Grief at the holidays

Missing Deceased Loved Ones at the Holidays

Do You Miss Loved Ones at Holiday Season or Anytime?

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The holiday season can be both a happy and a sad time for some–especially those who have lost a family member, significant other, or a dear friend. Then it can be quite painful. It might even cause thoughts of suicide for some. Might I offer you some comfort and let you know that your loved ones are with you even if you can’t see or sense them. And, there is a way which can help you through the holidays if this is a difficult time for you.

Remembering back to the year my mother died in June of 2001,  I was dreading the approaching Christmas season. Mom had always made Christmas wonderful with her enthusiasm, sunny disposition, and warmth. We could always look forward to the approaching festivities with a house filled with bright Christmas decorations and, of course, great food. She was also an accomplished organist and from my earliest memories, we all stood around the massive Hammond organ and sang Christmas Carols on Christmas Eve. My brothers would play the guitar and my sister and I sang. It was really an old fashioned Christmas and those times were gone!

My father (now also deceased) was not faring well at the time of my mother’s passing as he was suffering from dementia. However, it seemed he understood that mom was no longer with us. Yes, it was going to be a hard Christmas.

I stayed with Dad that Christmas and we drove to my brother’s beautiful home on Christmas Eve. We did the usual reminiscing about Christmases past and tried to have a good time. When it was time to leave, we passed my brother’s sunken living room where the big organ was residing (we couldn’t bear to sell it). All of a sudden I noticed, in the side chair by the organ, my mother sitting there. It only lasted for a second and I wasn’t sure if I really saw her or not. But in that split second I felt her loving energy as well. Then I knew. I chuckled to myself. It was mom. She wouldn’t miss Christmas with the family for anything! Even from the other side.


My Niece Following Our Family Musical Tradition

From one of our Psychic Insight Newsletters

The holiday season can be a difficult time for people due to many reasons. One of the primary reasons is because a close family member or loved one has died. I  miss my parents at holidays. My mother always made Thanksgiving and Christmas for us kids festive with lots of decorations, food, and laughter. All my siblings would make a great effort to be there no matter where they lived. Because my mother has now passed, we seem to be drifting further apart every year.

I miss my mother and father greatly but have some tools to help me when feeling very low about my parents being gone. This same idea helps anyone with depression and loss; especially at a holiday time.

When working with Mediumship students, I start with letting them know that spirits are not in a place far far away but are actually residing very near to the earth plane. I tell them to think of deceased loved ones as being in the next room where they can feel their essence and hear them speak–to remember what their voice sounded like–what they might be doing. This same idea helps anyone with feelings of depression and loss; especially at a holiday time.

Another way to connect with loved ones in spirit is  close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting in a chair with your loved one(s) in another chair and have a conversation with them. You can do this for a few moments every day.So, if you are missing a loved one this holiday season, or at any time, just know they are really with you. Our loved ones watch over us all during the year as well. Say hello or whatever you wish to tell them. They will hear you! I hope this little story helps those who are feeling grief, loss, or are feeling sad during these holidays.


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