Two Great Exercises to Increase Your Clairvoyance

How to improve your clairvoyance is not that difficult. It only requires dedication and perseverance. Moreover, improving your clairvoyance skills entails doing some exercises that not only open the *third eye area, but also open the Sixth Chakra as well.

Developing clairvoyance is about setting one’s intention to see clairvoyantly and to be open to any pictures or symbols that are received.

Also, working on clairvoyance entails lots of practice and eventually obtaining feedback from others about what you are seeing. Moreover, if your visions have relevance for their situation. Importantly, focused development does takes time and cannot be hurried.

Don’t Try Everything at Once

Above all, trying to crank open the third eye too quickly can get uncomfortable by causing minor headaches or a little nausea in the beginning stages of development. The good news is that nothing is ever terminal. Certainly, if one approaches development in a slow steady fashion, the clairvoyance muscle (as I sometimes refer to it) can be strengthened and enhanced just like someone doing body-building exercises.

Question: “I sometimes do get a headache when I am practicing. Why is this?”

Carol’s answer: One possible reason for this is that you could be trying too hard to force open your third eye center–also known as a chakra. This is quite common in the beginning of development. A headache also might signal a minor spiritual imbalance in the third eye area.

This can easily be remedied. Significantly, it  does NOT imply one is not spiritually minded! It just indicates a slight imbalance or some blockage in that chakra.

Clairvoyance Is Experienced In Numerous Ways

Importantly, there’re many ways that Clairvoyance can be experienced from seeing symbolic images, pictorial images, short video-like movies to seeing into the non-physical planes and perhaps future events.

Most importantly, see how you can improve your Clairvoyance faculty and open the Third Eye more! Try the amazingly easy exercises below.

1. Rolling the Eyes Upward

Many venerable psychics have long used the practice of rolling the eyes upward or “thinking upward” for greater psychic attunement. MIT scientist, Pete A. Jr. Sanders, in his book, You Are Psychic, talks about the simple act of rolling up the eyes to focus attention on the Third Eye area. Doing this activates the pituitary and pineal glands vital for enabling your clairvoyance faculty and actually strengthens each.

2. Press on Your Third Eye Area

One quick way to activate and open your Third Eye is to just put a small amount of pressure on it. Place two fingers on the sixth Chakra right above your eyebrows in the middle of your forehead. Hold them there for a few moments and feel an immediate relaxation start to take place. Don’t press too hard. Just relax. Although it can be very subtle, your Third Eye actually is opening to a greater capacity.

*The Third Eye is a chakra center that aids in clairvoyance viewing. The idea of the Third Eye is Hindu in origin.
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by Carol Nicholson, Ph.D., and Certified Psychic-Medium

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