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Clearly View Your Akashic Records

Develop clearsight into the Akashic Records provides proven step-by-step methods for seeing your Akashic Records with clarity and focus. Gain valuable insights about your current life and why you're experiencing particular events.

Easy Steps for Exceptional Clairaudience

Because hearing through the sixth sense of Clairaudience is so close to thinking to yourself, many Clairaudients don't realize when they're actually hearing psychically. They assume that they're merely thinking out loud.

How to Give the Best Psychic Readings

How you conduct a reading and managing your clients is paramount. A smooth, professional psychic or Mediumship reading will provide an excellent experience for your clients and keep them coming back.

Overcome Mediumship Training Fears

Anytime humans venture into the unknown, there is a natural element of fear involved. This holds true for beginning Mediumship development. Fear stems from

Who Is Your Master Teacher Guide?

Master Teacher Guides are with us from birth. They are ever-present to guide and assist us through many of life's trials. Find out what exactly Master Teacher Guides do and the 3 easy ways to connect with them for the greatest

Difference Between Spirit Boxes and EVPs

I was a skeptic when I first saw a spirit box demonstrated on a TV show. I bought one out of curiosity and immediately became a fan for life. ~Carol Nicholson,

Who Was Edgar Cayce?

For forty-three years of his adult life, Edgar Cayce gave readings for medical diagnosis and eventually “Life Readings” aka soul readings, from the Akashic Records. Cayce possessed the ability to put himself into a deep trance state to access medical and spiritual information.

Do You Believe Ghosts Are Real?

Everyone loves a good ghost story. But, do they believe ghosts really exist? Find out what ghosts are believed to be, how they look, and where they lurk. Learn who believes in ghosts and those who don’t. Importantly, read about high-profile people that have reported seeing a ghost.

What Are the Five Psychic Senses?

The five psychic senses rock and help us to navigate through life on an intuitive level. Everyone has psychic abilities to some degree. However, some people have stronger psychic senses than others. Find out more about these amazing gifts that mankind is endowed with that enhances our being.

Who Are Your Many Spirit Guides?

We have many kinds of Spirit Guides around us. If you believe that we all have spirit guides, it's helpful to understand about the ones closest to us have most likely been with us since we were born. These kinds of guides are called

Deathbed Visions of Angels

Deathbed visions are experienced by individuals very close to death during which they see deceased relatives and luminous beings. Such visions share certain characteristics with mystical experiences, such as a strong sense of the sacred and profound peace.

What Are Crisis Apparitions?

Crisis apparitions are visions of persons who, at the time of their appearance, are undergoing some form of trauma. Some apparitions have even been seen of someone who has just been murdered.

What Is Physical Mediumship?

Physical Mediumship occurs when anyone present can witness spirit phenomena by seeing, hearing, touch, or even smelling spirit-related events. The spirits visiting will work in tandem with the Spirit Control and Medium simultaneously to produce outward manifestations.

25 Sure Signs Your House Is Haunted

It’s no fun when you’ve concluded spirits, aka ghosts, are hanging out in your space. If you suspect your home, office, or land is haunted, read the sure signs.

The Four Ways Angels Send Us Messages

Sharing your concerns with Angels creates a direct link to them. Concerns might include expressing your fears, disappointments, joys, sorrows, worries, and even grief. Keep up your efforts, and with time...

Where Do Pets Go When They Die?

When a beloved pet dies, grief can be deep and emotionally difficult to move through. At this time, pet owners may wonder, “What happens to my pet when it dies? "

Understand Your Seven Main Chakras

The energy force of life comes directly from the seven chakras located within our *Etheric Body. All of the chakras are aligned with our spine. Each chakra is linked to different areas of our body and emotions...

When Ghosts Attack the Living

When ghosts attack the living it's a terrifying experience. So why do ghost attacks happen? There are several possible reasons why an earthbound spirit might choose to attack an individual or family.

How to Develop Your ESP

ESP, or telepathic powers, can be strengthened and improved with practice. Anyone can develop their powers of ESP. What can you do to increase your psychic power of ESP? The answer lies in strengthening your telepathic powers.

How to Know if Spirit Messages are Real

When we are awake, our mind is busy all the time. It’s planning, tasking, and problem-solving. It also allows us to daydream and even imagine our dreams and wishes being fulfilled. We frequently see these thoughts in picture form.

How Spirit Guides Work in Our Lives

Sometimes a gentle touch is felt when no one else is there, or a high buzzing sound may be experienced. Another way spirit guides get our attention is by manifesting twinkly lights in the room.

Do You Have a Negative Spirit Attached to You?

It's been speculated by Spirit Attachment experts that at least 75% of individuals in the U.S. have suffered from a Spirit Attachment. Attachments should be considered a genuine phenomenon that needs to be aggressively dealt with.

Is Performing Mediumship Dangerous?

When I initially began my Mediumship studies, I went through a stage of wondering if performing Mediumship was spiritually wrong. My mentor had an excellent answer for my concerns that put my fears to rest.

What Makes an Authentic Medium?

People often contact me asking if they have the "right" abilities to consider Mediumship training. I hear comments like, “I can feel spirits around me, but I can’t see them. Does this mean I can’t be a good medium?”

Time Slip Experienced at Versailles Palace

At last, through the trees, they caught sight of le Petit Trianon. Near the house, Miss Moberly noticed a woman sketching on the grass. She was wearing an enormous old-fashioned hat that seemed from a previous era. The woman kept staring at her, much to Miss Moberly’s annoyance.

Cottingley Fairy Photos Fool the World

In 1919, the “Cottingley Fairy” photographs made a journalistic sensation worldwide when they first appeared in an article in the Strand Magazine. Many believed that the images were definite proof that fairies existed. One of these was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of Sherlock Holmes stories.

Enfield Poltergeist Baffles Experts

During this time, furniture moved by themselves, loud knocking on the walls was heard, and children’s toys were said to have been thrown around and too hot to the touch when picked up. In addition, a police officer signed an affidavit to affirm that she saw a chair moving.

Three Mistakes Novice Mediums Make

Discussing the three common mistakes novice mediums might make and how to easily overcome them. These are: unfairly comparing your abilities with those of other mediums or psychics, beating yourself up for being wrong sometimes, and finally, mistakenly thinking your abilities have deserted you and are gone forever.

Avoid Novice Psychic Blunders Four Steps

Although I began doing readings with a Tarot book in one hand and reading the meanings to friends as I went along, I found this unnerves people, even friends. So, if you’re a novice or just learning cards, let the person getting the reading know that you are still a student...

Are Sensitive People Highly Psychic?

One of the hallmark characteristics of highly sensitive people is the ability to feel more deeply than their less sensitive peers. Additionally, sensitive people seem to have an aversion to bad smells, loud noises or sounds, harsh lighting, and particular colors.
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