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Weekend Intensives
I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that I've thoroughly enjoyed your classes. Lily S., Phoenix, AZ
Thank you so very much for developing this class and holding it in Scottsdale. I learned so much and met such wonderful and interesting people. It's laughable now to have been apprehensible and fearful of my classmates and instructor. Thank you for creating this gathering. I look forward to your next class Jane F., New Mexico, September 2013
I just wanted to say THANKS for a thoroughly enjoyable & resource-filled weekend. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, gifts and time. I'm eager to see what the future brings. Hope to see you again. Have a safe trip home. Many Blessings to you … with Thanks, Gratitude, Appreciation & Love !!! Bill B., AZ, September 2013
I still cherish the memories of attending Carol's classes. She offers materials and teaching methods that are unique and makes you feel as ease. Alabama has gained a talented and gifted teacher! I highly recommend taking Carol's two-day intensive! Dawn Labertewn, Apache Junction, AZ
What a GREAT class! What an ELECTRIFYING weekend! It really set things off for me. Could really see myself taking your class again, it was so much fun. Wow! What a GREAT group! Thank you so much! Hope to see you soon! Jennifer M., Savannah, GA
You are awsome! You know so much. I sometime think how much there is to learn in this world and still it seems so little. R.G.,Atlanta, G
Graduates from our Walnut Creek, California, Location
I searched for months for the right place to help me understand and develop my Mediumship. I highly recommend Imagine Spirit training! Rhonda, N. C.
Possessing exceptional mediumistic abilities, Rhonda is one of the most gifted natural mediums I’ve come across. She came to Intuitive Arts to learn how to work harmoniously with her natural Mediumship qualities and how to work with clients.
The program pulled together lots of bits and pieces for me. My income and client base has greatly increased. Sue Chandler, Pleasant Hill, CA

Sue is an exceptional medium, psychic intuitive, and Master Reiki Teacher. Already a practicing intuitive before taking our course, Sue has has counseled many over the last several years. Sue graduated from our program in December 2002 and has really expanded her intuitive business.

As a Massage Therapist, I am attracting more repeat clients than ever before. I can truly say I am an Intuitive Life Counselor. Jan Tait, CMT- Graduated in December

Jan, also a December 2002 graduate, is a Certified Massage Therapist and Spiritual Counselor. Jan wasn’t quite sure if she had the right stuff to take our program and was greatly pleased with her marvelous progress and development. She also discovered inherent psychic gifts she didn’t know she had! Jan is an excellent channel, healer, and well-being practitioner. Jan says she now feels she is a true spiritual counselor and feels her practice as a massage therapist has been greatly enhanced by completing the course.

Coming to class was always the bright spot of my week. Carol helped me to put form and confidence into what abilities I thought I had. I even discovered new ones! Jon Julson - Graduated in May of 2003

I just received sad word from Cindy Eyler that Jon has passed on. He was one of the most beautiful souls I ever knew. I know Jon is doing great work in Spirit.

Carol, 2011

Graduates from Other Programs
Imagine Spirit classes accelerated my knowledge, growth, and confidence in my abilities to perceive spirit world. The one on one contact and ability to ask questions, take the time necessary and learn this material, were very important in learning about the spirit world and how it operates and seeing my own abilities to interact with it. I was astonished at the abilities these classes helped me to realize that I have. Louisa Landers — Graduated Mediumship
A thrilling, sometimes chilling and wholly satisfying course. Carol promised that her course would be a life changing experience, and it definitely was in so many wonderful ways. After graduating from Carol's Mediumship Course, I´ve learned to trust my intuition and I'm getting accurate information from the Spirit world. What could be more important in life? Carol is a gifted teacher. I have three university degrees and have taken many classes. Carol's classes are always fun, interesting and challenging. I highly recommend her programs to anyone wanting to become a true medium! Vicki P., College Professor, Tempe, AZ
I recently took the 12 week course on Mediumship offered by Imagine Spirit and taught by Carol Nicholson. I took the course to learn more about Mediumship in general and to explore my own abilities. To say that I was a novice at the beginning of the course is an understatement. Carol is very knowledgeable and well versed on the entire subject. She taught not only the techniques that work best for her, but also those which everyone can relate to and easily master. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn and grow in their Mediumship training. Patricia Martin, Corporate Analyst— Graduated Mediumship
More Students...

  • Cindy Eyler, Professional Psychic – Graduated May of 2003
  • Katherine Bell,- Professional Psychic/Clairvoyant – Graduated in October 2004
  • Larry Rasnake, Professional Chef – Graduated October 2004 – 100 Hours
  • Olivia De Moss, Artist – Graduated October 2004 – 100 Hours
  • Cecile Randall, Reiki Master, Literary Agent – 50 Hours – Graduated July 2004
  • Cheryl H., Corporate Professional – Graduated July 2004 – 50 Hours
  • Apryl Lewis, Master Healer – Graduated May 2003 – 100 Hours
  • Sara M., Master Healer and L.T, MS. – Graduated May 2003 – Mediumship
  • Joy S., PHd. – Dr. of Philosophy – Graduated December 2002 – 100 Hours
  • Viven Neves, Lawyer, Graduated December 2002 – 100 Hours
  • Paolo Colosimo, Reiki Professional – Graduated December 2002 – 100 Hours
  • Laura Galvin, Healer and Massage Therapist – Graduated December 2002 – 100 Hours

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