Carol Nicholson, PhD.
Carol Nicholson, PhD.

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Psychic-Clairvoyance-TrainingBecome a Professional Intuitive! This course takes you far above and beyond the average psychic training course. You will receive easy training for boosting your psychic senses, how to read various Oracle Card decks, and an emphasis on increasing Clairvoyance.

Psychic-ManNot only will you be increasing your psychic sensitivity, you will have an introduction into Mediumship, The Akashic Records, Astral Travel, and Past Lives. You will learn about the various states of awareness and how achieve each successive states of deep  consciousness.

Psychic Clairvoyance-Training-Imagine-SpiritFantastic resources including Live Class recordings for each week to follow along with as you work through the course, recorded exercises for practice, and the handbook files for electronic devices! Links to “How to” movies including Psychometry and using a Pendulum.


Every day someone just like you somewhere in the world purchases this course.

Our Pathways to Clairvoyance course takes you far and beyond the average psychic training course.

This is a complete home study program for developing all your psychic abilities, opening the third eye clearing the Pineal gland, connecting with higher beings for assistance, and how to be a Professional Psychic and do fantastic readings! You can study in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace, and have your course with you anywhere you go!


-For beginners to advanced
-18 Lessons
-Access to youTube movies!
-Almost 400 easy to read pages
-Beautiful cover color
-Materials DVD option
-Comes 3-Hole Punched
-Bonus resources included
-Recorded live classes
-Exercises to follow along with
-Receive electronic device files
-Full Certification offered
-Listed on Graduate’s Directory
-No time limit for completing
-Two order options available!



Many fascinating and related topics are also contained within the course.

  • Introduction into Mediumship
  • Introduction to the Akashic Records
  • Past Lives
  • Understanding the Sacred Merkaba
  • Astral Travel
  • And using various divination tools

Easy to read fantastic learning content with live class recordings and exercises to follow along with. Most exercises are recorded for you and there are several information-packed YouTube movies to watch.


Some Psychic Training courses are offered FREE, for $10, and some even range up to thousands of dollars. Free courses are fun but do not offer the quality training that this one does. Our popular course delivers the same if not better content and effective exercises than any Clairvoyance training school on the Internet today. Plus you can listen right along with a live class. It’s as if you are actually there in class!


Learn how to harness your natural powers of

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Clairsentience
  • Claircognizance
  • and Clair-Empathy


Learn the chakra system and how to access higher realms through your higher out-of-body chakras.

Curriculum Highligihts


We suggest you read through the entire Lesson 1 for the complete curriculum of course topics and to get an idea of how the course feels for you.

On a cell phone? Turn your phone sideways for easier reading.

Download (PDF, 2.33MB)

You Will Learn How to:

  • Do professional psychic readings
  • Open your third eye pineal gland
  • Learn secrets of the ancients
  • Explore Astral Travel
  • Detect chakra color meanings
  • Venture into the Akashic Records
  • Utilize the Sacred Merkaba
  • Master each psychic center
  • How to set-up your reading table
  • Learn how to work with and keep clients

Additional Topics

  • Learn to read Oracle cards like a Pro
  • Learn several different card layouts
  • What to do when you get stuck
  • Easy psychic protection techniques
  • See auras, angels, and spirit guides
  • Communicate with higher realm beings
  • Learn how to easily access past lives
  • Chakra colors and meanings
  • Exponentially build your confidence

I am so grateful I ordered this course. I've been trying to get some decent psychic training and unhappliy, good training is hard to find. This course has everything!
~R. Sanders, Atlanta
I would want to say thanks for the Pathways Course and putting it all together so beautifully. It's truly Life changing and so uplifting.
~Dimple Mirchandani
Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication into this course. I really enjoyed taking this course from home and learned incredibly so much information, which led me down the path of spiritual healing! I look forward to this new chapter in my I am already seeing profound progress in my practices. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the groundwork I needed to get started! I will always use your class to reflect back upon as I continue down my spiritual path. Thank you so so much Light and love,
~Laura Swanson, Colorado


Take Mediumshp-Course-Anuwhere-on-Mobile-Device

Files for Most Electronic Devices Included

iPhones, iPads, Kindle, Smart Phones and more!

Materials Required
Deck Not Included

Enchanted Map Deck (not included)

A Medium Size Plain Mirror

In Level 3 You Will be Doing Readings for Others


Have some sort of Oracle deck and look through it. Or, use your own Tarot deck if you already know how to read Tarot. This course does not teach Tarot but the techniques taught are the same.


There are many  great Oracle Card decks you can find online or at your local bookstore.

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Most Commonly Used Electronic Device Files

All Live Class Zip File recordings

All Exercise Zip File recordings

A Beautiful Course Cover in PDF Format

Complete Metaphysical Glossary of Terms PDF

How to Market Yourself Guide PDF


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If you would like to have the materials DVD that is offered in Option B. after ordering the download option, we can invoice you for the $49.95 +

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All courses are non-refundable. No exceptions. Be prepared to download large files. Upgrades are allowed upon request.

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Materials DVD Containing All MP3 Files

DVD contains color PDF of course

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Most Commonly Used Electronic Device Files

Complete Metaphysical Glossary of Terms PDF

How to Market Yourself Guide PDF


All printed orders are shipped priority mail within two business days of receipt of order. International orders might take up to 10 days to arrive.

