Mediumship Training Course Sample

Lesson 1 Excerpts

The Mediumship Home Study Certification sample lesson reveals the beginnings of authentic Mediumship Development along with a recorded exercise from the actual course.

Moving Across the Veil Where Spirits Dwell
Mediumship Home Study Cover

“A medium is a connecting link between this physical world and the world of Spirit. Anyone can learn to act as that link. Anyone can become a medium.”
~Lady Ann M. Burdock 19th Century Medium


How to Take This Course


Practicing Spirit Communication throughout the Course.

Lesson 1

Important Definitions What is a Medium?

Why Become a Medium

Why People Seek Out a Medium The Spirit’s Point of View Categories of Mediums

The Difference between a Medium and a Psychic

The Two Most Common Forms of Mediumship We Practice Today Benefits of Developing Mediumship

What Happens In Our Bodies?

“The “Clairs” We Use to Communicate with Spirits Developmental Exercises and Activities

Lesson 2

Learning Your Craft

The Essentials of Mediumship Development, Grounding, Cleansing, Protecting, Breath Work, and Meditation

About Running Energy

Creating a Sacred Space is a Nice Touch

The Importance of Opening and Closing Prayers in Mediumship Working with Issues of Fear

In Summary

Developmental Exercises and Activities

Lesson 3

Making Your First Contact Exercise

Setting Your Intention for Doing the Work We Have Many Bodies

Our Psychic Energy Centers – The Chakras Safely Opening and Closing the Psychic Centers Running Energy

The Aura–Our Amazing Human Energy Field Developmental Exercises and Activities

Lesson 4

The God Source and Cosmic Planes of Consciousness

Our Spirit Guides Who Help Us—Inner and Outer Band of Guides Where We Go After Death

The Planes of Existence

The Angelic Realm and Mediumship The Angelic Hierarchy

Nature Spirits and the Elemental Kingdoms Developmental Exercises and Activities

Lesson 5

Your Mediumship Outer Band of Guides More about Mental Mediumship

The “Clairs” Used in Mental Mediumship Help. Spirits are Overwhelming Me!

Introduction to Physical Mediumship Final Notes for Chapter Five Developmental Exercises and Activities

Lesson 6

A Short History of Clairvoyance What Is Clairvoyance?

Famous Clairvoyants of the Past and in Modern Times When do We Become Clairvoyant?

Removing Blocks and Releasing Any Repressed Fears Rolling Up the Eyes for Strengthening the Third Eye Opening the Pineal Center and Light Activation Building a Viewing Screen

Developmental Exercises and Activities

Lesson 7

The Three Main Ingredients for Successful Communication How to Identify a Spirit for Validation

Overview of Making Spirit Contact What Overshadowing Is

Linking to a Spirit-About Imagination Using Symbols to Link with Spirits Building Your Library of Symbols Developmental Exercises and Activities

Lesson 8

What Earthbound Spirits Are Earthbound Spirit Attachments Bogus Spirit Guides

Spirit Rescue and Clearance Methods Clearing a Home or Business Space Spirit Rescue Example

Developmental Exercises and Activities

Lesson 9

How to Start Your Own Home or On-Line Mediumship Circle A Few Circle Activates to Practice With

When a Circle Meeting Goes Bust

Variations to Circles and Suggested Activities Pitfalls in Advanced Mediumship Development

Negative Thought Forms of Others and Psychic Attacks Important Things to Know for Holding a Professional Séance Using Divination Objects in a Séance

Platform Mediumship

A Suggested Séance Step by Step How to Conduct an Easy Circle

Developmental Exercises and Activities

Lesson 10

Using Psychometry About Automatic Writing

About Inspirational Writing

What Billets Are What Scrying Is

Developmental Exercises and Activities

Lesson 11

A Short History of Spirit Photography

Reading a “Spirit” Photograph (Not to be confused with viewing a picture of a ghost.)

