Psychic Clairvoyance Certification Training

Best Psychic Clairvoyance certification training. Receive complete and total psychic training with the Pathways to Clairvoyance home study course. Learn all about your psychic senses and how we psychically see, how to open the third eye, which is your clairvoyance, the benefits of developing clairvoyance, and what the ancients knew about the hidden power of the Pineal Gland. Also covered is what you may have already experienced in your life as a clairvoyant. Add to that the background history of clairvoyance. More important topics covered are how chakras generate the aura surrounding our body and enhances our psychic viewing.

Additionally, find out how to trust yourself and the image impressions that you receive, and the beginnings of interpreting what is psychically perceived. Walk down the path of advanced psychic training by realizing how thought forms can affect you and others and working with your natural viewing screen. Bonus topics include an introduction to Mediumship, the Akashic Records and astral travel, the sacred merkaba, the flower of life, past lives, and importantly, how to read any oracle deck and give professional psychic readings.

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