Listen to Spirits Speak

After trying out several Spirit Boxes, I prefer my trusty PSB-7 Spirit Box by Gary Galka. You can plug-in a separate speaker to it just as you would to a cell phone. Along with that, you’ll want a separate recording device. Cell phones work great too.

Carol Spirit Box Session

Spirit Boxes usually have a loud background noise of the AM or FM sweeps. Some hacked spirit boxes have a continual clicking sound.

Please wear headphones or earbuds to listen for both categories of clips.

Hotel Vendome, Prescott, AZ, 2015

I’m asking if the female resident ghost is present. Response: “I’m a spirit” then a man says “Hello?” 

At Paradise Valley Cemetery, AZ, 2016

Can anyone say hello? Response: “Howdy”

I often ask if any spirits need help.

Does anybody here need help: Response: “Be more specific.”

Sometimes my spirit guides unexpectedly come through.

“Finish your book.”

During a session I’m asking for a name from any spirit present.

Can you tell me your name? CAUTION: THIS IS VERY LOUD!  Response: “Brian”

My most treasured spirit box clip ever!

I was just sending general greetings.
Response: “Carol, family”

This little teeny clip is proof of the afterlife to me. It’s the very distinct voice of my recently passed significant other. He was a CPA so the numbers thing makes sense for him answering this.

I’m asking how many spirits are present. Response: “15”

Here I’m asking for a name. It’s the most lengthy spirit box recording I’ve ever gotten. We actually carried on a conversation!

Response: “I’m Bill” and more answers to my questions. LISTEN!!

In this clip I’m using a Sangean *hacked DT200X radio. You’ll notice a clicking sound in the background. This is normal with the DT200X. I’m asking if a spirit has a message. The  spirit repeats the word “message” back to me.

Response: “Message!”

*A hacked radio merely means that the insides have been altered to cause the receiver to sweep the AM/FM radio bands at a rapid pace. What makes this different from the manufacturer’s programmed radio functioning is that the manual function to move up or down to the next radio station no longer works. The radio sweeps on its own when turned on.

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by Carol Nicholson, Ph.D., and Certified Psychic-Medium

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