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There are a lot of misconceptions and myths about auras the colors associated with it. Now, learn the truth about auras and the six most common myths you might run across.

Have you ever wanted to view people’s auras? Do you think that only a select few can do this? Then, I have news for you. Anyone with the proper training can view someone’s aura and turn it into a lucrative business. However, one must overcome the many erroneous myths about auras first.

The 6 Most Common Myths about the Aura

  1.  People who talk about auras are merely Woo Woo New Agers who are not grounded in reality. This is entirely untrue. Specifically, the New Age Movement moved the concept of the human aura into mainstream society, which changed for many how we view ourselves.
  2. The existence of an aura is simply a product of someone’s imagination. Critics of the aura claim it’s only a figment of people’s imagination or caused by an optical disease. This condition is called Synesthesia. An eye doctor can diagnose you if this is the case.
  3. Aura color meanings are random and have no factual basis. There’s a genuine reason behind aura color meanings, and it has to do with each individual’s chakras that feed their aura. Because each chakra has a specific color associated with it, it’s relatively easy to start interpreting aura colors.
  4. An individual’s aura is always one solid color. While it’s true that an individual’s aura possesses one dominant color, the rest of the aura is multi-hued. Expert aura readers can scrutinize an aura to determine aura color meanings, including shades and nuances of colors.
  5. The aura never changes. Again, this is untrue. The aura is never static. Influenced by mood, lifestyle, diet, family, and one’s professional life, aura colors continually change to reflect these things and reveal imbalances within the auric system. 
  6. The aura and chakras are the same things. This belief is also a misconception. While the aura and chakras are connected and can influence each other, these two concepts aren’t the same. The aura is the energy field that your body produces and emits. The chakras are seven energy centers present within the subtle body, also called the Etheric Body.

Color Permeates Everything We See

We know that our world is full of color. In fact, color permeates everything that we see. When toddlers,  one of the first things we are taught is to identify colors. Moreover, when people think of a prism of colors, they most likely think of a rainbow. Or a crystal casting a kaleidoscope of colors against a wall. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you that the human energy system is also comprised of colors, or more correctly, surrounded by colors. 

Why Viewing the Aura is Beneficial

Specifically, viewing the human aura can be beneficial in overcoming personal issues, understanding our personality, and cultivating personal strengths that we’re born with.

Many metaphysical healers and practitioners base their  entire practice  on  observing,  diagnosing,  and  adjusting  the  chakra  and  the  aura  system,  thus  affecting  physical, mental, and emotional changes for the better. 

So, we can surmise that the purpose of exploring the aura is to understand oneself and is similar to intuitive, astrological, numerology readings, and so forth.

The Aura is Our Spiritual Signature

As mentioned previously, our aura is our spiritual signature. Thus, upon noticing a person’s Aura that is bright and clear, you can be sure that such person has a good heart and is somewhat spiritually advanced–even if they are modest or unaware of it. Or, the reverse may be true. One way to find out is by learning how to view the human aura.

Colors of the Rainbow
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More precisely, our aura is something that we cannot live without. Our aura manages our health, emotions, and other external factors, according to experts. This is the technicolor, multi-layered coat that we wear at all times and is attuned with our chakras and planes of existence. All in all, the aura is a blend of colors and light encasing your physical body. In short, your aura is an extension of your physical being and your mind.

Eastern Religions and the Electromagnetic Force Field

The concept of an electromagnetic force field, called an aura, has been part of Eastern religions for centuries. However, only in recent decades have individuals in the western world acceded that this multicolored field indeed exits.

In the late 19th century, an obscure woman from Russia wrote about an unusual force field around the human body, which she called “The Auric Egg.” She described this oval shape as the spiritual boundary between man’s spiritual being and the cosmic life. In modern terms, this is the aura that surrounds the Physical Body. Her name was Helena Blavatsky. 

Claiming that Tibetan Masters provided this information, Blavatsky became known in the newly emerging esoteric circles of the early 20th century. Famous for her extensive spiritual writings, she eventually co-founded the Theosophy Society in the United States.

Theosophists and Myths about the Aura

Future theosophist Charles Webster Leadbeater later expanded upon the concept of the human aura in the early 20th century. Leadbeater picked up the torch and wrote his ideas about the aura and its corresponding chakras.

In his book, Man Visible and Invisible, published in 1903, Leadbeater illustrated man’s aura at various stages of his moral evolution. Those interested in the workings of multi-dimensions and how they impacted humankind accepted this book as gospel. Later, American Psychic, Edgar Cayce, spoke of the aura often in his readings. But unfortunately, the concept of the human aura remained relatively obscure until it was picked up by the emerging New Age culture in the 1980s.

Most Healers Don’t Buy into Myths about the Aura

Currently, a mainstay of understanding for many holistic healers, the aura and its workings, including the chakras, is an integral part of Energy Medicine healing today. And not surprisingly, many people have learned how to view the aura and detect possible issues within the electromagnetic field.

We All Have an Electro-Magnetic Field Around Our Body
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 In our Guide to Reading the Aura course, you’ll find that it doesn’t take a Ph.D. to read someone’s aura. Does this sound difficult? No worries. We’ll move you step-by-step through the process to make viewing your and another person’s aura easy to do. Be assured by the end of this course, you’ll be able to view someone’s aura and pinpoint the areas where the aura and its corresponding chakras may be compromised.

There are many myths about reading the aura online, and it’s challenging to determine what is fact or what is fiction. No doubt, reading the aura invites a lot of speculation and myths. Numerous articles online explain the art of reading the aura but can also lead to gross misinformation. 


Over time, understanding the human aura has gone through many stages. First, it has gone from being considered merely a New Age phenomenon to science now acknowledging that the aura exists.

Therefore, while many people claim there is only one main color in their aura, the aura is actually made up of many colors generated by the chakra system in our subtle body. Thus, the aura contains many colors, and each color has a specific meaning. Moreover, an individual trained in reading auras can provide specific aura color meanings for their clients.

Furthermore, we know that the colors in our aura change frequently due to our thoughts, emotions, and events that happen in our lives. However, some scientists still claim that people who see auras are merely suffering from a rare disease called Synesthesia which is an optical condition. To counter this, this can’t possibly be the case with the hundreds and hundreds of individuals worldwide that read auras.

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Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.
Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

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