The Amazing Psychic-Medium, Peter James

A Memorial to an Extraordinary Psychic & Paranormal Investigator

Peter James on the Queen Mary

Peter James on the Queen Mary Where He Conducted Wonderful Ghost Hunts

Many years ago I would tune into a favorite show of mine called “Sightings”. It was one of the first long standing paranormal shows on TV. It was on this show that I first became aware of a psychic who appeared often on the show. His name was Peter James and I was always amazed at the high quality of his featured ghost investigations. It seemed to me this guy really knew what he was doing. He would go into a location, locate the troublesome spirit(s) right away, and get names and dates which were usually verified later. Sightings personnel claimed Peter was never privy to where he would be going and I believe this.

One of the most chilling and heart-wrenching episodes was filmed aboard the retired ocean liner, The Queen Mary, now permanently docked in Long Beach, California. Peter was in the bowels of the ship in area by massive pool and changing rooms. He was calling out to a little girl who had supposedly died there decades ago and was still haunting that area of the ship. Peter called out, hello, and this clear and distinctive little voice called back to him. Not once, but several times. I tell you guys, not much puts a chill into me but this did. I knew it was legit!

Peter started out hearing and seeing ghosts as a young boy in Rochester, New York. Living with a single mother and alone much of the time. When he was exploring the abandoned rooms of the apartment building, spectral children appeared to him,however, he had no idea at the time they were spirits. When these appearances occurred, he always noticed a strange smell of smoke. He mentions in his book, “Heaven Can You Hear Me”, that he didn’t know they were dead at the time he was interacting with them. The children seemed to be real flesh and blood people. He. only found out years later that there had been a tragic fire in the apartment building killing several children thus explaining why the children were there along with a lingering smell of smoke. Creepy.

Unlike many of us who hear and see spirits at a young age and seemingly lose the ability, Peter’s ability noticeably stayed with him. And although he went on to a “normal” life serving in the military and working a mainstream job, it wasn’t until his thirties that Peter began doing ghost hunting full time. When word got out of his amazing and accurate abilities, people in the media started taking notice. Eventually his investigations and solid verifiable field work led him to becoming one of the world’s foremost and sought after mediums and paranormal investigators.

Throughout his life, Peter maintained that one should never charge into a alleged haunted location and start harassing ghosts. He believed, and I do too, that purported ghosts are people just like you and me that are stuck on the earth plane and rather than verbally beating them up, one must try and work with them or at least make their situation known to them. Believe it or not, many intelligent hauntings are by spirits who do not realize they are deceased.

The best way to deal with these spirits, according to Peter, is to try and dialog with them to get their story and to try and coax them to cross over to the other side. This is where a qualified medium comes in handy. (This is assuming we are dealing with intelligent spirits; spirits who can react back to the investigator in some way when an investigator attempts to make contact. had a lot of different ideas than what you hear as being gospel on ghost hunting shows today. He felt that any psychic or ghost investigator, prior to going into a location immediately and labeling it as evil and or demonic, before investigating it thoroughly, was wrong. And, I agree with this statement. Too many times, on ghost hunting shows, investigators make a big  deal about a locale being invested with a demon. How do they know that before going in? I believe it’s all to sell the show and gives viewers a very wrong idea of what ghost investigating is truly about. Ghost hunters on TV have a responsibility to their viewers to present the truth about hunting spirits. I feel too, that it all has to do a lot with power of suggestion. If a psychic or visitor goes into a haunted location that has a lot of negative hype attached to it, then that’s what they will perceive right away. I have gone into locations with a reputation like this and felt absolutely nothing harmful! And, believe me, dark stuff is something I pick up on right way.

Peters James spent the last years of his life doing tours on the Queen Mary on a regular basis as well as continuing to ghost locals around the country. People;who signed up for his ship tours were not disappointed with the ghostly phenomena that occurred over and over during the tour. Imagine having your very own ghost experience!

I have to say that to me, Peter James was definitely not a fake. What- ever occurred during these sessions was real. I have seen a lot of psychics and mediums in my day, and being a psychic and medium myself, I can sense these things. What I loved most about Peter James was his honesty and directness. There was no razzle-dazzle, face grimacing, wringing of hands, crying, falling on the floor antics, acting possessed, or out of control reactions. How refreshing.

If you happen to read Peter’s book Heaven Can You Hear Me?, you may notice he had some definite ideas about things. He was a bit of a maverick who believed meditation and white light protection was not needed, among other commonly held beliefs. Although I don’t agree with him on some points, I respect his right to have had his own opinion.

Aside from that, I believe Peter James was in a class unto himself and will be sorely missed by many of us in the paranormal community!