Inspirational Channeling

Healing Mediumship, Trance Mediumship, Becoming a Physical Medium Working with Your Control (Spirit Operator)

How a Spirit Control Works with a Physical Medium Table Tipping

About Prejudice and Personal Attacks in Regards to Mediumship Developmental Exercises and Activities

Lesson 12

Mediumship Code of Ethics Living in the Flow Universal Laws

Suggested Book List…………………………………………………………………………………………… 380

How to Become Certified After Taking the Complete Course…………………………………… 382



“Never utter these words: ‘I do not know this;
therefore it’s false.”
“One must study to know, know to understand,
understand to judge.”
(Hindu Philosopher)

Welcome to an amazing home study training course for the complete development of Mediumship. It’s no secret that Mediumship is a hot topic. It has not always been so. Like many, I struggled to do my psychic work and not be considered by mainstream society weird or unnatural. Therefore, I shared my activities with only close confidants, students, and of course, clients.

Now with the help of television and mediums who have become well known, we psychics and mediums can do our work openly and with pride.

I always feel such joy when my students complete a class and gain certification. That’s when I know I’ve done my job. While it’s true that some students start out with a wee bit of trepidation, as time goes on, their abilities and skill sets increase .

Finally, remember to have an open mind and believe in yourself. Just by adhering to these two principles, you’ll be taking quantum leaps in your training. If your development seems slow or if you feel you don’t seem to be making headway, give it time. It’s common at first for a student to think progress is slow or believes nothing is happening. Then one day, it all clicks together. That’s when the focus and dedication to study has become worthwhile. My students hear me say this often:

“Trust in this. Trust in yourself. And, most of all TRUST what you get!”

Practicing Spirit Communication

Throughout this course, you will learn a great deal about the art of Spirit communication. You may be wondering, “When do I practice Spirit communicating with all the reading I must do?” The answer is simple. Throughout the course and during meditation, you can practice seeing and communicating with Spirits. Significantly, having a group or someone to practice with, is your best way to learn true spirit communication skills and to monitor your progress.

  1. Start working with a group of like-minded people to practice with on a weekly basis. You may need to start a group yourself if you can’t find a good one. How to start a development circle is covered later in the course. Some people even start on-line groups and use a phone conference line. I used, However, please remember that this course is not to be copied or sent to others.
  2. During your daily meditations, practice calling in Spirits and see what happens. Above all, always be sure to incorporate the suggested protection techniques that you learn in this course and always express gratitude to the Spirit World.


Topics in this Lesson:

Important Definitions
What A Medium Is
The Benefits for Developing Mediumship
Why People Seek Out a Medium
The Astral Plane
The Veil
The Psychic Senses or “Clairs”
Developmental Exercises and Activities


Astral Plane: A dimension where souls transcend after death.
Circle or Séance: Where a group gathers to contact Spirits.
Earthbound Spirit: A spirit that has not crossed over to the Astral Plane.
Incarnate: Someone who is presently alive on the earth plane.
Karma: The total of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding circumstances in future incarnations.
Monad: The origination source of all souls.
Occult: Often misunderstood as being negative, this term simply means “knowledge that is hidden.”
Sitter(s): Person(s) receiving the messages from the medium.
Spirit/Discarnate: Someone who is no longer living on the physical earth plane,
Veil: Dimensional thin membrane of ether which separates the living from the deceased.

The Definition of a Medium from Miriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary

(4) c: GO-BETWEEN; INTERMEDIARY: an individual held to be a channel of communication between the earthly world and the world of Spirits.

What a Medium Is

A medium’s sole function is to relay messages from the World of Spirits to the living. Simply put, a medium is the go-between, or pipeline, of communication between discarnate entities and incarnate persons. By using the psychic centers, an adequately trained medium can communicate with the dimensional plane where Spirits reside. We will touch on these centers later in this lesson.

Mediumship, as with any other natural ability is in no way an indication of superiority over others. For numerous helpful reasons, Mediumship is a God-given gift. And, let’s be clear on this. One does not need to be naturally gifted with Mediumship abilities to develop the capability to communicate with spirits.

Why Become a Medium?

Why would someone wish to communicate with the dead? The answer for many is clear. Spirit communication helps bring back that which seems to have become separated and lost through what we term death. With the help of the medium, interaction with the deceased can offer encouragement and proof that the love and other emotions present upon passing is not irrevocably lost but survives after the body has stopped breathing and the brain registers no brainwave response. We in the field of Mediumship understand that individuals do not die; they continue consciousness in another dimension very close to our own.

Mediums Offer comfort and Assurance

A developed medium can offer assurance and hopefully bring peace and closure for a person seeking to contact a loved one passed by imparting validation that the seeker’s relation or friend is not gone but is indeed alive and conscious on another plane of existence.

