Carol Nicholson
Carol Nicholson

Psychic Insight 7-28-17

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When You Raise Your Vibration through Intention, Awesome Things Begin to Happen

• Do you want to feel better overall?

• Are you an intuitive or holistic practitioner and desire to have a greater connection with divine forces?

• Do you want to clear your physicality of negativity, darkness, and illusion?

Now you can!

First, realize that you are so much more than merely a physical being. You are a vibrating multidimensional, spiritual light being in physical form. By consciously raising your vibration, you can bring the Love, Joy, Truth, and Power of your authentic nature into physical form. You will become much closer to what is your authentic soul truth.

Shedding the layers that have accumulated over time of heaviness, negativity, and illusion enables you to integrate the fullness of your soul’s light and Higher Spiritual Self into a spiritually aware physical reality.

When it comes to how you can raise your vibration, there is one specific way you can accomplish this. Raise your vibration through Intention!

What Is an Intention?

Intention is using your mind to set a higher conscious thought into motion. In other words, it’s consciously directing your mind, body, and spirit to create your new reality.

When your intention is clarified and set, changes that need to happen, and things that need to shift will naturally appear and unfold. The universe responds to your energy, and with your intention, you can immediately change your vibration in a way that will help you to raise it even more. When your intention is clear, the universe springs into action begins to make your set intention a reality in your life.

Right now… think, say, or even write down the following declaration of intention:

“I now consciously raise my vibration, integrating the light of my higher self, consciousness, and Divine presence into my being, vibrating higher and shining with more love and light than ever before, for the highest and greatest good, according to Divine Will. And so it is.”

If you write it down, stick the paper on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror and say it out loud once every day. You might even carry it in your wallet to be a reminder!

Really focus on this thought and genuinely feel it be true. This will instill into your being a higher conscious awareness, and your vibration will naturally begin to shift into a much higher frequency!


Psychic Insight 7-21-17

If You’re Sensitive You May Be Psychic

Many individuals like me, are very sensitive. Not only do sensitive people tend to experience deep emotions, but they might have a harder time dealing with other people and life situations. However, just because a person is very sensitive, this does not mean they cannot be a strong individual. It might just indicate that they are more attentive, discerning, observant, watchful, and exceedingly attuned to the feelings of others.

People that are highly sensitive are easily hurt and prone to ruminating over painful experiences for an extended period of time. This may cause them to withdraw from the world and perhaps isolate. Others may have experienced a lot of trauma and abuse in childhood, or life in general, which has caused them to be extremely sensitive or wary. While being sensitive may seem to be a character defect of sorts, it can also lead to having significantly heightened psychic abilities. While this is not meant to infer that all sensitive people are psychic, in my years of teaching students, many have confessed that they are indeed highly sensitive.

One of the hallmark characteristics of highly sensitive people is the ability to feel more deeply than their less-sensitive peers. Additionally, sensitive people seem to have an aversion to bad smells, loud noises or sounds, harsh lighting, and particular colors.

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Psychic Insight 7-14-17

Categories of Spirit Guides

Many skeptics proclaim that Spirit Guides are nothing more than an invention of New Age mumbo-jumbo. They smugly assert that just as believing in a Divine Being, Spirit Guides are simply born out of man’s desire to feel they are not alone in the struggle of life. Yet, others claim spirit guides do exist and watch over mankind just as angels do.

If you are one who believes that we all have spirit guides, it’s helpful to understand about the ones closest to us and perhaps have been with us since we were born. These kinds of guides are called our Inner Band of Guides…

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Psychic Insight 7-7-17

Increase Your Clairvoyance Skills

Since ancient times it has been known that when the sixth chakra (third eye) is open and in balance, a person can be incredibly intuitive, perceptive, and conscious of other realms and entities. When it is somewhat closed or blocked, a person can feel isolated, be prone to sarcasm and skepticism, removed from reality, inflexible, confused, or even depressed. Therefore, maintaining balance in the third eye is essential. It is your spiritual doorway into the infinite wisdom of the universe and helpful entities from the Spiritual realms.

So, how does one increase their clairvoyant faculty and open the third eye? The answer is strong clairvoyance will exponentially increase with meditative practice. When the third eye is fully opened and trained, one is usually able to perceive entities (Spirits, Guides, and Angels) from the astral planes as well as relevant images providing bits of psychic information.

Here are two great exercises to try:

Rolling the Eyes Upward

Many venerable psychics have been taught the practice of rolling the eyes upward or “thinking upward” for greater psychic attunement. MIT scientist, Pete A. Jr. Sanders, in his book, You Are Psychic, talks about the simple act of rolling up the eyes to focus attention on the third eye area. Doing this activates the pituitary and pineal glands vital for enabling your clairvoyance faculty and strengthens them.

Press on Your Third Eye Area

One very quick way to activate and open your third eye is to just put a small amount of pressure on it. Place two fingers on the 6th chakra area. Hold them there for a few moments and feel an immediate relaxation take place. Don’t try too hard. Just relax. Although it can be very subtle,  your third eye is opening up more.

Hope you liked our hints!

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