Complete and Total Mediumship Training

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With our course you will receive step-by-step training for initiating spirit contact. You will find out what kind of a medium YOU are and the essentials for safely making solid spirit contact. Start communicating with spirits right away. Training you can truly trust!

You will learn who your special spirit helper guides are and how to connect them. How to start your own development circle. Learn how to give excellent Mediumship readings,. Learn what to do if you get stuck and how to obtain validating evidence.

Fantastic resources included such as Live Class recordings for each week to follow along with as you work through the course,  quality recorded exercises, YouTube movies, and the handbook files for electronic devices, and help from Carol upon request!

What would you do to achieve your dream of becoming a Medium that clients flock to? Would like to learn how to do readings in person, by email, or over the phone? Watch our movie!


Our course is a comprehensive step-by-step easy to read 12-Lesson home program that was carefully crafted for the absolute beginner as well as the advanced level practitioner. The handbook contains 320 pages of accumulated secrets and tips that Professional Psychic-Medium, Carol Nicholson, has garnered over the last 30+ years. Techniques and exercises are presented clearly and easy to psychically develop with. You can listen to a REAL live class as you work through the course.

Carol has combined traditional Spiritualist spirit contact methods with New Millennium concepts so you will have the best of both worlds. Our one of a kind course will definitely provide you with the means to achieve your dreams and goals for eventually doing Professional Mediumship readings just like the famous mediums you see on TV and on-stage!


• eBook of Entire Course
• Recorded Live Class MP3s
• Beautifully Recorded MP3 Exercises
• Easy to Learn Great Content


What makes this course different? For starters, it has been compiled from the expertise and training garnered by  professional medium and teacher Carol Nicholson, with over thirty years experience! You’ll receive tutoring on how to give a professional Mediumship reading from start to finish with confidence. It will teach you how to give messages, relay evidential validation, and proof to your client or in gallery readings. Some of our  graduated students are already making a name for themselves as excellent Gallery Mediums.


Learn at your own pace in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Start and stop when you wish. Help is always available!

Perfect for those that have no Mediumship training classes nearby. No weekly deadline to submit homework. Save on time, travel, and gas.

Take as long as you wish to complete the course. Certification is easy.

You do NOT have to become certified to enjoy the benefits of taking this course!

Bonus PDF’s included FREE are a Basic Ghost Hunting Guide and a Metaphysical Glossary!

By the end of the course, you will able to do Mediumship readings, conduct real Séances, and facilitate your own development circles. Work with the Angels in a session, be able to provide validation, cross spirits to the light, conduct seances, and more! When you become certified, you can join our forum and ask questions from other graduated students.



We suggest you read through the entire Lesson 1 for the complete curriculum of course topics and to get a feel for the course. Don’t see the course? Hit F5 on your computer or refresh your page and it will load.

On a cell phone? Turn your phone sideways to see the text bigger.

I want to say thank you so much for this course. It is so beautiful. Within three weeks of starting, I gave my very first mediumship reading. It has helped me overcome my fears of working with spirits and opened me up to receive angelic energy. It's lovely not to rush and also to be able to come and go as I please within the course. I can’t wait to be certified and take this up as a life path of bringing the love of spirit to others.
~Phoenix M., United Kingdom


Carol Nicholson has been teaching Mediumship and the Psychic Arts for over thirty years. People from all over the globe have attended her in-person seminars.


I recently bought your Mediumship course and would just like to say that I am very impressed with it. I am a natural medium and have taught myself many things with the help of spirit. I am also a practicing medium, doing readings and helping out at different circles. I have been amazed at how wonderful your course is and the exercises are so much more effective than the ones that are being taught in the circles I go to.
~D. K., Sedona, AZ

Curriculum Highlights
  • Different categories of Mediums
  • Find out what kind of Medium you are
  • Take the Mediumship Profile Quiz
  • Explanations of psychic abilities
  • How to do real Mediumship readings
  • What to do when you get stuck
  • About your hidden stumbling blocks
  • How to overcome fears
  • How to stay clear & energized
  • Crystals that enhance development
  • Special Spirit Helper Guides
  • Know when you are connected
  • How to accurately identify Spirits
  • How to obtain validation from spirits
  • Learn the Spirit’s relationship to the sitter
  • Protection methods that work
  • Handling client situations
  • How to conduct an actual séance
  • The dynamics of Development Circles
  • Choose a good Development Circle
  • Read Spirit photographs technique
  • Setting up a sacred space
  • Know when a spirit is earthbound
  • Rescue & cross Spirits to the Light
  • Intro to Physical-Trance Mediumship


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Receive a special Seal of Mastery upon course completion approval for your website or social media.


Receive a mailed certificate and be listed on our Graduates Directory!


Receive Kindle and iPod-iPad Files
Most work on any kind of device.