Having the desire to do this beautiful work is why many people take this course. There is an inner calling to pursue this fantastic subject to facilitate communication with the other side for personal reasons, spiritually growth, and to comfort others.

Also, I wish to mention that not all people who eventually train in Mediumship planned to do so early on. Not all practicing mediums felt the calling at a young age. For many of us, we headed in one direction early in life, and then for various reasons, decide to pursue another path. I know people who began their 40s, 50s, and even 60s.

Developing Mediumship Provides Numerous Benefits

Mediumship has a variety of important reasons for being an integral part of an individual who has come into this lifetime with strong natural Mediumship abilities or who have the desire to learn and develop mastery of Mediumship.

Here are a few reasons:

Revelation: There is an innate understanding that this ability is a precious instrument for revealing universal truths about the Divine, the immortality of the soul, Universal Laws, the continuing consciousness of the Spirit, and the actual existence of an afterlife. We begin to comprehend that the information coming through can only be from the deceased which is proof that life goes on and this is not all just wishful thinking.

Healing: Important information is provided to individuals who need guidance for their spiritual progress and feel a calling to get the information out to the world about the actual existence of spiritual planes. There are volumes of books, holy and otherwise, about a possible afterlife. Our purpose here is not to initiate philosophical or religious arguments, but to relay relevant information about the World of Spirits and their connection to us, the living.

Karma: Before individuals enter into the physical state from the Spirit, it’s thought that choices are made as to the manner with which to accomplish spiritual lessons during an incarnation. Those who’ve chosen Mediumship as that means, have an opportunity to balance out some of their karmic debt. Karmic debt is eased by compassionately using their Mediumship abilities to help and comfort others.

Why People Seek Out a Medium

This answer is very similar to the explanation above but in reverse. Individuals visiting a medium are seeking comfort and some verifiable information that assures them their deceased loved one is still alive and happy in their new state of being. They want to hear, “It’s really me. I am here with you, and I am OK!” Does this mean the Spirit or deceased loved one will always come through in a Mediumship Circle or private session? Not necessarily. Does this say they don’t care? No. It only signals that they may not be able to communicate at that time. In fact, another discarnate Spirit or relative might show up instead.

It’s understandable that this can be upsetting for any person strongly desiring to contact a loved one and it’s hard for them to understand. If a Spirit, for any number of reasons, is not able to communicate during a prearranged sitting, the spirit will most likely attempt communication later in some other way.

Why Spirits Communicate with the Living

Why would a Spirit wish to communicate with their loved ones left behind? Let me ask you a question. If you were to die and were given the opportunity to contact your loved ones, do you think you would want to? Do you think you might have an important message to give? The answer for most of us is, yes.

Departed loved ones have messages they wish to relay. Some might be urgent, some asking for forgiveness, and some meant to comfort and provide loving reassurance. There are no absolute rules or guidelines on what Spirits might wish to convey from the other side. Remember, they are still alive in their new dimension with the same thoughts and feelings they had while living on earth.

Furthermore, in many cases when a Spirit  comes through a medium, they have unfinished business they want to help resolve. Maybe their purpose for coming through is to make some amends. Perhaps they’re aware the family is in dire financial straits and want to help. Possibly the passing was sudden and important words left unsaid. The one thing spirits do not do, for the most part, is to give some message of hate or disgust. The reasons are unique to each situation and are as varied as the number of stars in the heavens.

Think about Additional Reasons

Think on this and jot down some of some additional reasons you think a Spirit might wish to communicate with loved ones. What pops into your head may surprise or even make you chuckle. For example, a spirit wants their loved ones to dig up the family silver buried in the basement…

Welcome back! As you may have surmised, the reasons a Spirit wishes to communicate to the living are varied.

Spirits Sometimes Attempt Communication On their Own

Often, when a loved one has died, their spirit may attempt communication with their loved ones on earth. They frequently try and communicate through dreams, moving family objects around, leaving a familiar scent associated with them, or other signals just to be noticed. However, the living, in the depths of grief, cannot see, sense, or hear the loved one. As a consequence, relatives miss the opportunity of knowing their loved one is near.

When a medium comes into the picture, it’s easier for the Spirit to communicate their messages through the medium.  This input comes through various psychic energy channels called “Clairs.” We’ll cover the “Clairs” later in this lesson.

