25 Sure Signs Your House Is Haunted

Do You Believe You Have a Haunting?

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Twenty-five signs sure signs your house is haunted describe common phenomenon that may indicate ghosts are present. Find out the twenty-five indicators of a real haunting are.

First off, it’s essential to realize that indicators are so subtle, that in the beginning, you may think that you’re imagining the signs. Yet, strange happenings persist, and you can no longer deny something otherworldly is going on.

Second, Spirits, aka Ghosts, can be intelligent—meaning they can interact in some fashion with humans. Residual hauntings indicate events that happen over and over but do not in any way react to the living.

Thirdly, skeptics often scoff at accounts of hauntings claiming that it’s just the victim’s imagination. However, we in the paranormal field take these kinds of events seriously. We know that ghosts do indeed exist and can cause real problems.

Ultimately, it’s no fun when you finally conclude that spirits are hanging out in your space–whether a home, business or even land.

The Most Common 25 Sure Signs Your House Is Haunted:

  1. Unaccountable footsteps, weird music, loud banging, knocking and tapping noises.
  2. A piano that plays notes or parts of a tune when no one is near it.
  3. Doors, cabinets, drawers mysteriously opening and closing.
  4. Electronic equipment such as TVs or radios going on and off even if unplugged.
  5. Phones or cell phone messages with strange a hoarse whisper, or a voice that seems far away.
  6. Continual nightmares, or visions of places or people that have no meaning for you.
  7. Feeling touches, being watched, or experiencing inexplicable chills or cold spots.
  8. Breezes going through you cold enough to make your teeth chatter.
  9. Seeing mists, vapors, or moving light orbs.
  10. Intermittent smells of bad odors.
  11. Aromas such as unfamiliar perfume, pipe tobacco, or cigarette smoke, etc.
  12. Occasionally hearing mysterious voices or mumbled conversations that shouldn’t be present.
  13. Pets staring into corners or at ceilings for something that isn’t there.
  14. Pets growling at some unseen menace.
  15. Overall feeling of oppression or often startled awake from a deep sleep.
  16. Waking up at the same time every night.
  17. Noticing shadowy figures dart around out of the corner of your eye.
  18. Being tripped or pushed when no one else is present.
  19. Objects moved around or crashing to the floor for no reason.
  20. Lights inexplicably going on or off, or light bulbs exploding.
  21. Hearing unaccountable moans or screams and it’s not your kids.
  22. Seeing apparitions that are real looking people, transparent, or a partially formed person.
  23. Beginning to genuinely fear for your safety and the safety of others around you.
  24. Feeling dizzy or nauseous with no medical reason behind it.
  25. Just not wanting to be in your house!

Still on the Fence about the Reality of Hauntings and Ghosts?

For some, the existence of ghosts is most definitely a real phenomenon. In the face of ever-mounting evidence published throughout the world and going back to ancient times, Britain alone reports about 150 cases a year. Not startlingly, many cases slide into obscurity as no one ever thought to seriously investigate them.

Of the cases that reach newspapers and other forms of media today, approximately 25% of these are long-established hauntings that cannot be denied.

One of the major problems is how to establish proof of the authenticity of a ghost or haunting. Of course, this is painstaking and often boring work. Many are just not qualified or up to the task.

As mentioned, if you suspect you have a haunting, there are things that you can do to start your own investigation.


If you capture evidence and the problem continues, it’s time to seek professional help.

The Phenomena of Apparitions from an Experts View

British paranormal investigator, Andrew Green, was described as “Britain’s Specter Inspector” and Ghost Buster. What he says about apparitions is interesting. Green, felt that there is no doubt that people experience seeing apparitions.

Moreover, often these occurrences happen while fully conscious. However, events can also occur while in a relaxed state and not even thinking about anything in particular. I have experienced several events of seeing apparitions when like this.

After years of investigating ghostly activity, many paranormal investigators are left with more questions rather than answers. For example:

  • Why does a spirit haunt a particular location?
  • Can most hauntings be considered intelligent?
  • What is it that keeps them around?
  • Why do hauntings seem to begin at a specific point in time?
  • Can the spirit be exercised from the location?
  • And more.

Green, now deceased, felt that paranormal researchers and ghost hunters were duty-bound to keep up with the latest developments in parapsychology and psychical research. More importantly, Green himself, thought it vital to keep updated with the latest in scientific research.

Keep a Record of Strange Events

Some victims keep a journal of paranormal happenings and document them in great detail.

If phenomena persists, I highly recommend this! This will help you keep your sanity and enable you to describe events to others if it comes to that. However, you will want to make sure first that a child or someone else isn’t pranking you.

Just make sure that you annotate the day, time, weather, and anything else, including phases of the moon. For example, you hear footsteps coming up the stairs every night and know that no one in your home is causing this, write it down!

If you wish to rid yourself of these spirits, get a qualified paranormal team in your area to come in and investigate. Check their credentials and get testimonials. Teams should not charge an enormous amount of money to investigate.

Most groups will investigate for free and only charge travel expenses, if at a distance. Significantly, be wary of strangers showing up and promising to clear a home or business of ghosts for a large sum of money. Or, purchase our How to Ghost Hunt Pro course below.

In conclusion:

People and places experiencing a haunting is no joke. After a while, the events start to wear on individuals, and they begin to question their sanity.

If you are experiencing what you believe is a haunting, you can investigate for yourself. How to do this? Start recording your home or office via video cameras or voice-activated voice recorders. Chances are, you’ll capture the evidence you need to take the next steps to clear and rid the area of unwanted spirits.

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Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.
Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

Carol Nicholson is thirty-five years a professional Psychic Medium and author of numerous Psychic and Spiritual courses since 2001. Subscribe for more posts like this, get a FREE Psychic-Medium Starter eGuide, and notification of fantastic coupon deals.


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