Carol Nicholson, PhD.
Carol Nicholson, PhD.



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Ghost Hunting

»Ghost Stop Ghost Equipment
»Ghost Village – Jeff Belenger
»Harry Price – Famous Ghost Hunter


»Alan Kardec Educational Society on Mediumship
»Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp
»Eileen Garrett – Trance Medium
»Fellowship of the Spirit-Schools of Spiritual Healing
»Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association
»Library of Leslie Flint Séances
»Lily Dale Spiritualist Church Assembly
»National Spiritualist Association of Churches
»Pinpoint of Light Spiritualists
»Spiritualist Assoc. of Great Britain
»Spirit Rescue Foundation
»Spiritualist Churches in the US
»Spiritualist Church Meaning-Wikipedia
»Spiritualist Resources
»Temple Heights Spiritualist Camp



»Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies
»American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena
»American Society for Psychical Research
»Anomalous Experience
»Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit -Goldsmith
»Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena
»Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research



»Dr. Brian Weiss
»Dr. Ian Stevenson Past Life Research
»Edgar Cayce Foundation
»Univ. of Virginia-Past Life Foundation



»American Association of Psychics
»Psychic Science


Spiritual & Consciousness Studies

»Dr. Gary Swartz
»Exceptional Human Experience Network

»Life After Life – Raymond Moody

»Messages from Michael
»Spirit Attachment Release Foundation
»SpiritsrFree – Spirit Attachments
»Monroe Institute
»Spiritual Minds
»Swedenborg Foundation
»Sychronicity Org
»The Akashic Team



»Astrology Site
»Crystal Links
»Glynnis Has Your Number Numerology
»Help on Anything!
»New Page Books
»Psychic Library
»Star IQ for Astrology
»University of Life Church for Reverendship
»Yoga Wiz



Katherine Dacanay

Debe Branning – MVD Ghost Chasers

Angel Presence -Suzannah Nickel

Sean Michael Intuitive Services

Maria Jensen, Ph.D., Angel Therapist

Evidential Medium – Mary Morgan

Meilena Hauslendale

Across the Realms

Aureiah Productions

Reena Kumarasingham (DipTh)

Dawn Labertew – Spiritual Community

Psychic/Medium John Holland

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