How to Become a Savvy and Successful Spiritual Entrepreneur

A Practical Step-by-Step Guide for Spiritual Marketing


  • Do you have an on-line spiritual business that’s not getting enough traffic or clients?

  • Would you like to start a website for your business but don’t know where to start?

  • Is your website ranking poorly in Google or other platforms?

  • Is social media acumen driving you crazy?

  • Finally, are your products or services far down in the search engines?

Don’t feel alone.
I was right where you are not that long ago!


Let the World Know about Your Fabulous Gifts and Services!

Imagine Spirit is offering a mini-course that teaches you the many facets of having an on-line presence and how to boost your visibility!

I’ve spent years learning how to promote Imagine Spirit and to let the world know about our fabulous training. And, I’ve made some excruciating mistakes along the way and painfully learned from them.

Soon I’ll be offering a new course for spiritual practitioners just like you. In it, you’ll learn how to to avoid many of the pitfalls of launching and having a website presence on-line.

  • You’ll learn how to update an existing website that looks incredible as well as being effective in drawing in new customers.
  • Additionally, you’ll learn what SEO is and how to incorporate SEO for better ranking on Google.
  • Furthermore, you’ll learn secrets of writing successful blogs that actually show up in the listings.
  • Finally, you’ll get leads on what software works best for getting your site recognized!

If you found this page and are frustrated because the course isn’t ready yet, I don’t blame you. I’m burning the midnight oil get it ready for launch as quickly as possible.

How much will this course cost?

This training will cost a mere $49.95 in total. I’ve seen similar courses in the psychic arts field that charge into the thousands for a course like this. However, in accordance with our affordability policy, this course should be available to just about anyone with an interest in building their spiritual on-line presence and having the edge over competitors.

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How will the course be formatted?

This will be an on-line course so that you can sign on and off whenever you wish. And, you’ll be happy to know that there’s no time limit set for completing the course.

When you do finish the course, all the quizzes completed within it already count towards being your final quiz. Thus, there’s no big exam to take at the end. Furthermore, you can elect to be listed on our Graduates Directory for course certification if you wish. When the time comes, you’ll just notify us that you have completed the training.

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