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Psychic Insight 4-28-17

Angel Healing & Lost Relationships

If you are holding on to a past relationship and can’t seem to let go of it, let the angels help you. Often we are in fear that that if we let go, no one else will ever come into our life. Or, the fear of losing that person forever, is paralyzing. The secret is to really make the decision to let go and finally allow the healing process to happen. Although thoughts and feelings of that person will probably not go away instantaneously, the hold and emotional and physical pain you are experiencing, will begin to lessen more and more.

Write a Letter

Writing letters to Relationship Angels telling them what you would like to see happen for you and being specific with what you want, is important when connecting with a relationship angel. Instead of asking for the relationship to return (the angels cannot do this as others have free will), ask how you can heal right now from the pain. You may find that while you are asking the Angels a question, an answer, or advice, comes to you almost immediately.

If you wish someone new and wonderful to come in to your life, pour out your desire for a lasting soul mate. Describe your ideal relationship for harmony and love and shared joy. Avoid limiting your desire by being too specific about the other person’s appearance. Instead, ask for the best person compatible with you (you may want to specify male or female) to appear in your life so that you can create the kind of relationship that will bring you a loving, loyal, and peaceful relationship.

P.S. In the Angel’s class (see below), we talk about relationship “cording” and how to release a cord to someone else that is holding you back or release a cord someone has tied into you.

I am very excited about this Angels training program that we held the actual live class in 2015. Now you can take advantage of this wonderful course for Learning about the Angels, How to Heal with Them, and How to Do Awesome Angel Readings at a fraction of the cost that others charge. You don’t have to travel or spend thousands of dollars to take a seminar! You can learn right where you are!!

As usual, our content and training methods are excellent and thorough with Live Class Recordings and many wonderful exercises!


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Psychic Insight 4-20-17

Spirit Messages – Fact or Fiction?

The Difference between Imagination and True Messages from Spirit

Students in my classes often ask me, “How can I tell the difference between true spirit messages coming to me and my own imagination?” Let’s talk about this.

When we are awake, our mind is busy all the time planning, tasking, and problem solving. It also allows us to daydream and even imagine our dreams and wishes being fulfilled. We frequently see these thoughts in picture form. For example, you are thinking of buying a new couch and imagine in your mind what it will look like. Maybe you are daydreaming about getting away for a weekend fishing trip. We are creating in our mind all the time!

Some of these pictures come from helpful spirits. Spirits reside in a dimension called the Astral Plane—or as some call it, the Spirit Plane. Many of our intuitive thoughts and pictures come to us directly from this plane. Although there are many levels to this plane, helpful spirit guides reside in its mid to higher frequency level bands. Angels, Ascended Masters, and Avatars are ensconced in even more elevated frequency bands. These realms do exist and can provide us with guidance and answers to what we would like to know. Often, they communicate with us through our psychic faculty called, Clairvoyance.

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Psychic Insight 4-12-17

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“I’m Not Good at Clairvoyance!”

This is a declaration that I hear from time to time in my classes. If you don’t believe you are gifted with clairvoyance, you might want to think again. For most, clairvoyance ranks at the top or close to the top of the para-senses. Everyone has the ability to imagine pictures in their head and do so without even thinking about. If you feel you have trouble visualizing clear pictures, know that you will always be able to visualize something. I have students who report seeing swirling colors, and that’s all. This in itself can be quite revealing. Colors might indicate a message in code form from a Spirit communicating an idea especially if a feeling accompanies the color seen.

Clairvoyance is often used by healers to scan the body by viewing the chakras and aura of the person they are working on. The colors that are visualized and the vibrancy of the color can tell one a lot about what is happening in that person’s life. The colors of the aura can tell a story about the person without even having to say anything about themselves to the healer.

The point of this insight is to let you know that everyone has some type of clairvoyance sight.

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Psychometry is an ancient form of divination used since the time of the Egyptians. The ancient Greeks used Psychometry by gazing into the innards of animals and prophesying events.

The word Psychometry stems from the Greek words for “spirit, soul” and, metron, “measure”. It is also known as “token-object reading”.

Psychometry is simply the reading and interpreting the vibrations contained within an object. People that practice Psychometry hold objects…


…In the 1970s, a fascinating experiment involving Psychometry was conducted to hopefully find out more about the catastrophic battle at Little Big Horn as well as the other skirmish which took place with Major Reno five miles away.

Psychic Howard R. Starkel, was called in to try and glean more information about what really happened during the infamous battles by using psychometry on some of the artifacts recovered…

Psychic Insight 4-5-17

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Understanding the The Law of Attraction

Everything in the universe is energy and vibrates at a distinct frequency. Understanding that these energies are attracted to similar energies goes a long way towards understanding why certain people are drawn to us, why certain relationships happen, why we are attracted to particular groups or jobs, and even our financial situation!


Instead of asking “why me” when something or someone difficult is going on in your life, think about the possibilities of how you might have attracted these people, places, or things into your life. This is not to say you are being punished by any means. What it is saying is that how we think and act, create our life’s situations. This is a difficult pill to swallow, and it was for me when I first learned about The Law of Attraction and how it might have created situations in my life I wished never happened. Once I actually understood this principle of attraction, and how I was creating the situations in my life, life eventually became easier.

Try this Exercise:

  1. Think of a situation or people that are difficult at this time. Write down everything about the situation.
  2. Now think about how this may have been created by you. Yup. I know it’s painful but write down your thoughts and be honest with yourself.
  3. Now think about how you might change your thinking, attitude, and/or what actions you can take to heal the situation and to prevent the same things from happening again. Write them down and then read them every day. Scotch tape it on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, or even coffee maker! You will soon notice a shift that signals a healing is taking place, and old negative patterns and challenging situations are dropping away. Changes will be subtle at first, but you WILL start seeing them manifest in your life.


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