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→Alternate source for files upon request
→Most Commonly Used Electronic Device Files
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→A Beautiful Course Cover in PDF Format
→Free Basic Ghost Hunting Guide PDF
→Complete Metaphysical Glossary of Terms PDF
→How to Market Yourself Guide PDF

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If you would like to have the materials DVD that is offered in Option B. after ordering the download option, we can invoice you for the $49.95 +approx. $10 shipping and send it to you. However, if you think this might be the case, it might be better to order Option B. right now and get the course printed for nearly the same price.

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→Most Commonly Used Electronic Device Files
→Free Basic Ghost Hunting Guide PDF
→Complete Metaphysical Glossary of Terms PDF
→How to Market Yourself Guide PDF


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Questions & Answers

Is Carol Teaching In-Person Seminars Now?

At this time no. Due to the many new classes that will fulfill the expansion of Imagine Spirit, her sole focus will be on creating new classes for all to enjoy.

Are there videos to watch for this home study course?

There are no specific videos for taking this course, however, we offer many wonderful spiritual, tarot, psychic, and paranormal videos on our YouTube channel.

Do I have to become Certified to take this course?

The choice is up to you. Many individuals order this course for spiritual reasons or, to learn how to communicate with Spirits for themselves, family, and friends.

Do I have to attend a weekend seminar to become Certified?

We get this question a lot. The answer is no.

Do I have to practice every exercise in the course every day?

We recognize the fact there are many exercises presented for developmental purposes throughout the course. What I tell students who are concerned with the amount of time required to practice, is to work on the ones for the lesson they are in and then, move on to the exercises for the next lesson. As a student, in time you will be able to decide where you feel weakest in your skill sets and which exercises will benefit you the most.

What about advanced training? Is there such a thing?

There is an Advanced Mediumship Training course in the works right now although this course will take you right up to advanced levels and even beyond!

Do I Have a Time Limit to Finish the Course?

Absolutely not! I always suggest that students, even at advanced levels, take their time working through the course. This takes any pressure off as far as development is concerned and taking time really enhances absorption of the principles and allows for lots of practice with the exercises and insuring true Spirit contact. A few
students have even taken up to two years to complete the course.

Why No Refunds?

This course has been ordered all over the world and we have sold over 1,000 copies. Not once has any purchaser asked for a refund. Some companies do offer a 30-day refund policy for their products as a selling ploy. We do not. We believe in our course materials and the incredible quality content and in-depth teachings contained within. Please consider carefully before ordering.

Why Use a DVD and Not CDs for the Printed Course Option?

We have placed the audio MP3 files and PDF files plus additional bonus files to fit on one DVD for your convenience. Otherwise, your course would arrive with about 8 CDs which are hard to keep track of. The DVD does not hold movies or a voice recording of the full course content.

What Do the DVD's Work On?

The DVD’s are meant to work on computers only. They may not work on stand-alone DVD players. They will not work on TV’s.

More questions?
Feel free to email us!

What You Need to Know about Certification

You do not have to become certified to take this course. If you do wish to become certified and when you complete the course, email us and request the Certification Quiz. Quiz questions come right from the course. Upon approval, we will invoice you for the $10 US or $15 International Fee to have your certificate mailed to you. If you elect not to have the certificate mailed, that’s fine. You will still be listed on our Graduate’s Directory and receive your Certified Seal image.

There are no refunds once a course is purchased.

Terms & Conditions

Once you have purchased the course there are no refunds. If you only have a cell phone, we will do everything possible to get all your your course files to you in digital format!


eChecks not accepted

Sorry. e-checks through PayPal are not accepted. The minimum age for taking this program is 18.



This program is not a substitute for seeking medical advice or seeing licensed physician or a  licensed therapist.

Imagine Spirit Psychic Arts’ classes and courses are never intended to replace the care or advice of a trained or licensed counselor or medical physician. Training, guidance, or advice is not a guarantee of a complete change or cure of your situation. Any expected revenue resulting from taking this course or feedback from clients is entirely the responsibility of the student or graduate.

»Data Loss Terms & Conditions

Your Part in the Training Process

Success for all spiritually directed training depends upon the amount of focus put into the course. We cannot guarantee outcome results from taking this course. You do not need to rush through the courses as there is no time limit to complete any of the above. If you need help, Carol is available to answer questions. Contact


Imagine Spirit is dedicated to providing the best in training and follow-up possible. However, ultimately, it is the student who is responsible for working towards expected results, achieving spiritual progress, obtaining clients, and any revenue expected from courses, classes and/or certifications.

We are not responsible for any legal action initiated against you if you teach or use our techniques with others. We are not responsible for any outcomes as a result of taking this course. We are not responsible for any student’s business or consultations provided to their clients. Any legal action taken against a student for any of our products or services is strictly the responsibility of the student or graduate of one of our programs or classes and not Imagine Spirit or Carol Nicholson.

All teaching is done in the light of Spirit. If you have doubts as to whether any class or program might cause you any kind of emotional or physical pain or emotional discomfort, we ask you do not purchase this home study

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