5 Ways to Increase Your Clairaudience Skills

Increase your Clairaudience skills easy reveals easy and safe ways to boost your Clairaudience.

There are actually two kinds of Clairaudience–internal and external. While it’s true that external, or physical hearing, of something paranormal, can be rarer, it’s not something necessarily confined to a few select individuals.

In a previous post, I explained that Clairaudience, meaning clear-hearing, is one of the five primary extrasensory senses that are often referred to as the “Psychic Clairs.” This psychic sense can manifest inside your mind as a subtle voice, ambient sounds, or music (internal Clairaudience). Or, you might physically hear words or sounds (external Clairaudience) beyond the normal expected sounds around you. Both ways of “hearing” can indicate instances of Clairaudience.

There are varying degrees of Clairaudience. Some individuals naturally have this ability as an extremely heightened psychic sense and others to a lesser extent. The good news is that Clairaudience can be developed to a much higher degree of proficiency.

Five Easy Exercises to Boost Your Clairaudient Skills


Things you can do everyday to heighten your Clairaudient abilities.

  • Listen for everyday sounds. These sounds can be the singing of birds, cars going by, sirens in the distance, or anything for that matter. Becoming more aware of the sounds in the background of your hearing will help increase “clairaudient hearing” in the long run.
  • Imagine hearing in your mind a relative, friend, co-worker, media personality, or child’s voice that you have heard often. Can you really hear what their voice sounds like in your mind? This too is a wonderful way to start exercising your “clairaudient muscles.”


This is best done later in the evening. Find a secluded spot where very little noise can get through.

  • Set the intention of working with increasing your clairaudient hearing and ask your spirit guides and angels to help you.
  • Do some deep breathing and relax. Straining or trying too hard will only impede your progress.
  • Imagine your ears growing extremely large. Now, turning your head gently from side to side, begin listening for sounds that are the farthest away from you. These sounds could be a siren in the remote distance, a plane taking off, or anything. Just notice the sounds. You don’t have to do anything.


  • Blue is the color of relaxation. Close your eyes and relax until you sense you are in a deep state of relaxation. Now “breathe in” the color blue, a cobalt blue is best. First send this light to your throat (5th) chakra and then wrap yourself entirely in this blue light.
  • Next start chanting some AUMs. The correct pronunciate is, “AHH – UUUUU – MMMM”. Fucus the sound of the AUMs in your nasal cavity and then extend the vibration throughout your body. Do several repitions of this. this is increasing your sensitivity to vibration and sound.
  • Lastly, stop is listen for any echos of the AUM you’ve chanted in your ears. You may still hear them repeating in your inner mind. Now stop thinking about the AUM to close it off.


  • Become, comfortable, relax and focus on your psychic hearing inside your head and then move your awareness slightly above the ears. While doing this, make sure your breathing is deep and rhythmic.
  • Now focus on different areas of your head without touching them. Take your time with this.
  • Next, shift your focus upward and sense the area about 1 1/2 inches above your each ear in the temporal lobe area. Do this first on one side of your head, and then the other. You may notice these areas have these areas may have increased levels of sensitivity, like a built-in microphone ready to amplify any sound vibration. There are actually several points on each side of the head that are vertically placed in a curve that affect Clairaudience, but we’ll save more about this for a later time.
  • Finally, picture two megaphones facing outwards from each side of the head channeling psychic waves directly into the temporal lobes. This will get you in the habit of noticing unusual sounds or voices.
  • Keep relaxed and allow the clairaudient experience to happen. If nothing seems different at first, just keep at it. You will soon notice a distinct difference in your clairaudient skills.


  • That’s right. Just get in the habit of listening up to the temporal lobe areas above your ears. Similar to the “Looking Up” exercise in our Clairvoyance course, just before going into any psychic session, or anytime for that matter, get in the habit of thinking upwards and listening from that area. Besides, it’s fun to do!

Practice these exercises every day for two weeks. It only takes 15 to 20 minutes. Remember to always have a notebook handy and write down everything that occurs—whether something you hear out of the norm makes a whole lot of sense to you or not. It takes time to start actually getting aligned with your own unique frequency of Clairaudient hearing.

Congratulations! You have just started to majorly increase your levels of CLAIRAUDIENCE!!

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by Carol Nicholson, Ph.D., and Certified Psychic-Medium

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