Mediumship & Psychic Development Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have a Code of Ethics for your Mediumship and Psychic Programs?

Yes. See our Code of Ethics page.

Do you help students get started in a Mediumship or a Psychic business?

   Yes. Having had a strong presence in the psychic arts field, we give students a framework with which to get started in their new career. We also help those who already have a business make it better in attracting more clients. We also have a free Marketing Guide which is included when taking extensive programs; whether it be a program by phone or a home study course.

Can almost anyone train to be a psychic or a medium or both?

   Most definitely, YES. What many don’t realize is that we all use our intuition and Mediumship channels every single day. We are just not trained to always realize what is happening. Since these intuitive senses are already present, the course will help you identify, increase, and utilize your many inherent sixth sense gifts WHICH CAN BE ENHANCED!

My Mediumship abilities and visions were very strong once but now seem gone. Will I get them back?

   There is no certainty you will gain back exactly what was experienced by you at a previous time. Most certainly, however, with the proper training, you can open new channels of psychic and Mediumship abilities which are most likely stronger and more manageable.

Do you believe Mediums are naturally born with the ability or can Mediumship be developed?

   Many people have tried to convince the public that only certain people have Mediumship ability. This is definitely not true. There are many types of Mediumship, and each and every soul is born with some ability. As with any natural talent, some people may be strong in one area, while others may be strong in another. Development under the tutelage of an experienced trainer will strongly help you to safely unfold and develop your specific ability.

Is the development of Mediumship harmful to a person?

   Some people are natural mediums Some wisht o develop this but are afraid to due to common erroneous misconceptions. Since Mediumship is a natural inborn ability, developing it is no more harmful than exercise for your muscles is harmful to them. Mediumship is all about understanding and a spiritual outlook. If you understand it, it is the most wonderful experience which we have been given here in the physical plane. To fully connect and develop your Mediumship abilities is called unfoldment where one “sits” or works with a group to increase their abilities and gain confidence and trust. This process should, however, be done slowly and carefully with a trained teacher.

How often should I attend Mediumship development circles?

   A person seeking to develop spirit communication should sit in a development circle about once a week. However, each day, the initiate should sit in quietude and let their own spirit and ask for contact with spirit guides and loved ones. Usually 15 minutes a day is sufficient.

I am frightened that I will accidentally attract negative entities when I attempt Mediumship or psychic work. Can this happen?

   Carol very careful about teaching the proper protection techniques. A universal law states that like attracts like. If you are coming from the heart and care about the highest and best good of all, nothing like this should happen. You can always talk to Carol if you feel uneasy about taking the courses and the impact they will have on your life.

Do I have to want to be a professional Medium or Psychic to take these courses?

   No – Certification is only for those who wish it. Many individuals have taken our courses for life enhancement and spiritual development. Others have completed the certification for the sole purpose of enhancing their abilities to use in their professional life. Our graduates include lawyers, college students, doctors, holistic health care practitioners, veterans, artists, and others from just about every walk of life. You’ll fit in regardless of your profession or experience.

Are these courses the only ones I will need to take?

    Carol believes that learning is an ongoing experience and encourage you to continue your education. We enjoy having our students return for additional classes and support you in your ongoing growth.

Do I have to be licensed to do Mediumship Sessions or Séances?

   Carol encourages you to check with your city and county ordinances on this issue. Some city, counties, & states require a psychic or other type of spiritual practitioner to be licensed.

Are any of your past students actually doing readings and if so, how successful are they?

   Many of our graduated students are supporting themselves very nicely as intuitives and mediums. In fact, we have a few graduates who are appearing on radio and television.

Is it possible to receive messages from spirit which are not uplifting and of high moral character?

   It happens even when we have our gatekeepers in place. Sometimes our gatekeeper will allow a spirit that is darker to come through as a learning process for the unfolding medium. The secret is not to take them seriously or believe they can cause us harm. Sometimes, we can even help them transcend to a higher moral plane.   When communicating with spirit, the Law of Attraction is the controlling energy. It says that “Like attracts like”. Just as we have undeveloped and undesirable people here in the physical, so too, those types of entities exist in spirit. Spirits who have not learned how to progress will remain in the lower realms. Your life, more positive thoughts, actions, will help to bring in spirits that are friendly or those who might need help.

Psychic & Clairvoyance Training

I’ve always known I have intuitive abilities but I am hesitant to use them. Can you help me with this issue?

   This is a common concern. We only work for the highest and best good of all concerned and there is nothing to fear with this kind of training.

Do you give classes in person? Do you mentor students one-on-one?

   The answers are Yes and No respectively. Occasionally we offer workshops and weekend intensives on various topics in Scottsdale, Arizona. At this time, I do not mentor students individually but I do answer many questions via email. I do this even for those students who have already become certified or are finished with a program(s).

I only feel things but can’t see images. Does this mean I can’t be a good Psychic or a Medium?

   The answer to this is NO. Everyone has inborn qualities that can run the gamut of all the psychic senses (Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, the Empathic Senses, and Claircognizance ). Most people have one that is dominant and some smattering of abilities in the others. Through your training, you will be able to truly understand these different types of assets and assess what your strong suit is how to develop your “weaker” ones.

I am told that working with cards, tarot cards, or any kind of divination, is evil. This keeps me from pursuing my interest on developing psychically, and doing readings or others. How can I move past this?

   Tarot cards and other forms of divination are just tools just like a plumber will use a wrench. They have no power in of themselves. It is the person who is utilizing these tools and their intention that dictates how sessions and readings turn out. If the intention is pure and good, no harm will come from using them. If, however, they are used carelessly or with dark intent, they woe to the person who is playing with darker forces. No good comes from the darker side of life except learning very terrible lessons. I always use prayer and calling on God and the Archangels for protection before using any divination tool or my Mediumship faculties. The same goes with doing sessions with a Spirit (or Ghost Box).

Do I have to be licensed to do readings?

   Carol encourages you to check with your city and county ordinances on this issue. Some city, counties, & states require a psychic or other type of spiritual or holistic practitioner to be licensed.

What are some of the things I can and should not do as a psychic, clairvoyant , or card reader?

   The best answers that sums all of this up are on our Codes of Ethics page.

Does everyone have the same kind of abilities?

   Thankfully, no. Our own unique set of gifts and talents are for us to work with in a way that is comfortable for us. And, if you believe your abilities are not as good as someone else’s, for example TV show Mediums and Psychics, think again. These individuals have just been doing it longer–that’s all. You can be as accomplished as anyone else with the right training and the right teacher. Helping students learn what their current set of abilities are is one of the first things we do in either a Home Study Course or in other programs offered.

I see that there are several order options for your home study courses. Can I get certified with all the options?

   Yes. All options have the opportunity for certification.

Are your classes really complicated or difficult to follow?

   The answer is absolutely no! Our classes, programs, and home study courses are easy to absorb and actually fun to learn with. We provide many learning tools and resources for the student to take advantage of. Our teachings are imparted in a practical down-to-earth approach combined with powerful esoteric knowledge and resources. In our home study courses, we include exercises and previous live class recordings to allow students to feel as though they are actually in a real live class. Many movies are available to view on YouTube and we also have an online FaceBook group that students can join and ask questions of others. Also, Carol is always available to personally answer questions!