Do You Want to Significantly Increase Your Mediumship Abilities?

Unleashing your Mediumship skills or taking your current skill sets up several notches, is not that difficult. For starters, the process begins with simply acknowledging the medium you already are.

As children, we are far more in touch with the spirit world. For example, many of us see and sense spirits naturally at a young age. And then, as we grow into adulthood, this spontaneous and unconstrained part of ourselves often gets lost. Reconnecting with this inherent part of ourselves is only a matter of allowing it back into our lives. Opening, or reawakening your senses to Mediumship, can be done in 6 easy steps.

If you are serious about opening to Spirits or wish to enhance your current Mediumship skills, make it a daily program for two weeks by performing the steps below:

  1. Once or twice a day consciously form the thought, “I am one with Spirit and Spirit is one with me. I am open to the gifts of Spirit in all ways.” Or, you can say this out loud.
  2. Realize that spirits that wish to come to you are already nearby just waiting to communicate. Usually they will not want to intrude into your space but are attracted to you by your natural Mediumistic light contained within your aura. Because mediums give off a special light, you might have several spirits around you at any given time and then they move on. Don’t let this worry you. This is a normal thing for mediums.
  3. Meditate daily and don’t forget to erect an impenetrable shield of white light around you only allowing spirits of the light to come in. Take some time in your meditation to alert any spirits that want to visit, that you are now open to them. Let them know they are welcome guests and you are open to their energy.
  4. Concentrate and notice which psychical sense seems most activated, for example, do you clearly see the spirit in your mind’s eye?
  5. Now, allow your other psychic senses to kick in naturally. Notice which ones are the strongest. Usually, all your psychic senses combined will enable you to form some kind of message a spirit wishes to impart and reveal why the spirit connected with you in the first place.
  6. When you feel the *message is complete acknowledge the spirit, thank them, and say goodbye to that particular spirit. Be firm about this. If you are finished with the session, let other spirits standing-by know that you are done for the day.
  7. Now gently release your concentration. clear your energy field, ground yourself, and journal your experiences.

Doing this once a day will significantly increase your psychic senses. It will also open you wider for the purpose of enhanced spirit communication. You will become more adept at forging a natural, safe, and immediate link to the spirit world.

*Note: If a message perhaps comes through for someone you casually know, think carefully about sharing the visitation. Believe or not, some people are not open to receiving messages from their departed loved ones. Be discerning.

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by Carol Nicholson, Ph.D., and Certified Psychic-Medium

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