Showing Seance Room for Imagine Spirit Mediumship Training and Certification.

Distinctions between a Medium, a Psychic, a Channel, and a Mystic

Definition of a Medium:

A Medium is literally, an intermediary between those in the spirit world and the living on earth.

Definition of a Psychic:

A Psychic is an individual that uses their innate or developed sixth sense abilities to give an intuitive reading to another person by tuning in with that person’s energy field. In doing so, the psychic can offer up accurate information to help the individual in their life’s journey by offering insight into pressing issues or to provide overall guidance. Specifically, Psychics usually deal with aspects of the past, present, and future or a special situation. Again, a medium primarily communicates with the deceased. In particular, mediums can also be a trained psychic, but not all psychics choose to train as a medium. In fact, many psychics do have mediumistic abilities, but choose not to develop them.

Definition of a Channel:

A Channel is an individual who can access what we term higher beings thus receiving and passing along information. These could be from ascended master teachers, Spirit Guides, angels, or our higher self. Importantly, this information is primarily transmitted for the good of humankind and imparts lessons and addresses questions of a spiritual nature. Channels are similar to mediums in that the act of channeling can occur while either in a light conscious state or while in a conscious state of trance.

Also, messages are often relayed verbally channeled, or in some cases, obtained by means such as automatic writing (covered in Lesson 10), and even an *Ouija board. (e.g., The Michael Teachings were channeled to a group with an Ouija board, the Seth materials were channeled through Jane Roberts while her husband took dictation. Add to this, the teachings of Ramtha, that were channeled through J. Z. Knight.)

Edgar Cayce:

An interesting side note: Many have labeled Edgar Cayce (1877− 1945), ‘America’s Sleeping Prophet’ a trance medium. Cayce, by his own admission, did not consider himself to be a medium. In fact, he distanced himself from Mediumship. The exception to this was during WWI. When several of his former Sunday school students were killed in action in Europe, Cayce channeled messages from them to the families he knew so well. The bottom line is that Edgar Cayce was a Trance Channel.

Definition of a Mystic:

A Mystic is a person who devoutly follows a mystical path. Mysticism is about finding one’s personal experience with God (the Divine Source) through serious and lifelong study as well as deep inner soul searching. Additionally, a mystic will utilize some form of ritual to help them create potent divine revelations and can produce manifestations of power and prophecy. The legendary French seer, Nostradamus (1503 –1566), is an excellent example of someone practicing mysticism. Not surprisingly, there are both positive and dark sides to the world of the Mystic. It’s a matter of choice which road someone chooses to follow.

Mysticism is not about religion. It’s merely a means selected for the independent study of occult practices. On one side of the coin, a few mystics have become foundational leaders for world religions such as Buddha and Jesus of Nazareth. By choosing to follow their own spiritual pathway and the sacrifices they endured, they brought about teachings of peace, love and ultimately established the world religions of Christianity and Buddhism.

More Definitions:


The Astral Plane is one of the many planes that souls experience from the initial descent from the Monad to ultimately incarnating into a human existence on earth.

It’s easy to think that the Astral Plane is far away, like a planet or even another galaxy. It’s not. To begin with, the Astral Plane is the next dimension from the earth. It’s separated from our 3-dimensional existence by its vibrational levels of a much higher frequency. In fact, the Astral interpenetrates our own 3-dimensional earth plane. Knowing this, you can better comprehend that the souls who reside in the spirit world of the astral are not far away but are always close to the living. As Medium, you will need to understand and remember this central concept. It’s, in fact, part of the foundation of Mediumship. And, it’s the reason Mediums can communicate with Spirits.

There are numerous levels of gradation of the Astral Plane. At its basest level, souls riddled by depravity and malevolent intentions reside. Importantly, the good news is that when these souls ask for help or repent for their previous evil ways, they can ascend to a higher vibration.


Summerland is the name coined by Emmanuel Swedenborg for describing the Astral level that most human spirits move to at death. Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772) inspired Andrew Jackson Davis (1826–1910), in his major work The Great Harmonia, to say that Summerland is the pinnacle of human spiritual achievement in the afterlife; that is, it’s the highest level, or ‘sphere’, of the afterlife we can hope to enter.

C.W. Leadbeater, Theosophist, also taught that those who were good in their previous earthly incarnation went to a place called Summerland between incarnations.


