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Psychic Insight 2-6-18

Do You Have Some Fears about Mediumship or Psychic Training?

5 Easy Steps to Overcoming Nagging Fears and Doubts Now

What if You Found Out there’s Absolutely Nothing to Be Afraid Of?

Anytime we venture into the unknown, there is that element of fear involved. Whether these fears stem from the media, what family or church members think, or perhaps one had a frightening experience at a young age, fear is a common concern regarding Mediumship or psychic development. If Mediumship or psychic development were something to fear, I would not be teaching it. It is, however, something many individuals worry about.

For the most part, fear comes from the not knowing of what might happen. It is the “what ifs.” “What if talking to Spirits is really the work of the Devil…? What if I don’t succeed…? What if I actually do succeed…? What if I see scary things…? What if I panic…? What will my friends say…? What if I can do this for a while and then I can’t…?” and so on…

To address these concerns, whatever fears you may have had or have in the future, must be uncovered and dealt with if you sincerely wish to progress in your development states. At Imagine Spirit, the purpose is not to devalue or dismiss any fears a student might have, but to defuse them and keep them from getting in the way of forward progress. I always say that the more we resist something, the more it becomes firmly entrenched within our mind and body. If you can accept that you do have specific fears or feelings of trepidation–even small ones, the easier it will become to move beyond them and forge ahead with your training.

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Psychic Insight 2-21-18


Really Know Your Craft

By putting in the work and obtaining substantial practical expertise, you will have the know-how for giving an excellent reading or similar type session. If for example, you are giving a paid Tarot or Oracle Card reading, the reading should be smooth, full of insights, and you should be able to explain why you communicated specific pieces of information. The cards are in front of you both, so it’s entirely alright to point to that card or a combination of cards to explain your answers. If you are not using cards and are doing a subjective type reading, such as Mediumship or Accessing the Akashic Records, etc., be confident, clear, and stick to your guns about the information you’ve received.

Tell Your Client What to Expect

If a client is new to you and doesn’t know how you work, it’s up to you to give them a brief rundown on what to expect. For example, if you are doing an Akashic Records reading, let them know there is nothing to fear and that you will be taking a few moments to get into the correct altered state to access their records. Ask them to relax and open up to you.

Ask Clients What They Specifically Want To Know

Ask clients what they wish to find out from the reading. This may seem like a given, however, sometimes a client is fuzzy on what the main points are until you ask them. Finding out this vital information sets the tone for how you will proceed. If a client has too many questions to fit into one session, let them know that you will attempt to answer all their questions but that you will be starting with the most pressing issues. Ask them what these are. It’s perfectly okay for you to write these down and have the paper beside you.

Have a Solid Method for Giving Readings

Make sure you have a method of how you read solidly in place so you will not appear amateurish. Any kind of psychic reading should be delivered in a smooth flow. Have a method in place for the type of readings you provide. As an example, if you are giving a Tarot or Oracle Card reading and you are too hesitant, agonize at length over one card, keep asking what the question was, or repeatedly change your mind about what a card means, this signals a lack of professionalism and expertise and a client will find another reader.

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Carol Nicholson, PhD.


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