Is It Spiritually Right for Psychics and Mediums to Charge for Their Services?

I tell my classes that the answer to this question is a resounding YES! Psychics and mediums have every moral right to charge money. I remember my mentor, Dr. Alice Powers, talking about this very question. The answer she gave was that there should always be a fair exchange of energy. The work and sacrifice we have put into training to become a professional demands that we be compensated

Why Do Psychics Charge a Fee if They Claim to be Spiritual?

There are those who claim that psychics and mediums should not charge because the abilities possessed are divine in nature and therefore should not be subject to charging. I find this opinion offensive. You might as well ask, “Should a doctor charge to heal the sick?” Perhaps artists and musicians should not charge for their inspiration and authors should not be compensated for their creative offerings as these are all God-given gifts. Skeptics and the finger-jabbing moralists will loudly proclaim that if a psychic or medium’s gift is genuine, they wouldn’t charge for their services. Some say it’s even the devil’s wickedness at play. I call these people, talking heads. Many of us in the profession have felt a strong calling to do this work and walked away from a lucrative career to pursue it. I wonder if these same people work for free. Would THEY be willing to a make a financial leap of faith in order to follow a spiritual calling?

Often psychics and mediums are accused of bilking the bereaved and troubled for huge amounts of money. Perhaps this occurred in the days of the old-fashioned Spirit rapping and the like, when shady entrepreneurs jumped on the band wagon offering up “Mrs. Sally” as the latest great Medium. And, most of these were proven to be frauds! And, the public has a long memory. The truth is that psychics and mediums often struggle to make ends meet just like everyone else. Yes, there are some “big names” out there who do charge a hefty fee for their services. The fact is that these celebrated individuals have studied and worked hard, written books, and traveled extensively performing in front of large crowds. You might say they have earned the right to boost their fees.

I DO want to address the small group of shady fortune-telling individuals who still attempt to swindle people for substantial sums. Their existence is a blot on the rest of the psychic community. These offenders have no scruples. They open up shop, do their phony readings by offering spells to fix all, proffer outlandish assurances, and then, literally steal away into the night. The good news is the number of what I call, turban psychics, is getting smaller all the time. Why is this, you might ask? The answer is simple. People are more sophisticated and careful about choosing a reputable psychic or medium than they used to be. Those, like myself, who have worked years to establish credibility for what we do, are finally making a favorable dent in the eyes of the general public. We work quietly behind the scenes and most likely keep the same address for a long time.

Why Do Psychics and Mediums Charge More Than $10 – $15 Dollars?

What the lay person does not realize is that doing psychic readings or Mediumship sessions day in and day out can be very exhausting. It takes a lot out of us. And there must be a recuperation period to recharge psychic batteries. One or two readings a day is quite enough, thank you, especially if they are emotionally charged. We work with a lot of very sad, grief-stricken, and frightened people. However, I want to emphasize the fact that not all readings are a heavy experience. Many times we have clients who are upbeat and doing a reality check on their life by getting an occasional reading. Either way, the psychic is drained of energy and must pace their sessions or else suffer from serious burn-out.

Some Individuals and Groups Choose Not to Charge Fees

Most Spiritualist Churches ask for donations only as they are set up as a church organization. Many mediums volunteer their time to come and give platform readings. This is their form of service work to mankind. And many of these mediums DO have their own private practices and charge for their services.

Another example is the famous trance channel, Edgar Cayce. Cayce never charged for his services. He asked for donations only. This was the road he chose to take. He did wonderful work and his numerous readings are now archived at the Association for Research and Enlightenment, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, for the world to read. The thing about Cayce that must be noted is that he had financial backers throughout his lifetime. These were people of means and substance who highly believed in his pioneering psychic work and were willing to sponsor him. Without these many individuals, Cayce probably might have had to abandon doing his readings altogether. Thank God for those people that helped preserve Cayce’s legacy!