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Imagine Spirit has over 85 videos on YouTube covering a variety of metaphysical, spiritual, and paranormal topics.

Many of the videos that Imagine Spirit has posted over the years directly relate to psychic and Mediumship development. Watch how to access higher dimensions with the Sacred Merkaba video. You’ll learn how to open the third eye and quickly move through the 8th chakra into the higher realms. See videos on how to do fantastic angel readings.

Along with these are videos on fascinating paranormal topics and how to do ghost hunting. Many individuals don’t know how to examine captured ghost evidence and locate ghost voices on audio clips. Find out how to do this with instructions on using a free audio editing program. Learn how to use a P-SB7 ghost box to record spirit voices step-by-step.

Additionally, a goodly amount of our vides show valuable tips and layout demonstrations for reading Tarot and Oracle cards. Other videos posted talk about the Akashic Records, Spirit Guides, and a few miscellaneous topics of interest.

Watch a Few of Our Psychic Training Videos Here

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Merkaba video

Over a quarter million views.

  • Ancient Merkaba

  • Learning How to be a Mediums

  • Tarot Training

  • Osho Zen Card Demo

  • Psychic Coaching and Tips

  • Doing Angel Card Readings

  • Spirit Boxes and EVPs

  • Complelling Spirt Box Sessions

Achieve Theta in Merkaba

Sample 3-Card Osho Zen Spread

Unfolding Mediumship Abilities

Carol Proves that Spirits Can See and Respond to Us

Carol Nicholson, PHD.

About Carol Nicholson

Certified Psychic and Medium, Carol Nicholson, has been a  professional intuitive and instructor for over three decades. Additionally, she also holds a Doctorate in the Paranormal Sciences.

Imagine Spirit was founded in 2001 when Carol started holding seminars nationwide. Moreover,  Imagine has been offering popular Psychic, Mediumship, and Spiritual certification training courses online for over a 10 years.

Carol is dedicated to offering the very best in Psychic and Mediumship training. The newer Fast Track courses cover a variety of topics for training and certification.

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