Advanced Mediumship 6-Week Training Program

Intermediate to Advanced Levels Welcome


Learn How to Creatively  & Successfully

Market Your Mediumship Services for Abundance

Learn and Master the Step-By-Step Process of Authentic Spirit Communication for Advancing Your Current Skills


As the Basic class is now closed, we are now opening registration for the Advanced Level which will involve much interactive work and spirit circle time. The Advanced class is for those who have already been doing some form of Mediumship.

This advanced level of training is highly interactive with an emphasis on intensive quality circle work in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. You will be able to practice your spirit communication skills like never before and with like-minded people!

You will be listed on our Graduate Directory. You will be sent a printed certificate and you will also be sent a downloadable special Seal of Certification that you can display on your website, Blog, or any marketing materials.


6 Week Course for Advanced Training

Prerequisites: Prior Knowledge and Practice as a Medium


For new class attendees, receive a PDF electronic copy of our Complete & Total Mediumship Training Handbook. For $20 additional, we will ship a printed copy to you. This is invoiced separately.


  • Highly affordable with the best quality teaching
  • Your instructor has 30+ years experience
  • Easy to follow weekly lessons with live mentoring
  • Work with like-minded students
  • Begin or increase your business as a Medium
  • Get listed on our Directory of Graduates
  • Invitation to join our forum for additional practice
  • In our 10th year of teaching this program

The Goals for the Advanced Mediumship Module Overview


An important part of this program is helping you to overcome any fear of doing readings for others, learning how to handle difficult situations while doing readings, and ultimately becoming the highly sought after medium  you have always wanted to be!


Every great medium spends time meditating. They will all tell you consistent meditation is an integral and ongoing part of Mediumship mastery. In this advanced program, we will be spending at least 10 minutes in meditation and then sharing prior to opening the spirit circle part of the evening.


Included in our advanced level training, you will confidently and consistently improve your abilities to connect with spirits and trust the information received from them. You will experience intensive  development circle time and on-the-spot mentoring from Carol Nicholson all throughout. You will sharpen your various psychic skills and learn advanced Mediumship techniques that are new and helpful. You will develop sure-fire multi-faceted methods of Spirit communication and how to specifically work more closely with a special Mediumship Helper Guide during each reading to provide better spirit validation skills. We will be covering how to hold a séance, starting development circles, rescuing spirits, and reading photographs.

Enhance All Your Psychic Skills

The skills you are taught in this course will increase in all your intuitive centers’ functionality. As a part of this, you will strengthen  the psychic skills you naturally possess and possibly discover new ones. So, if you are wanting to power up your skills, uncover new ones, and develop them to much higher levels, this course will definitely take you there.

Bonus: Free Marketing Guide Download

Receive a Free Marketing Guide showing you how to either get started in your business or how to enhance and grow your current practice. You will additionally receive a cover and The Glossary of Terms as a download. The Glossary of Terms and Marketing Guide will always be a download file upon registration and not printed and shipped.

Picture Yourself Giving Readings with Confidence

spirit-readi32This module teaches a much higher level of achievement and confidence with the Spirit Communication skills you have learned.

Forge a greater connection with your Gatekeeper guide who helps you manage the spirits coming in and provides even greater protection as you work with the spirit world. You will be giving readings to others with Carol walking you through the process step-by-step. Eventually, you will be forming spirit linkages quickly and do readings with accuracy.

What Makes this Program Different from Others?



Psychic/Medium-Teacher-Author, Trainer
Paranormal Researcher

Carol Nicholson has been a professional Medium for over thirty years and and has taught hundreds of classes and students just like you. Training others in the true art of Mediumship requires maturity, understanding, special teaching techniques, and having conducted hundreds of sessions with Spirits. Most people teaching on-line today do not have this level of expertise.

Achieving Certification & Mastery Certificates

Two types of certificates are offered:

Advanced Level NEW Students Will Receive a Certificate of Mastery

Previous Home Study Students Will Receive a Certificate of Mastery

Previous Phone Students Will Receive Advanced Certification

Upon completion, you will be listed on our directory and a real certificate as well as your official seal will be sent to you electronically.