Hi there and I’m so glad you have joined us for this a simple but exciting free course. In it, you’ll become familiar with and develop your psychic senses.

Are you already proficient in the psychic senses? No problem. This course will help you move into a higher awareness and mastery of the psychic skills you currently possess.

Significantly, there’s no time limit to completing the course. When you login, you can come back to where you left off. So enjoy the journey and learn invaluable intuitive skills.


In this course, you’ll quickly move through 12 easy and fast lessons. So, please don’t skip around. Instead, working through the lessons chronologically will give you powerful skills to build an even greater understanding of your current abilities and, more importantly, instill greater confidence. At the end of each lesson will be a simple self-quiz to help you retain what you’ve learned and excellent recorded exercises with some written out. Easy!


So before you start developing your psychic abilities, you may wonder where it will all lead to. Specifically, it’s the perfect platform to increase your psychic abilities. They will serve as a solid foundation from which you can move into one of the many different possible intuitive areas of expertise. Which area you will end up embracing the most may yet to be discovered. Eventually, you could end up doing a little bit of everything, or elect to focus on one specific direction, such as:

Spiritual Psychic: Using Tarot or Oracle cards or other forms of divination to assess a client’s life, solve troublesome issues, provide hope, a new life direction, and more.

Mediumship: Using your psychic senses to contact people who have passed over. If you love helping people, this is one of the greatest spiritual endeavors you can do.

Read the Akashic Records: Perhaps you use your psychic sense to tune into the soul’s Akashic Records for a client. There you can discover if there are perhaps any issues from that past life that have brought into their current life. If you were particularly interested in this route, you could train as an Akashic Records Practitioner.

Pet Psychic: Using your abilities to tune into animals and pass on messages and how the pet is feeling to its owners. Many individuals with Mediumship abilities can communicate with pets who have died and give their owners comfort.

Energy Healing: Using your psychic senses to discover how a person’s chakras are performing, and how to clear and ramp up a sluggish chakra and brighten the aura.

Angel Readings: Using Angel Oracle cards to contact Archangels and Guardian Angels to deliver angelic helpful life-altering messages for clients.

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