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Psychic Insight 11-28-17

 The Benefits of Essential Oils

Essentials Oils Can be Used for Just About Anything

Essential oils have been used to significantly improve people’s lives for millennia. The ancients knew that oils derived from certain plants offered a variety of benefits from dietary regulation to spiritual and religious use and even cosmetics use. In the last several decades, the use of essential oils has once again become popular for modern users and I’m not just referring to New Agers! Even medical entities which may have dissed the effectiveness of essential oils in the 20th century, are currently endorsing the use of special oils to provide emotional and physical well-being. They are now saying that the use of various essential oils can relieve body ailments, learning disabilities, insomnia, depression, and more.

Essential Oils can be used for:

~ Mood enhancement

~ Treating a burn

~ Digestion

~ Spiritual awareness

~ Psychic protection

~ and Great Sex among other things…

Throughout the day and sometimes at night, I often have a lot of thoughts banging around in my head. Many of these are about setting up new classes on Imagine Spirit and how I might best get these class notifications out to the world via the Internet. To get a little relief from my raging ideas, I use lavender oil. I just drop some oil into a spritzer and spray all my rooms with it. It smells great, and I know  I am reaping the benefits as my sometimes overworked brain calms down quickly. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… You might start with using lavender oil if you are new to essential oils.

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Psychic Insight 11-21-17

Missing Those We Loved at the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a difficult time for people due to many reasons. One of the primary reasons individuals might be feeling low is because a close family member or loved one has died. I  sorely miss my parents at holidays. My mother always made Thanksgiving and Christmas for us kids festive with lots of decorations, food, and laughter. All my siblings made a great effort to be there no matter where they lived. Because my mother is now passed, we seem to be drifting further apart every year.

I miss my mother and father greatly but have some tools to help me when feeling very low about my parents being gone.

When working with Mediumship students, I start with letting them know that spirits are not in a place far far away but are actually residing very near to the earth plane. I tell them to think of deceased loved ones as being right in the next room where they can feel their essence and hear them speak as in life–to remember what their voice sounded like–what they might be doing. This same idea helps anyone with feelings of depression and loss; especially at a holiday time.

Another way to connect with loved ones in spirit is  close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting in a chair with your loved one(s) in another chair and have a conversation with them. You can do this for a few moments every day.

Read about how I saw my mother at Christmas right after she passed.


Psychic Insight 10-31-17

Why We Carve Pumpkins at Halloween

Country folk and most likely the older ruling classes as well carved scary faces into squash and turnips for several hundred years. It’s only been since the first settlers that came to America from Europe that pumpkins were substituted for the root vegetables once used. But how did this tradition ever get started?

A Very Brief Rundown on Halloween’s Origins

In the last one-hundred years on October 31st, almost everyone eagerly anticipates Halloween. It’s fun times for all! However, most aren’t aware of the darker origins of this holiday and why we have it. In a nutshell, the day we now know as Halloween culminated from a combination of the ancient Celtic harvest festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in), the Roman celebration of Feralia, the passing of the dead, and the Christian, Night before All Saints’ Day called ‘Hallowmas.’

The Jack O’ Lantern Myth

The practice of carving vegetables and lighting candles in them allegedly originated from an Irish myth about a shady individual nicknamed “Stingy Jack.” It’s claimed that on one particular night, Stingy Jack invited the Devil to have a drink with him. True to his name, Stingy Jack didn’t want to pay for his bottle, so he convinced the Devil to turn himself into a coin that Jack could use to buy their drinks. Once the Devil did so, Jack put the money into his pocket next to a silver cross. This was supposed to prevent the Devil from

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Psychic Insight 10-24-17

Are Ghosts Real or a Product of Someone’s Overactive Imagination?

“I love crime, I love mysteries, and I love ghosts.”
~Stephen King

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to defining the spirit world. But that’s nothing new. The newer science of parapsychology attempts to provide us with solid answers, but it’s an elusive quest that’s been ongoing for millennia.

The concept of the Spirit World is an ancient one. Each new century seems to offer new insights and uncovers pieces of the puzzle that are taking us closer to a clearer understanding of the rules and boundaries of the world that exists beyond our own. And just like any other science, rules and opinions are always changing. However, there are some generally shared opinions, classifications, and definitions that stand firm when it comes to the world that exists beyond our third-dimensional realm of sight, sound, and smell.

Defining Ghosts

Ghosts are defined as spirits of the dead that most commonly appear around their former habitats. Because they are not governed by physical laws, ghosts are thought to walk through walls and can materialize and dematerialize at will. Also known as apparitions…

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Psychic Insight 10-17-17

Can Animals Really Communicate through Mediums?

When animals communicate through mediums, their “message” comes forth in much the same way as human spirits communicate. The medium, through their various psychic senses, becomes aware of a deceased pet or just knows when the animal wishes to communicate with his or her earthly loved one. If the pet is expressly called forth in a session, it will usually come through immediately. It’s not just cats and dogs that come through in a session. Horses, pigs, birds, and other mammals will come through as well.

Over the centuries there have been countless accounts of beloved animal pets providing evidence of their survival by showing themselves as they appeared while on earth and conveying many of their same character traits.

Our pets are spirits just as all life is Spirit. When our pets pass away, through death, they will endeavor to link with us and, if the opportunity lends itself, to communicate. Over the years, I have had many animals communicate in Mediumship sittings to let their human loved ones know they are okay and are not gone forever. For some, communication from a pet can be just as moving as communication from a human loved one.

Animals do not communicate in precisely the same way human spirits do. They appear through clairvoyance and can even be felt by the owner just as humans spirits are. However, their communication tends to be more “thought-form” oriented. This makes perfect sense. Animals do not have speech apparatus like humans, yet they primarily communicate with us through telepathic transmission of thought forms expressing desires.

One Medium friend of mine says, “When my dog wants a treat or wishes to go out, he sits and stares at me intently. You can see he is focusing his thoughts and is thinking so intently, his thoughts are jumping from his head to my mind. And, if after a while, I just don’t get the thought, he comes up to me and barks; his way of verbalizing those thoughts.” It’s much the same way for animals in spirit form. And, yes. You may even hear a deceased pet bark or meow just like they did in life.

Psychic Insight 10-07-17

Stansted Hall Also known as Arthur Findlay College

Also known as Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall looks at first glance to be a spooky Halloween hangout for ghosts. Well, spirits undoubtedly visit there, but this beautifully appointed mansion is famous as a unique college where psychic-mediums take up a brief residence and train in interactive Mediumship courses. Classes are based on the time-honored spiritualist tradition with a modern approach. As one person jokes, “It’s the Hogwarts School of Mediumship.”

Watch this fun and fascinating video by clicking the blue link below. It might very well tempt you to drop everything and buy a plane ticket to Essex, UK! There’s even a Stansted Airline!!

>View Cool Stansted Video

Takes you to an Imagine Spirit Safe Page


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