Website Design, Redo, and Marketing Training Created for Women

Grow your spiritual business is a total online course in how to start, revamp and grow your spiritually-based Internet business. Easy to follow movies and worksheets for creating a spiritual presence in the competitive world of promoting your intuitive or holistic business online. Edge out the competition with this fresh approach training!

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  • Do you have an on-line spiritual business that’s not getting enough traffic or clients?

  • Would you like to start a website for your business but don’t know where to start?

  • Is your website ranking poorly in Google or other platforms?

  • Is social media acumen driving you crazy?

  • Finally, are your products or services far down in the search engines?

Don’t feel alone. Many are struggling with these very same issues!

Let the World Know about Your Fabulous Gifts and Services!

Imagine Spirit is offering an easy to follow course that teaches you the facets of having an on-line presence, creating or pumping up your current website, and how to boost your visibility!

I’ve spent years learning how to promote Imagine Spirit and to let the world know about our fabulous training. And, I’ve made some excruciating mistakes along the way and painfully learned from them.

No tests to pass. Just finish watching the movies. The worksheets keep you on track and help you to know how to create and make any changes needed on your website.

This is a new course for female spiritual practitioners just like you. It’s easy to follow movies and simple worksheets to download. Additionally, you’ll learn how to to avoid the pitfalls of launching, marketing, and ultimately, having a kick-ass presence on-line.

  • First off, you’ll learn how to update an existing website that looks incredible as well as being effective in drawing in new customers.

  • Or, you’ll learn how to create a website in the most popular platform that looks incredible and is effective in drawing in new customers.

  • Learn secrets of writing successful blogs that actually show up in Google.

  • How to Start or Pump-Up Your On-line Business Website

  • You’ll learn the do’s and don’ts to keep your reputation spotless.

  • Additionally, you’ll learn what SEO is and how to incorporate SEO for better ranking on Google.

  • Learn WordPress training.

  • Master social media.

  • Marketing tips from the masters.

  • Creating the right energy to attract clients.

  • Attract Visitors by Finding Your Unique Niche

  • Importantly, you’ll get leads on what software works best for getting your site recognized!

  • You’ll be directed to some great suggested resources to help your business grow!

  • And there’s even more!

How the Course Is Formatted

This is an On-line Course. The course will be hosted on our new sister website soon to launch.

You can sign on and off wherever and whenever you wish.

Additionally, you’ll receive access to all the modules at once. And, you’ll be happy to know that there’s no time limit set for completing the course. No stress. No bother!

The training includes:

  • Training via Videos
  • PDF text documents
  • MP3 audio recordings
  • Downloadable worksheets to keep you on track

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