Pump Up Your Clairvoyance

How to improve clairvoyance guaranteed provides easy but powerful ways to boost your psychic seeing.

Developing clairvoyance is primarily about setting one’s intention to view images in the mind’s eye. And furthermore, to be open to pictures or symbols which enter in.

There are many ways that Clairvoyance is experienced: from seeing symbolic images, pictorial images, short video-like movies, to viewing other dimensions, and past and future events.

Ways to Improve Clairvoyance

Increase-Clairvoyance-Chkra6One way to improve your Clairvoyant faculty is by the increased opening of your Sixth Chakra.

Increasing Clairvoyance requires a little dedication and perseverance. Moreover, improving your clairvoyance skills entails doing some exercises involving your *Sixth Chakra. Exercises not only open and strengthen the Sixth Chakra more, but the **third eye area as well.

Open Your 6th Chakra

The Sixth Chakra is an amazing in-body chakra that paves the way for opening to the upper realms indicated by the Seventh Chakra. Working with it allows this energy center to function better.

Above all, the Sixth Chakra holds our intuition and allows images and symbols that often have significant meaning, appear to us. Clearly, cultivating this particular chakra, greatly benefits our clairvoyant viewing skills.

Caution: Don’t Try Everything at Once

Without a doubt, trying to crank open the Sixth Chakra too quickly can get uncomfortable. Being overly zealous can cause minor *headaches or a little nausea in the beginning stages of development. The good news is that if you practice development exercises in a slow steady fashion, the clairvoyance muscle (as I sometimes refer to it) can be strengthened and enhanced just like someone doing body-building exercises.

Try a Few Incredible Exercises

1. Rolling the Eyes Upward – Easy Peasy

Many venerable psychics have long used the practice of rolling the eyes upward or “thinking upward” for greater psychic attunement. MIT scientist, Pete A. Jr. Sanders, in his book, You Are Psychic, 1989, mentions the simple act of rolling up the eyes (not the head) to focus attention on the Sixth Chakra area. Doing this activates certain glands vital for boosting your clairvoyance faculty.

  1. Sit comfortably and do some deep breathing.
  2. Now, now do some neck rolls to relax the neck and jaw area.
  3. Next, set your intention to improve your clairvoyance faculty.
  4. Simultaneously, while thinking upward, allow your eyes look to the ceiling without moving up your head.
  5. Hold your eyes upward for as long as is comfortable. Don’t force anything!
  6. Now let your eyes drop and rest. Do this for as many times as you wish. That’s it!

2. The Trap Door

  1. Sitting down and in a light meditative state, imagine a trap door at the back of your head. Think of this door as the back way into your clairvoyant faculty.
  2. Next, mentally open this door slowly — allowing it to rise up and then stay firmly open.
  3. This is the best part. In your imagination, see images and any symbols and impressions of color flowing through the door. The images and symbols can be of anything.
  4. Now, mentally ask to only see in your mind’s eye, the images that have the most important relevance to you at this time. Be patient and wait for them to appear. Once pictures or symbols start to stream in, tell your mind that you’ll remember each one perfectly.
  5. Finally, slowly close the trap door. Come to full awareness and journal about any image or anything whatsoever, that stood out to you during the exercise.
  6. Ground your physical body and drink some water.

Barbara Ann Brennan, in her book, “Hands of Light”, 1987, presents one excellent technique for working with and widening the perceptive capabilities of the Sixth Chakra. I’m providing an abbreviated version here.

According to Brennan, one of the best ways to practice internal vision related to the Sixth Chakra is through deep relaxation and directed meditation. Try this one!

Use your cell phone to record this exercise. Then listen to it with headphones and experience a fantastic journey through your body!

3. Visualization: Traveling through Your Body

  1. First, lie prone and get comfortable. Take several deep relaxing breaths into your abdomen. With each breath in and out, let any tension ooze off your body. See this tension as thick honey that seeps into the earth. Next slow your heartbeat down to a nice healthy beat.
  2. Second, imagine yourself as a tiny point of light. Let this dot of light enter your body wherever you choose.
  3. Third, move this light representing you to your left shoulder, relaxing all the tension there. Sense a tingling sensation of warmth and energy in that area.
  4. Now, let the light flow down your left arm. Your left arm may begin to feel heavy and warm.
  5. Next, move your tiny self, back up your left arm SHOULDER and pop to the left leg. Move all the way down your leg simultaneously relaxing all the tension there. Now, your tiny self, flows back up the left leg and all the way down the right leg removing any tension in that leg.
  6. Your little light-self now moves back up and hops to your right leg doing the same. Finally move to your right shoulder and arm and travel all the way down and back. Note: Wherever your little light dot has been, your body feels relaxed, tension free, and sometimes heavy and warm.

Want to Do More?

  1. You can start at the left shoulder again and travel through all the systems in your body. For example, explore your heart and follow the blood circulation that it pumps through your body.
  2. Now ask yourself, does this system feel well and healthy? If not, go there a second time and see if you can pinpoint where things seem off.
  3. Next, go to your lungs and other organs one at a time. Yes, I know this is time intensive, but it’s worth doing!
  4. Finally, bring yourself back to full awareness and journal anything that seems important for you to remember. Once again, take several deep breaths, touch something to ground and drink water. That’s it! Remember, you can come back to this exercise at any time!

*The Sixth Chakra is one of what are called, the seven in-body chakras. Chakras are subtle energy centers that we all have that work in tandem to produce the human aura. These seven wheels of energy affect our lives in numerous ways. Read about them here.

**The Third Eye Area is very close to where the Sixth Chakra is located. It’s ruled by the Pineal and Pituitary glands. Although the third eye has a slightly different function, it’s often considered synonymous with the Sixth Chakra and the act of Clairvoyance. More specifically, the Third Eye is not one of the in-body Chakras.

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by Carol Nicholson, Ph.D., and Certified Psychic-Medium

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