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Paranormal books, especially those focused on ghosts and hauntings, cover a wide range of topics. Topics may center on personal experiences and eyewitness accounts to scientific investigations and historical perspectives. Often paranormal books feature personal stories of individuals who claim to have experienced ghostly encounters or hauntings. These accounts can provide a first-hand look at the emotional and psychological impact of such experiences.

Ghost stories often have historical connections. Books may explore haunted locations with dark histories. As a result, ghostly phenomenon could be tied to specific events or individuals from the past.

One paranormal book we offer contains the story of Lincoln’s ghost train.  It is a legend often repeated with the death of President Abraham Lincoln. It’s claimed a phantom train, adorned in black and draped in mourning, carries Lincoln’s body to his final resting place.

According to the legend, in the years following Lincoln’s death,  numerous sightings of a ghostly train have been reported. The train always travels the same route. Witnesses claim to have seen a spectral train moving silently, with a ghostly figure resembling Abraham Lincoln visible inside. The apparition is said to be accompanied by a funeral procession, complete with mourners and a hearse.

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