Shipping & Delivery:

All printed orders are shipped priority mail within two days of receipt of ordering. International Orders might take up to two weeks to arrive.

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Ordering from Electronic Devices:

Ordering from your iPhone or tablet and unable to download the zip files? Don’t panic! We’ve got this handled for you! When you have ordered, a confirmation email will be sent to you with all files at your fingertips to download. You can download a zip file or separate MP3s for each lesson to where you want and when you want! Contact email.


Many Downloads Are Zip  Files

If you have a MAC or your zipped files won’t open, let us know. We’ll send the raw files to you via email.

Pathways to Clairvoyance is so packed full of amazing material that no matter where someone is in his or her development, there is much to be gained from this course. The class recordings are like frosting on the cake and the mp3 exercises are gifts that I will use over and over again. Thank you for making it affordable and for all of the effort you put forth for the benefit of your students. Sydney Schuyler, Certified Psychic/Clairvoyant


With new devices coming out every day, it’s difficult to keep up with all the different kinds of electronic files needed for each device. We are endeavoring to keep up, however, some files, such as ePub files may be missing content. Just email us which content is missing and we will send you a special ePub file for that device. Any other kinds of file types for various devices may require the purchaser to download their own free conversion program.


 *Psychic Clairs’ Meanings

(Clair means “clear” in French) Clairvoyance: The art of “clear seeing” with inner vision in the mind’s eye Clairaudience:The art of “clear hearing” with our mind’s hearing Clairsentience:The art of “clear feeling” with our physical feeling senses Claircognizance:The art of “clear sure knowing” as we speak wisdom Clairempathy:The art of clear feeling others’ emotions” or emotional state

Common Questions Answered
Is the DVD an audio recording or movie of the entire course?

The answer to this is No for both.

Then why use a DVD If it's not a movie?

The live class and recorded exercises are large MP3 files. We use a DVD for your convenience so you will not have to keep track of numerous CDs.

If I do some exercises and read the book, will I be instantaneously be an amazing clairvoyant?

Just as in anything, working through the course takes dedication and practice. If you do the exercises faithfully, your clairvoyance faculty as well as your other psychic centers, will open up significantly. You will definitely notice a boost in your abilities as you work through the course.

I have already taken some clairvoyance courses. Will this course really benefit me?

Although we start with basic concepts, you will begin to move into areas of greater mastery and more advance training. You are guaranteed to learn new and transcendent techniques. We believe in a great deal of interactive work while on the phone

Can I share my course with others?

I recommend that you work with some like-minded people. However, the course is copyrighted and cannot be copied for distribution for revenue. It is not available to charge others with if you are already a spiritual teacher. Your group should be like-minded people learning right along with you. Others who do this are not eligible for Certification unless they purchase the course.

Is there anyway I can ask questions as I work through the course?

I will answer questions via email. You are not alone while doing this course.

Do I have to have a mega memory computer to take this course?

The answer to this is No. However, you do need a computer which will have enough memory to hold your numerous MP3 audio files. Also, your computer must be able to play DVDs. The DVDs are not videos, but are comprised of MP3 audio files. Most computers today are able to do this easily.

I only have a Tablet, iPhone, Smart Phone. Can I still download files?

The answer to this is YES. However, you must have some sort of APP installed on your electronic device(s) to download files. Your electronic device provider can most likely help you with this. Also, it’s helpful if you have some sort of cloud storage as many of the media files are large in terms of memory.

I am already a practicing psychic. What will I learn that is new?

A lot. People who have been previously using their skills, perhaps on a professional basis, can also greatly benefit from this course. You will learn new third opening techniques and experience greater mastery and management of your abilities. There are many topics included that are not just about psychic development (see top). Certification is also a great asset to display credibility and is highly useful as an advertising tool. We will list you on our Graduate’s Directory upon certification.

Can I use my newly developed abilities in my everyday life in a practical way?

Absolutely! In fact, as you work through the course, I offer suggestions for how to use your clairvoyance to help you in everyday living.

I’m told negative stuff can happen to me if I practice psychic development. Is this true?

Please do not worry about this. We teach time-honored methods of energy protection and also how to call in beings from the light to work with you. Like attracts like, so if you are coming from the heart, you will have no worries about negative entities crashing in. Throughout the course, you will read often that I recommend connecting with your angels and higher guides when practicing.

Do you provide an oracle deck included in the course materials I will be receiving?

The answer to this is No. However so many kinds of Oracle card decks are available these day, you may want to buy them all! The deck you choose should be a deck you are drawn to. Many bookstores and on-line book stores have numerous oracle decks available for purchase. It does not have to be an expensive deck either.

Is this a course in aura and energy healing?

The course does cover the Chakra system, how to see auras, and the rudimentary concepts of blocked and damaged chakras and auras. We practice viewing the aura many times throughout the course, however, this is not a complete course intended for Energy Healing. There are many schools available for this. If energy healing is your primary focus, you may wish to reconsider purchasing the course. We will be offering a Medical Intuitive Healing Class soon!

Will I learn how to start my own professional psychic business?

Having been in the professional psychic world for almost 30 years, I have had much experience with owning and running a successful practitioner business and school as well as having a website. I will provide a wealth of information on how to start your own business in the guide provided and how build it from the ground up.



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