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A Practical Guide to Poltergeists, Ghost Lights, Shadow People, Urban Legends, Haunted Relics, Demons, and More

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Learn all about ghosts and demons. Have you ever heard creepy unaccountable footsteps in the middle of the night? Or, have you experienced household objects that are mysteriously moved or suddenly missing? How about a transparent apparition walking down the stairs? If you’ve had a ghostly encounter, according to a U.S. poll in 2018, you belong to the 60 percent of Americans who have experienced a ghost. 

Since ancient times, people have reported encounters with ghosts. While some rationalize their experiences, others pursue them by trying to capture evidence of their existence. Even more so, people continue to have paranormal experiences that invoke fear and fascination despite what skeptics and the scientific community tell us.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – Why Ghosts Haunt – Unveiling the Truth
Chapter 2 – Residual Hauntings
Chapter 3 – Intelligent Hauntings
Chapter 4 – Poltergeist Hauntings
Chapter 5 – Shadow People
Chapter 6 – Ghost Lights, Orbs, & Mists
Chapter 7 – Elemental Hauntings
Chapter 8 – Haunted Objects: Possessed & Cursed Relics
Chapter 9 – Demonic Hauntings: The Wreakers of Havoc
Chapter 10 – Urban Legends & Ghosts
Chapter 11 – Belief in Ghosts: Science & Skeptics
Chapter 12 – What to Do If You Think You Have a Haunting
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