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Become a Spirit Attachment Practitioner

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Would You Like to Become an Expert at Removing Spirit Attachments?

This is the  most effective and successful spiritual attachments removal training available!

Spirit attachments removal certification is a special program created specifically to rid individuals of troublesome spirits that have attached. Attachments are subtle and hidden. Moreover, they can cause harm in the long-run. Moreover, symptoms of low energy, health issues, and mental problems are often experienced with an attachment. Of course, always see your physician if symptoms persists.

Finally, finding out if you have a spirit, or even more than one spirit attached, isn’t easy. This is why Imagine Spirit offers this incredible training.
Pricing: $69.95 – $79.95

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Spirit Attachments Book

Why It’s Vital to Detect and Release Spirit Attachments

Spirit attachments are souls which have elected not to cross over to the light. Some call these entities earthbound spirits. Having a spirit attachment or being under psychic attack is no joke. Both humans and animals can acquire Spirit Attachments. Order this course to detect and release any troublesome spirits or negative energies! You can do the same for your pets with our effective spirit attachment removal commands.

Spirit Attachment Man

Goals of this Course

By taking the Spirit Attachments Removal course, you’ll learn exactly what spirit attachments are and how to pinpoint and identify any attachments you might have. Importantly, you’ll acquire the knowledge on how to safely and effectively remove any kind of attachment from your life.

More importantly, if you wonder if the attachment is highly negative, we provide the tools and powerful commands that will remove it.

If you are a hypnotherapist,  you’ll be able to help others to detect and remove any attachments they might have.

Course Materials You’ll Receive:

  • 72 pages of fully packed lessons.

  • Recordings of live phone classes.

  • Effective recorded exercises.

  • Commands for releasing all kinds of Spirit Attachments.

  • Easy download instructions.

  • Help from Carol by email request.

Lurking Spirit Attachments

Who’ll Benefit from Taking this Course:

  • Counselors or Energy Practitioners

  • Any kind of psychic practitioner

  • Ghost hunters: hobbyists or part of a team

  • Those suspecting psychic attack

  • Had a near-death experience

  • Highly sensitive children

  • People in dangerous jobs

  • Involved in drug activity of any kind

  • Prison Guards and Similar Professions

  • Long-term stressful living conditions

  • Individuals with long-term illnesses

  • Targets of envy or hate mentalities

  • People experiencing illness, especially long-term illnesses

  • Individuals in grief or experience chronic depression

What You’ll Learn:

  • Specifically,  what Spirit Attachments are.

  • Defining Earthbound Spirits.

  • The 5-Key stages of Spirit Attachments taking hold.

  • Numerous detecting Spirit Attachments techniques.

  • How to detect any negative forces.

  • Reading your Spiritual Body exercise.

  • Learn about thought-form Attachments.

  • Dealing with Very Dark Forces!

  • What to do if you suspect your pet has an Attachment.

  • Problems with nature Elementals.

  • Course covers Psychic Attack and Psychic Vampirism.

  • Clearing ultra-harmful patterns that attract attachments.

  • Soul  Fragment Retrieval – A shamanic approach.

  • How to do remote Spirit Attachments clearing for clients.

  • Muscle Testing for determining attachments and if successfully cleared.

  • Learn powerful commands for releasing Spirit Attachments.

  • Becoming Totally Free Exercise

  • Special Note: You’ll need a Pendulum for this course. Learn that Pendulums can be made at home.


I was able to get rid of a super negative attachment I’ve had for over 10 years with this course. I was able to identify it as such and then used your techniques to get rid of it. A month has gone by and it’s not back. Thank you for giving me back my life!!


I think I’ve had spirits attached for a very long time. My life has been difficult and things seemed to go wrong all the time. Once I detected a few attachments, life has been better. Thanks to Imagine Spirit for this awesome course. I certainly recommend this course to anyone that thinks they might have an attachment messing with their life.

Icy K.

Thanks Carol for this course. It’s has helped me so much. I found 3 attachments that have been draining my energy. Family life is better since I got rid of them. Taking this course was an amazing experience for sure!!!

Renae Christine S.

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