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Twelve Ways to Know You’re Super Psychic

Being psychic or having psychic abilities is a very real part of our natural being. There is nothing evil about having psychic abilities. Man was endowed with these sensitive qualities as a way to assist us in making decisions, judgments, avoiding danger, and moving through life with an extra set of skills beyond the normal five senses. In fact, we are employing our natural psychic traits all the time by thinking, daydreaming, wondering, and having insights or those "Aha" moments.

Twelve Ways to Know You’re Super Psychic2020-06-22T21:59:18-07:00

What Are the Five Psychic Senses?

The five psychic senses rock and help us to navigate through life on an intuitive level. Everyone has psychic abilities to some degree. However, some people have stronger psychic senses than others. Find out more about these amazing gifts that mankind is endowed with that enhances our being.

What Are the Five Psychic Senses?2020-03-09T10:31:22-07:00
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