His Clairaudience Saved His Life!

A Miraculous Story about the Ill-Fated United Flight 811

Have you ever heard your name called when you were alone?  Have you awoken from a dream with some seemingly random names running through your mind, a set of numbers, or some kind of another type of message? This is your psychic sense of Clairaudience, This all important faculty at times will force into our mind an urgent message when a crisis occasion arises.

The psychic sense of Clair-audience may be the most subtle extrasensory attribute we have. Clairaudience is “hearing” with the inner mind. It usually manifests as that still small voice inside of us urging us to take a particular action or warns us. For example, “Don’t take the next left turn!” It might even be a mysterious natural sounding voice that speaks to us when there is no obvious human source is nearby.

We all get clairaudient psychic impressions from time to time. However, we mostly think they are our own thoughts or perhaps an overactive imagination. Most don’t realize our own Higher Self, Spirit Guides,  and Guardian Angels continually sends us messages to help guide us through life.

Generally speaking, individuals tune out extraneous mind chatter and are not trained to pay attention to certain thought forms. In fact, if we were to actively listen and consciously be aware of each and every thought, we might go a little bonkers. Obviously, not every thought that runs through our mind is a vital message that needs attention.


How Can We Tell the Difference Between Mind Chatter and an Important Psychic Message?

On the average, we think thousands of thoughts each day. However, there are times when our ethereal guardian beings really need to get our attention. It could even be a matter of life or death! So how would we know the difference? In cases of psychic communications that are an urgent telepathic message filtering down from our higher guidance, the thoughts will come in stronger and perhaps be accompanied by some sort of intuitive feeling. These important messages are repeated over and over until we finally pay attention to them. What we do with the information is up to us.

Listening to His Clairaudience Saved His Life

Here a story related by a man who was on a fateful flight and nearly lost his life. A mysterious voice saved him.

A business man, relaxing into his flight, suddenly hears a mysterious voice telling him to fasten his seat belt! He glanced at the overhead panel and the Fasten Seat Belt Sign was not on. He looked around but no one seemed to be talking to him. Then he heard the voice again, much stronger and more demanding this time. Shrugging, he did what he had been “told.” Seconds later a shattering decompression event took place because a cargo door had exploded outward creating a huge hole. He watched in horror as nine others close by, were yanked out of their sets and through a the gap in the fuselage into empty space. He was saved from being sucked out the hole also only because his seat belt was fastened.

The Full Story of Ill-Fated Flight 811

Flight 811

Actual photo of blown-out door.

On February 24, 1989, United Airlines Flight 811 took off from Honolulu International Airport bound for Auckland, New Zealand, with a flight-deck crew of 3, 15 flight attendants, and 337 passengers–many seated in the Business Class.

After the plane had been flying for approximately 16 minutes and was passing between 22,000 and 23,000 feet (6,700–7,000 m), a grinding noise is suddenly heard in the business-class section followed by a loud thud which shook the whole aircraft. One and a half seconds later, the forward cargo door blew out abruptly. It left a gaping hole in the aircraft cabin.

The immense pressure differential had caved in the main cabin floor above the cargo door, causing ten seats (G and H of Rows 8 through 12), as well as an individual seated in 9F, to be ejected from the cabin. In all, nine fatalities resulted. The pilots began an emergency descent to rapidly get the plane down into breathable air while performing an 180-degree left turn to fly back to Honolulu where it landed without further incident.

A good practice to take advantage of your natural Clairaudience, is to start paying close attention to repeating thoughts or examine urgent sounding messages you mind is telling you. If you don’t agree with what you are “hearing” or sensing, ignore it or write it down for later meditation.

Most instances of Clairaudience do not involve life and death situations. Yet your Higher Self, or guardian entities, continually offer important and sometimes life-changing advice.

An important note to finish with, is to caution those who hear voices telling them to harm themselves or others. This is not real Clairaudience. It might indicate a mental condition or some sort demonic influence. If this is happening to you. Get help right away.

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