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Many people are unaware that have a spirit attached to them and is most likely creating problems. Having a Spirit Attachment or being under psychic attack is no joke. Both humans and animals can acquire Spirit Attachments. Order this course and detect and release any troublesome spirits or negative energies! Learn how to detect and release spirit attachments in this simple but comprehensive course and help not only yourself, but learn how to help others release their spirit attachments as well. Get certified! »Materials needed.



Ghost Hunting has exploded in the last decade and people all over the globe are now hunting ghosts! In this course, you will learn the proper protocols, how to interview witnesses, photograph spirits, record spirit voices, know what to expect, how to protect yourself and others from mean spirits, where to hunt ghosts, and about famous haunted sites. Get certified and add credibility for either yourself or your team. »Materials needed.

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Equipment Needed for the How to Be a Ghost Hunter Course:

Actually, you already have all the equipment needed to begin ghost hunting. These are your cell phone and house flashlight. Above, I have pictured most of the equipment I have gathered over the years. If you wish to get into ghost hunting at a deeper level, we teach you about the standard equipment used by most professional teams and videos on how to use most kinds of equipment!

Materials Needed for Releasing Spirit Attachments Course:

A pendulum for Class 2. It can be homemade or purchased. I will demonstrate how to use a pendulum to detect spirit attachments in yourself and others in my short YouTube movie link that you will receive.

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