through instead. Most don’t realize spirits are very busy on the other side. And it’s not because the deceased relatives are no longer connected to the sitter or have forgotten about them. It’s just there might be something going on in the spirit’s life on that particular day that is keeping them from coming through. Or, they might let others communicate first and then come through later on in the reading.

The Secret Is Knowing How to Handle This Kind of Situation If It Arises

If you are still having problems connecting with a loved one or requested spirit, have the sitter come back another time. Please don’t let the experience undermine your confidence. This happens to all mediums from time to time.

Another common problem in Mediumship readings is that people are either so anxious to hear from a loved one or subconsciously fearful of what the message might be, they could sabotage their reading and not even realize it.

There are things you can do before a reading to “educate” the sitter in what to expect during their reading. Explain to your sitter how the spirit world works as outlined above. Let them know other spirits might come through than the one(s) expected. Ask them who it is they wish to communicate with and get right to the crux of the reading. It’s perfectly alright to do this. You can provide the validating evidence when the requested spirit comes in. This saves a lot of time and frustration on both sides!

More You Can Do!

  • Take a few deep relaxing breaths
  • Ground and clear again (you can do this quickly)
  • Consult with your *Mediumship Helper Guide and mentally and ask for help. Your Mediumship Guides are always there for you!
  • Ask the sitter who it is they wish to connect with
  • Have the sitter become more deeply relaxed
  • Assure the sitter it’s not their fault if another spirit comes in…

Feedback showing these steps work:

Thank you so much! It helped A LOT! I had a reading last night and the same thing happened except I could tell this spirit shoved her way in front of the first one that came through. Once my sitter stated that she wanted to talk to her father, everything worked out. It was a beautiful reading. Again, thank you!!!

*A Mediumship Helper Guide is a specialized spirit guide assigned to you to help you and the spirits on the other side communicate. All this is explained in our Mediumship Home Study Course and Mediumship live classes.

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by Carol Nicholson, Ph.D., and Certified Psychic-Medium

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