The Veil separates us from the astral plane where spirits dwell.

More traditional Spiritualists and others believe a Veil, or barrier, exists between earth and the spirit world. It’s believed that the Veil is where Spirit and Matter meet. The Veil is best defined as a shift in energy between heavy physical matter and the lighter spiritual matter. With proper training, almost anyone can mentally penetrate the Veil for purposes of accessing Spirits and initiating Spirit communication.

The Psychic Senses or “Clairs”

The Clairs We Use to Communicate with Spirits

Mediumship development and practice is initially brought about through conscious training and expansion of the “Clair” senses. “Clair” in French means “clear.” This term has been commonly used for about 150 years to describe the various psychic centers.
Additionally, you’ll learn in future lessons that our psychic centers are fueled by our chakras which will be explained in detail.


Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairaulience or Clair-scent, Clairtangency, Clairgustance, and Clair-empathy

The meanings of the above listed senses vary somewhat differently from established meanings for the psychic senses as you’ll learn next.

Clairvoyance: (Clear-seeing)

Clairvoyance is the ability to see spirit images. It describes the visual information received from the spirit, or spirit guide helper, communicating. Connecting with the medium’s aura, the spirit will impress their presence on the medium’s mind. When the medium receives these impressions in their brain, the images are converted into forms the medium can recognize and interpret.

There are two kinds of Clairvoyance:

  1. Seeing images in the mind (subjective)
  2.  Seeing people, places, and events with the physical eyes that others cannot (objective)

Additionally, the ability of clairvoyance is directly related to the third eye area also known as the 6th chakra center. This region is right above the eyebrows in the middle of the forehead.

In Mediumship, pictures which pop into your inner vision can be a spirit individual communicating, a spirit guide, or represent symbols. These symbols represent meanings of communications sent via thought forms from other dimensions, e.g. the Spirit realm. On some occasions, the medium will see a light or flashes of lights.


Images or impressions of images can be an archetype (a universal symbol most recognize such as the symbol for a man or woman), colors, still-frame picture slides or even an animated scene much like a movie. This image might remain for a few seconds or longer. Initially, it’s easiest to see pictures with your eyes closed. As you further develop your clairvoyance channel, you may be able to perceive pictures with your eyes open.

Later in this course is an entire lesson devoted to the psychic sense of Clairvoyance and the development of clairvoyance. Specifically, you’ll learn how to use this faculty in Mediumship sessions.

Clairaudience: (Clear-hearing)

The psychic sense of Clairaudience refers to the sense of psychic hearing spirit impressions in the form of sound. Spirits telepathically transmit thoughts to the medium. Upon receiving these transmissions, the medium then interprets the messages and relays them to the sitter (the person getting the reading).

Claircognizance: (Clear-knowing)

The term Claircognizance translates to “clear” knowing. What this means is that one ‘just knows’ something without prior knowledge of a situation. There are no words heard, no images are received. However, the information is there instantaneously, and the medium trusts it as being pertinent.

Clairsentience: (Clear-feeling)

Clairsentience in Mediumship is means that the Medium has the ability to feel the spirit’s presence. When the Medium is clairsentiently feeling the spirit, they will experience bodily conditions, emotions, personality, and overall character of the spirit communicating.

The following sensations listed are just a few examples of what might be experienced by a clairsentient medium:

  • A tickling sensation on the body when connecting with a Spirit. This usually involves the face, hands, or neck although it can be noticed in other parts of the body.
  • Hairs on the back of the neck standing on end when a Spirit is close by.
  • A sensation on the left side of the face when talking with a Spirit as energy enters through the left side of the body (right brain) and extends through to the right side.
  • Pressure or fluttering sensations in the solar plexus gut area.
  • Heaviness or pressure in the chest or head area.
  • Feeling drafts, breezes, or unusual coldness.
  • An intuitive sense that in somewhere in the room a Spirit, guide, or angel is present.

