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You May Be More Clairaudient than You Think

Clairaudience is one of our five psychic senses. Having Clairaudience means that you can psychically hear sounds, music, or voices in your inner hearing that is inaudible to others. Read below and find out if you have the potential to possess a high level of Clairaudience! Then read related posts to find out how to expand this super-awesome psychic sense.

  • Natural Clairaudients tend to say “I hear that” or “I hear you” — a lot.

  • Highly Clairaudient people often have inner dialogs constantly going on in their mind.

  • Clairaudients often unconsciously listen for words between the lines — meaning they ‘hear’ additional words when someone else is talking to fill in the gaps.

  • They tend to correct other people’s ‘poor’ language in their own inner thinking or even make mention of it.

  • Clairaudients are naturally highly vigilant. They are keenly aware of the sounds going on around them. It’s almost as if they have a primeval sense of danger lurking nearby like animals do.

  • Clairaudients may be highly sensitive to sound. In other words, strong or unpleasant sounds are irritating and sometimes even painful to hear. (This is Me!)

  • Clairaudients often experience occasional strange sounds like the buzzing of bees or a high pitched extended tone in either ear.

  • When Clairaudients need an answer to a question, they often hear the words spoken as the answer in their inner mind.

  • Clairaudients like to do things that involve listening. An extreme example would be someone that works for the government listening to phone conversations between alleged terrorists listening for specific words or phrases.

  • Clairaudients try not to analyze but just want to “hear” a straightforward answer or solution.

  • Clairaudients may have higher mental activity beyond the average ***beta brain wave levels.

  • Clairaudients can easily get confused or ahead of themselves with all the brain activity going on and need to clear their mind often.

  • They might carry on conversations with the spirit world or personal religious icons not realizing they are doing so.

Take a short moment and do this little exercise:

Position yourself in a very quiet spot and relax. Now, only in your mind, count from one to ten. While you are doing this, listen intently for anything in the background behind your voice. Now count down backward from nine to one still listening Repeat this process a couple of times.

While doing this, was there another voice or sound that you heard? Perhaps a favorite song was playing in the background of your awareness. Or maybe, you noticed whisperings or other unexplainable sounds going on while you were counting.

All in all, Clairaudience can be elusive for some and comes easily for others. If you fall into the latter, don’t despair. All it takes are some focused exercises and activities to boost your Clairaudience psychic ability! It worked for me!!

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