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Is Mediumship Training Worth It?

If you happen to read biographies of famous Mediums of today, many talk of attending a development circle in their early stages of development. They will tell you that Mediumship study training, focus, dedication

Reading Photos for Making Spirit Contact

Reading photos to make spirit contact is not that difficult. It just involves the usual preparations for making spirit contact as you would normally do. First off, make sure that your psychic senses are open and ready for making the necessary spirit linkage. Second, do some relaxed deep breathing.

Is Using an Ouija Board Dangerous?

Because we always started each session with a prayer, this one time, she asked me to say the prayer. Having never done this before, I dutifully recited a prayer asking for protection and for the highest spiritual teachers to come through. Just moments later, I felt I was out of my body and experienced the most loving and warm feelings imaginable!

How to Contact Loved Ones Passed

The loss of a loved one can be one of life’s greatest challenges in life. Obviously, a period of profound sadness and grief follows when such an event occurs. However, learning how to connect with the spirit world, the place where our loved ones exist after death, can be a life-changing experience and help in the grief process.

Novice Mediumship Quintessential Guide

In beginner Mediumship and during serious development of Mediumship and/or psychic training, your body will undergo some mental and physiological changes. This is because the body and mind are adjusting to the higher frequencies needed to make conscious spirit contact and increase psychic skill sets.

How to Successfully Do Psychometry

Psychometry is an ancient form of divination thought to be used since the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs.

Best Mediumship Psychic Sense

Mediumistic skills are like any other skill. Significantly, everyone has inherent spirit communication abilities to some degree. Through training and experience, these skills are developed and refined into a consistent set of reliable steps for determining the best psychic senses for making spirit contact.

Fox Sisters Start the Spiritualist Movement

In 1849, sisters Kate and Margaret Fox began the Spiritualist movement of communicating with the dead. Read how this craze swept through America and Europe.

What is the Etheric Body?

What is the etheric body describes the subtle body closest to the physical body. The etheric body is essential to know about as it impacts much of how we operate on a physical level and is the foundation for many of our psychic endeavors.

Open a Clear Channel to Spirits

Opening a clear spirit communication channel is essential when making spirit contact. How to get clear messages from spirits is done by using focus and setting an intention. Focus is a crucial ingredient tuning into your spirit channel for successful Mediumship. You’ll discover that fine-tuning your spirit channel as a Medium is essential for successful spirit communication.

Thirteen Classifications of Ghosts

Filmed paranormal events are now posted on websites and in social media accounts every day. How is this possible? The answer lies in the fact that new technology, which most people have access to, enables documenting evidence via images, videos, and recordings of spirit voices more than ever before in history. Sadly, despite the substantial evidence of ghostly activity caught on phones, cameras, and other devices, science and skeptics still categorically refuse to believe ghosts exist.

La Llorona: Mexico’s Legendary Ghost

The legendary ghost of the ‘Wailing Woman’, known as La Llorona, is infamous throughout the Hispanic culture. More recently, sightings of La Llorona, seem to be spreading throughout the American Southwest. Find out who La Llorona is and why she still haunts the land.
How I Became a Professional Psychic Medium

How I Became a Professional Psychic Medium

My journey into becoming a Psychic-Medium is unusual. The fact is, I never wanted to become a Psychic-Medium until fate led me to a psychic fair where I met someone significant that ultimately changed my life!

Eight Easy Tips for Automatic Writing Success

Writing automatically is the process of allowing Spirits, Spirit Guides, or the Higher Self to manipulate your hand and arm to write answers to your questions or for receiving messages from the Spirit World. With a bit of practice, anyone can do automatic writing.

Three Best Psychic Protection Techniques

In my early days of giving psychic readings, I was so charged up, I neglected some of the essentials my teacher taught me. Specifically, this was making sure my energy field was protected. I carelessly didn't to do this and subsequently paid the price.

What a Rescue Medium Does

Rescue Mediums dedicate themselves to freeing trapped earthbound spirits. These Mediums have been trained to do spirit rescue safely and effectively. In fact, there are organizations committed to doing this kind of spiritual service. However, some Mediums naturally detect lost souls and can move them to the Light without having any training whatsoever.

Frightening Ghosts of the USS Forrestal

The ghosts of the USS Forrestal are a legend in the annals of naval ship ghost sightings. Read the tragic story of this supercarrier and why this massive flattop carrier was considered very haunted.

SS Eastland Tragic Ghosts

The horrific Eastland ship disaster of 1915 is one of the saddest in American history. Learn how this tragic event took the lives of hundreds of people and ultimately caused repeated sightings of ghosts and other kinds of paranormal activity. Read how Orpah Winfrey’s TV studio was also haunted by the ghosts of the Eastland sinking. Click the title to read more.

Increase Psychic Abilities with Aromatherapy

Want to learn an easy way to boost your psychic abilities. Essential oils are helpful tools that psychics and mediums have been using for years to further enhance all the psychic senses. Click title to read more.

British Isles Famous for Evil Elementals

It's said that when an evil elemental makes an appearance, the temperature falls drastically and there is an overwhelming feeling of dread.

Seven Ways to See Your Akashic Records

Develop clearsight into the Akashic Records provides proven step-by-step methods for seeing your Akashic Records with clarity and focus. Gain valuable insights about your current life and why you're experiencing particular events.

5 Easy Steps to Increase Clairaudience

Because hearing through the sixth sense of Clairaudience is so close to thinking to yourself, many Clairaudients don't realize when they're actually hearing psychically. They assume that they're merely thinking out loud.
How to Give the Best Psychic Readings

How to Give the Best Psychic Readings

How you conduct a reading and managing your clients is paramount. A smooth, professional psychic or Mediumship reading will provide an excellent experience for your clients and keep them coming back.
7 Ways to Overcome Mediumship Training Fears

7 Ways to Overcome Mediumship Training Fears

Anytime humans venture into the unknown, there is a natural element of fear involved. This holds true for beginning Mediumship development. Fear stems from

Who Is Your Master Teacher Guide?

Master Teacher Guides are with us from birth. They are ever-present to guide and assist us through many of life's trials. Find out what exactly Master Teacher Guides do and the 3 easy ways to connect with them for the greatest
Difference Between a Ghost Box Capture and EVPs

Difference Between a Ghost Box Capture and EVPs

I was a skeptic when I first saw a spirit box demonstrated on a TV show. I bought one out of curiosity and immediately became a fan for life. ~Carol Nicholson, ImagineSpirit.com
Who Was Edgar Cayce?

Who Was Edgar Cayce?

For forty-three years of his adult life, Edgar Cayce gave readings for medical diagnosis and eventually “Life Readings” aka soul readings, from the Akashic Records. Cayce possessed the ability to put himself into a deep trance state to access medical and spiritual information.
Do You Believe Ghosts Are Real?

Do You Believe Ghosts Are Real?

Everyone loves a good ghost story. But, do they believe ghosts really exist? Find out what ghosts are believed to be, how they look, and where they lurk. Learn who believes in ghosts and those who don’t. Importantly, read about high-profile people that have reported seeing a ghost.
What Are the Five Psychic Senses?

What Are the Five Psychic Senses?

The five psychic senses rock and help us to navigate through life on an intuitive level. Everyone has psychic abilities to some degree. However, some people have stronger psychic senses than others. Find out more about these amazing gifts that mankind is endowed with that enhances our being.
Who Are Your Many Spirit Guides?

Who Are Your Many Spirit Guides?

We have many kinds of Spirit Guides around us. If you believe that we all have spirit guides, it's helpful to understand about the ones closest to us have most likely been with us since we were born. These kinds of guides are called
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