Listen to Spirits Speak

After trying out several Spirit Boxes, I prefer my trusty PSB-7 Spirit Box by Gary Galka. You can plug-in a separate speaker to it just as you would to a cell phone. Along with that, you’ll want a separate recording device. Cell phones work great too.


Carol Spirit Box Session

Spirit Boxes usually have a loud background noise of the AM or FM sweeps. Some hacked spirit boxes have a continual clicking sound.

Please wear headphones or earbuds to listen for both categories of clips.

Hotel Vendome, Prescott, AZ, 2015

I’m asking if the female resident ghost is present. Response: “I’m a spirit” then a man says “Hello?” 

At Paradise Valley Cemetery, AZ, 2016

Can anyone say hello? Response: “Howdy”

I often ask if any spirits need help.

Does anybody here need help: Response: “Be more specific.”

Sometimes my spirit guides unexpectedly come through.

“Finish your book.”

During a session I’m asking for a name from any spirit present.

Can you tell me your name? CAUTION: THIS IS VERY LOUD!  Response: “Brian”