Objective Clairsentience

Objective Clairsentience is when the spirit superimposes their own conditions onto the Medium. This means that the Medium’s body is physically experiencing how the Spirit died or the type of discomfort and pain felt in their last hours. This is an excellent way of validation and identification of the Spirit who is communicating these sensations. A few examples of this are presented here:

  • The medium experiences heaviness in the chest and deduces that the Spirit is trying to convey they died from a heart attack or a crushed chest resulting from an accident…
  • There’s perhaps a sensation of a severe headache or constriction about the head which could be indicative of a head injury in a fatal accident or perhaps brain cancer…
  • Troubled breathing could indicate the Spirit died from pneumonia or emphysema.
    And so forth…

One interesting part of exhibiting Objective Clairsentience is that a Medium may temporarily take on familiar facial expressions, personality traits, and gestures that spirit exhibited in life. Of course, this is not considered spirit possession.

Clair-empathy: (Clear-emotion)

Clair-empathy often gets confused with Clairsentience. An empath is a person who can psychically experience the emotional state of a person, place, or even an animal. Simply said, claim empathy is feeling the emotions of a Spirit. The empathic medium has the ability to receive information as to the Spirit’s emotional state at death. This can be tricky for a beginning medium to deal with.

The Lesser Known “Clairs”

Clairgustance: (Clear-taste)

Clairgustance is being aware of exotic tastes you experience without having put anything physically in the mouth. This sensation of taste can often be linked to a Spirit on the other side. Those who possess this ability and are able to perceive the essence of a substance from the Spiritual realms know without a shadow of doubt it something sent from Spirit. For example, a medium which has a strong taste of garlic in their mouth and mentions this to a client (or person sitting for the session). The client might excitedly exclaim, “I think that’s my Italian grandmother. She loved to cook with a lot of garlic!” Get the gist?

Clairaulience or Clairscent: (Clear-smell)

Sometimes referred to as clairscent, Clairaulience is the ability whereby smell sensitive people can detect the familiar odor of the individual who is in Spirit. They can sometimes become aware of pipe or cigarette tobacco, perfume smells, or spicy smells as if they are coming from a kitchen. It’s always important to report what you are getting when noticing aromas even though it doesn’t make sense or seem to fit in with what already you’ve received regarding information about the spirit.

Clairtangency or Psychometry: (Clear-touch or feel)

Clairtangency is also known as Psychometry. It’s the ability to handle an object or touch an area and perceive through the palms of the hands and fingertips information about the article or location such as its history or facts about previous owners unknown to the medium. There is a link from information gathered by doing Psychometry to the Akashic Records. Check my website or blog for more details about this astral link.

Note: Read about the empirical work of J.B. Rhine, Duke University who finally convinced science that telepathy and ESP is a real phenomenon. 

When doing psychometry, you might experience one or more of the following:

  • A tingly sensation when holding the object
  • Experience emotional or other kinds of feelings
  • See pictures in your mind of people, places, things, and events
  • Smell strong odors
  • Relay information not previously known to you and is verified by the individual that provided the object, etc.

Sample Table 1. Showing Mediumship Attributes
Table Lists Attributes of Spirit Mediums

Activities Sample:

  1. In two or three sentences, describe the reasons you wish to pursue the study of Mediumship,
  2. At this stage of your development, what kind of medium do you think you would like to be?


You’ll read time and time again throughout this course, the best way to receive information from the Spirit realm, or Spirit entities is to relax, focus your attention inward, and passively receive what comes through. The more you strain or try to force it, the more difficult if not downright frustrating, the effort becomes.

Take the Guided Meditation Profile next to assess your current “Clair” abilities.

Answer the questions on the Profile to the best of your ability. Remember to be truthful. This exercise is only for you to use as a guide post. Make sure you choose a time where you won’t be interrupted. Turn off all phones; make sure kids are settled, etc. With each part of the exercise, spend a few moments with each activity presented.

Note: Not all the “Clairs” you’ve learned about are represented in the exercise.

There’s no grading system involved. All the psychic “Clairs” are important Not one is better or more prestigious for communicating with Spirits than another! ALL mediums have various levels of 6th sense strengths and weaknesses.

Listen to the recording of the next guided meditation. Then fill out the quiz. This is sole for you to assess your strongest to weakest “Clairs”. As you move through the course, these can shift as you develop more. Please know that there are no right or wrong answers.

This exercise is also written out in the handout that you received.

After listening to the recording, complete the Profile on the next page. Single print this page if you wish. Remember that there’re no right or wrong answers.


Find out your strongest to weakest psychic senses, also known as the Clairs.

After completing the self-quiz and doing activities suggested, you can
begin Lesson 2.


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